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Zhang earns NSF CAREER award

Bertino re-elected as Vice President of the ACM

Purdue CS E-News | MAY 2024

Yin earns NSF CAREER award

Garman wins Test-of-Time award at IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

Reversing Labs Blog: When it comes to threat modeling, not all threats are created equal

Spafford to chair external board for $45M Sandia Labs digital assurance campaign

Purdue's ACM SIGbots win world championship

2024 NFS Graduate Research Fellowship Program announces awardees and honorable mentions

Awards and Scholarships in the Department of Computer Science

Purdue CS E-News | APR 2024

More than machines: Computer scientist prepares robots to improve human lives

Pathfinder unveils novel attacks on cybersecurity

Defense award launches Purdue project to strengthen cyber-physical systems

Valiant receives tenure from Purdue University's Board of Trustees

2024 Alumni Awards in the Department of Computer Science

Purdue CS E-News | MAR 2024

Purdue announces new head of the Department of Computer Science

Shahbaz earns NSF CAREER award

Makur earns NSF CAREER award

Purdue’s storied and rigorous computer science program delivers in equipping the next generation of industry, academic leaders

Purdue CS E-News | FEB 2024

Building tools to shape the future of health science

Elisa Bertino receives the inaugural Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia International Award

Purdue CS E-News | JAN 2024

Inspiring futures: CSGrad4US fellowships for computing PhDs

AI learns to simulate how trees grow and shape in response to their environments

In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus John R. Rice

Top 10 Purdue CS News for 2023

From lunar dreams to Martian innovations: Purdue's JARVIS team inspires the next giant leap in spacesuit user interface

Purdue CS marks 60th anniversary

The mind’s eye of a neural network system

Pothen named 2024 AMS Fellow

Purdue honors 7 CS faculty with Seed for Success Acorn Awards

Khanna and Zikas named as research fellows to collaborate, innovate with AnalytiXIN

Taram wins ACM SIGMICRO Dissertation Award

Securing 5G for Military Operations: Purdue is part of NSF’s Convergence Accelerator Track G award, Phase II

Purdue's b01lers Win Raymond James CTF 2023, Earn $10,000 Prize

Spaf takes a seat among the elite

Alumnus Jongouk Choi awarded 2023 ACM SIGBED Paul Caspi Memorial Dissertation Award

Purdue CS E-News | Sep 2023

Purdue CS introduces new faculty member

Purdue’s newest undergraduate rankings include Top 10 positions for Computer Science programs

Elisa Bertino discusses navigating cybersecurity in an AI-driven world

Computer software engineering program offers excellence at scale, promise in keeping pace with technological, systems advancements

Purdue CS E-News | Aug 2023

Purdue CS faculty presented 2 papers at ACM SIGGRAPH

Computational Persistence 2023

Purdue CS researchers present seventeen papers at the USENIX Security Symposium

Purdue part of a national research center aimed at hardening transportation systems against cyberattacks

Breaking Boundaries: Aliaga and team advance urban-related content generation using 100 GPUs

Scared of AI? Don’t Be, Computer-Science Instructors Say

Purdue CS E-News | Jul 2023

Researchers uncover fake base stations in cellular networks using machine learning

Getting to the root of the problem in tree digital twin models

Harnessing the power of AI: using technology to slash food waste

Purdue CS E-News | June 2023

Purdue CS student athletes honored as Big Ten Distinguished Scholars

Purdue CS researchers present three papers at ICRA

In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Christoph Hoffmann

Making 911 calls more secure

Prabhakar named vice provost for faculty affairs

Purdue CS graphics and vision faculty will present four papers at CVPR 2023

Purdue CS graduate student secures X-Force Fellowship

Purdue CS E-News | May 2023

Purdue CS researchers present 12 papers at IEEE S&P

Purdue blazed a historic trail in computer science and still pushes the field forward

NSF funds institute to research AI-powered cybersecurity

Two CS seniors earn Purdue’s most prestigious awards

Internet inventors Cerf and Kahn to join President Chiang for September Presidential Lecture Series event, marking Purdue Computer Science’s 60th anniversary

Purdue CS E-News | Apr 2023

Computer Science synergies across Science and Engineering; Purdue invests in computing to meet student need

Awards and Scholarships in the Department of Computer Science

Purdue announces 3-pronged ‘Purdue Computes’ initiative: Propel Computer Science to the nation’s top 10, launch the Institute of Physical AI and expand semiconductor facilities

Purdue CS faculty receive promotions from Purdue's Board of Trustees

Purdue wins ECNA Regional Programming Competition

Purdue CS E-News | Mar 2023

Drineas named Fellow by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Brânzei earns NSF CAREER award

Center for Quantum Technologies launches Industry-University Cooperative Research Center program

Bertino earns recognition with College of Science Faculty Research Award

Purdue CS researchers present four papers at NDSS

Purdue CS E-News | Feb 2023

Purdue CS undergrads earn honorable recognition in CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Competition 

U.S. cybersecurity leaders to examine lessons learned and set strategies for future risk

Eugene H. Spafford: Malware Nemesis

You’ve got to have heart: Computer scientist works to help AI comprehend human emotions

Purdue CS researchers present four papers at AAAI

Purdue CS E-News | Jan 2023

Li receives Outstanding Contributions Award from ACM SIGSAC

Bianchi and Celik’s research team win ASPIRE Award 

Bera contributes to NPR - Therapy by AI holds promise and challenges

Atallah one of 29 Purdue innovators recently issued US patent

Pothen named ACM Fellow

Benes named editor-in-chief of Graphical Models

Shahbaz is part of multi-university research center to develop next-generation evolvable distributed computing technology

Purdue CS E-News | Dec 2022

Wolfe named provost and executive vice president for academic affairs and diversity

Two student-athletes earn Academic All-Big Ten

Bertino included on list for best female scientists in the world

Brânzei named Kavli Fellow by the National Academy of Sciences

Spafford wins ACSAC Cybersecurity Artifacts Competition and Impact Award

BANDS Workshop at ICLR 2023

Listen to Spafford on the CISO Series Podcast

Purdue CS E-News | Nov 2022

Are you happy, sad, or angry? This algorithm knows.

Moira Gunn to talk biotech, women’s health and career-life balance

Purdue’s algorithmic programming team finishes 20th at world finals

Zhang wins ACM SIGOPS Thesis Award

Drineas and Kate selected as University Faculty Scholars

Purdue CS E-News | Oct 2022

Provable defense framework for backdoor mitigation in federated learning

Goldwasser wins Amazon Research Award

AI-based credibility indicators for fighting fake news

Computational Persistence 2022

Bhargava receives Distinguished Alumnus Award

Purdue CS PhD student to serve as president of Purdue Graduate Student Government

Purdue CS researchers help manufacturers reduce energy use as part of AnalytiXIN project

Purdue CS E-News | Sep 2022

Machine learning methods could provide a better experience for video streaming services

Purdue CS welcomes nine new faculty members

Purdue CS reaches #16 in U.S. News & World Report rankings

Purdue professors part of NSF and DOD partnership to advance 5G communications

Purdue CS E-News | Aug 2022

Purdue CS Professors land 4 CAREER awards

Fahmy, one of 19 Purdue innovators recently issued US patent

Purdue University research group receives $8M from Algorand Foundation to transform blockchain ecosystem at global scale

Psomas earns NSF CAREER award

Benes elected Fellow of the European Association for Computer Graphics

Three undergrad athletes honored as Big Ten Distinguished Scholars

Purdue grad focused on data science and computational science research named Pauling Fellow at PNNL

Purdue’s algorithmic programming team advances to world finals

Three computer science majors named Academic All-Big Ten

Professor Elisa Bertino elected vice president of the Association for Computing Machinery

Purdue CS E-News | May 2022

Purdue tops among Big Ten, R1 institutional peers in conferring PhDs to Black computer scientists

Purdue CS E-News | Apr 2022

Holman honored with Ford Fellowship

Awards and Scholarships in the Department of Computer Science

Gleich and Tan receive promotion to full professor

How persistent prep and a meaningful internship unlocked the dream job at Disney for computer science senior

Two computer science majors named Academic All-Big Ten

Purdue CS E-News | Mar 2022

Spafford Appointed to the CRA Board of Directors

Purdue University’s Anvil supercomputer leaps forward in capacity and impact

Purdue CS Alumna selected as one of the 2022 Distinguished Women Scholars

Purdue CS celebrates Women's History Month

Purdue CS E-News | Feb 2022

Tian earns an NSF CAREER award

Clifton contributes to CSO Online article on Google's addition of Python for open source projects

Azizzadenesheli joins TWIML AI Podcast to discuss industry trends

Celik earns NSF CAREER award

Three Purdue CS undergrads earn honorable recognition in CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Competition

Spafford discusses cybersecurity on Politically Speaking

Professor Aniket Kate discusses Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, and NFTs

Purdue CS E-News | Jan 2022

Purdue CS E-News | Jan 2022

Fonseca earns NSF CAREER award

Ninghui Li named ACM Fellow

Assistant Professor Rajiv Khanna is newest faculty member to join Purdue Computer Science

Atallah wins Test of Time Award from ACSAC

Three computer science majors named Academic All-Big Ten

Three professors receive funding with the Rolls-Royce Cybersecurity Technology Research Network

Professor Lin Tan named Distinguished Member of the ACM

Professor Spafford discusses the first major computer worm

Fahmy Named 2022 IEEE Fellow

Through a CRA Fellowship, a systems researcher persists with research in designing secure browsers 

Gleich selected as University Faculty Scholar

AI can reconstruct ancient ruins, bringing the past into focus, virtually

Kazemian finds computational connection for vitamin D and inflammation

Bianchi and Celik win 2021 ASPIRE Award

Peng wins grant for work in network analytics tools in wireless systems

A novel way to classify software vulnerabilities may thwart cybercriminals before they can even start

Computational Persistence Workshop

CS methods applied to genomic research could effectively analyze large biobank dataset

Multidisciplinary research team at Purdue included in NSF $15M AI award

Spafford inducted into Georgia Tech's College of Computing, Hall of Fame

Purdue Computer Science welcomes new faculty

Samanta wins Amazon Research Award

Competitive programming team advances to World Finals in North American Championship

Purdue joins newly established NSF AI Institute

Professor Anuran Makur receives IEEE Dissertation Award

Purdue inside Minecraft

Szpankowski elected to Academia Europaea

Purdue to lead Indiana coalition to develop quantum technologies

Professor Alex Pothen is one of the principle investigators of the DOE’s ExaGraph project.

Leadership in Data Science: Lessons Learned From Time Invested in Helping to Build the Field

Online master's in information security for computing professionals

Tan receives Early Career Academic Achievement Alumni Award from UIUC

Kipnis named the 2021 Flora Roberts Award Winner

Professors Tiark Rompf and Muhammad Shahbaz honored with named professorships

Grama receives Amazon Research Award

Bertino and Karim named to GSMA Mobile Security Hall of Fame

Purdue researchers join Rolls-Royce, Carnegie Mellon network to create cyber-resilient systems

Purdue Computer Science launches online Master's Degree in Information Security

Three professors in the department receive CAREER Awards

Goldwasser receives CAREER Award

Bertino nominated for honorary doctorate

Awards and Scholarships in the Department of Computer Science

Goldwasser promoted to associate professor

Bertino's research referenced in WIRED

Garman earns NSF CAREER award

Pothen wins George Pólya Prize in Applied Combinatorics

Fairness in Machine Learning: Purdue joins $1M NSF fairness in AI program

Purdue CS undergrad earns finalist award in CRA Research Recognition

Blocki earns NSF CAREER Award

New Purdue, MITRE research partnership to focus on innovation

Kihara elected AIMBE Fellow

Purdue Computer Science welcomes new faculty

Interdisciplinary study ties India’s genetic diversity to language, not geography

Hambrusch Named ACM Fellow

Real-life success story parallels that of ‘Queen’s Gambit’ character

Bertino and Hambrusch author four of CRA’s Quadrennial Papers addressing national priorities

Li Named 2021 IEEE Fellow

Professors Ninghui Li and Xiangyu Zhang honored with named professorships

Purdue CS Security Professors and Collaborators Join CyManII

Professors Neville and Tan honored with named professorships

Professor Daisuke Kihara models novel coronavirus proteins

Lin Tan receives an ACM Distinguished Paper award at ASE 2020

Bertino receives the Kristian Beckman Award

Purdue Computer Science welcomes new faculty

CS draws from Emerging Leaders Science Scholars program

Bertino wins IEEE Innovation in Societal Infrastructure Award

Bianchi, Tian, and Xu - Secure DARPA Grant for $3.9 Million

College of Science signs agreement for Egyptian CS students to earn an MS in Information Security from Purdue CS

Bluetooth Reconnection Flaw Could Lead to Spoofing Attacks

Li Named Editor-In-Chief of ACM's Transactions on Privacy and Security

Purdue teams up with DENSO to teach undergraduates about autonomous vehicles

Augmented reality tool shown to help surgeons remotely guide first responders in battlefield-like scenarios

Professor Celik and fellow researchers find vulnerabilities in Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems

Pandemic Adaptive Supply Chains: A Future-Proof Approach

To the Community of Purdue Computer Science

Hui Peng, PhD Student, Develops New Fuzzing Tool: USBFuzz

Bertino Elected as ACM Officer

Assistant Professor Bruno Ribeiro Receives CAREER Award

SoK: Understanding the Prevailing Security Vulnerabilities in TrustZone-assisted TEE Systems

Spafford receives IEEE Security and Privacy Test-of-Time Award

Evan Wang selected as student responder for commencement

Awards and Scholarships in the Department of Computer Science

Spafford named to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Missing baseball? Still want to talk stats? Purdue data science student Twitter account can fill the void

Modeling COVID-19 Spread: Scenario Studies from Indiana Data

Hambrusch quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Kate, Peng, and Rompf Promoted to Associate Professor

Bertino and Hussain Author CCC White Paper on 5G Security and Privacy

SOL4CE Cyber/Cyber-Physical Laboratory opens at Purdue University

CS Professors Prepared for Learning Remotely

Purdue Innovative Learning | Guide to Learning Remotely

Wang, Bagchi & Zhang win Best Paper Award for mobile crowdsensing

COVID-19 Update from President Daniels and Provost Akridge

Things you need to know about COVID-19

Purdue Computer Science Team Advance to Algorithmic Programming Finals

Aliaga speaks at TEDxPurdueU

Szpankowski Wins Flajolet Prize

Purdue Computer Science Undergrad Receives Honorable Mention for CRA Outstanding Researcher Award

Deep learning, 3D technology to improve structure modeling for protein interactions, create better drugs

Purdue Computer Science Welcomes New Faculty

Karim receives Distinguished Paper Award at ACSAC

Zhang receives Distinguished Paper Award at OOPSLA'19

Purdue announces plans to build new data science building

Clifton Elevated to IEEE Fellow

Neville selected as University Faculty Scholar

Researchers Have Identified 11 New Vulnerabilities in 5G

Sandia TracerFIRE and Minimega Programs at Purdue Computer Science

Comer Inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame

2018 - 2019 Annual Report

Purdue CTF Team Captures $10,000 Prize

Gilbreth Supercomputer Helps Purdue Faculty Make Leaps in Machine Learning, AI, Data Science

Adams Inducted as a 2019 Fellow in the Purdue Teaching Academy

Purdue Computer Science Welcomes New Faculty

Amber Johnson is the First African American Woman PhD Graduate of Purdue’s Department of Computer Science

New Software Brings Lower-Resolution cryo-EM Maps into Focus

Two Purdue CS Professors Awarded Facebook Probability and Programming Research Awards

Purdue University Launches New Research Center on Programming Principles and Software Systems

Purdue Announces New Computer Science Department Head

Protecting Privacy at the Ballot Box: Secure Multiparty Computation Work Could Do This and More

Predicting Protein Function and Annotating Complex Pathways

Purdue CS Honors Students at the Annual Awards Banquet

Bertino Shares Her Start in CS and Cybersecurity

The Right Information at the Right Time

Genetic Testing Has a Data Problem. New Software Can Help.

Purdue CS Alum Highlights Billion-Dollar Secret: Little Rice

ACM SIGBots Hosts Qualifying Event at PurdueCS - Advance to VEX Robotics World Championship

Drineas and Neville Promoted to Full Professor

Kate Receives NSF CAREER Award

Bertino Named 2019-2020 Athena Lecturer by ACM

Professor Pedro Fonseca Receives Google Faculty Research Award

Flaws in 4G, 5G Networks Could Let Hackers Intercept Calls, Track Location

Neville, Tan & Yin to Speak at Women in Data Science • Purdue 2019

Undergrads Recognized for CRA Outstanding Researcher Award

Protecting Critical Infrastructures from Cyber and Physical Attacks

Samanta Receives NSF CAREER Award

Giant Leaps Research: Eugene H. Spafford

Computer Science Welcomes New Faculty

Professor Clifton Speaking on CATV Ethics & Policy

Professor Bertino's Research Referenced in Forbes

Professor Xu speaking at Discovery Park Convergence Conference

Software Engineering • Senior Project Spotlight

Tiark Rompf Awarded 2018 VMware Systems Research Award

Siri, What Is AI Good For? Purdue Professor Explains Why That Is a Difficult Question

2018 Samuel D. Conte Distinguished Lecture Series

Nature Article: Making Digital Government a Better Government

2018 Excellence Lecture Series

Hussain, Bertino and Li named to GSMA Mobile Security Research Hall of Fame

Department of Computer Science to Host Family Code Night

Caitlin Whitter Wins Department of Energy Fellowship

Gorman Retires After 44 Years

CS Department Unveils New Art Exhibit: Intersection of Art and Science II

Franken-Algorithms: The Deadly Consequences of Unpredictable Code

The Security of Cellular Connections

Forecasting Model Could Predict Which Bills Get Passed

Purdue Researchers Receive $6 Million to Improve Security for IoT Devices

Bertino Wins IEEE Award for Innovative Research

Amazon Alexa Devices in Hotels Raise Privacy Concerns for Some

New Technology Lets Surveillance Cameras “Talk” to the Public Through Smart Phones

New Method for Cell Identification Leads to Discovery of Melanoma Subtypes

CS Faculty Projects Among Winning Research Proposals in Integrative Data Science Initiative

Remembering Lucas Shanker

Geometry, Math Puzzles, and One Man’s Cross-Country Journey to Retrieve a Lost Manuscript

Alan Min Wins National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Software Engineering Senior Project Spotlight

Pothen Named as Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Gleich Wins 2018 SIAM Outstanding Paper Prize

Conference for Scientific Computing and Approximation honors Walter Gautschi

Hasini Gunasinghe Wins IBM Ph.D. Fellowship

Peng, Bareinboim, and Blocki Receive NSF Awards

ACM SIGBots Robotics Team Hosts Qualifying Event at Purdue

CS Department Hosts Women in Data Science Conference

New Research Exposes Vulnerabilities in Cellular Networks

Ben Delaware Receives NSF CRII Grant

Eleven Tips for Choosing Academia as a Career

CRA Honors Two Computer Science Students for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Software Engineering Senior Project Spotlight

National Academy of Sciences Report Provides Guidance for Universities Experiencing Surging Enrollment in Computer Science

Clifton Recognized as ACM Distinguished Member

Aref Named IEEE Fellow

Jeff Avery, Cybersecurity Engineer

Janka Gal, World Traveler

Fake News: Thoughts from Dan Goldwasser

Buster Dunsmore: Then and Now

Bob Balog: Connectivity on Land and at Sea

Saltaformaggio Wins ACM SIGSAC Doctoral Dissertation Award

Cybersecurity Researchers Win USENIX Distinguished Paper Award

Purdue Earns Top Cybersecurity Study Ranking Among Universities

Purdue Earns Top Cybersecurity Study Ranking Among Universities

Rompf Wins Award for Early Career Achievement

Professor Elisa Bertino Elected to ISSA Hall of Fame

Purdue Enrollment in Computer Science Doubles in Five Years

Purdue Enrollment in Computer Science Doubles in Five Years

Purdue Offers New Undergraduate Major in Data Science

Bertino Part of Nuclear Cybersecurity Collaboration

Bertino Part of Nuclear Cybersecurity Collaboration

CS Students Travel to Tanzania to Learn and Teach

Ninghui Li Wins ICDE 2017 Test of Time Award

Software Engineering Student Project Spotlight

Atallah Wins 2017 Arden L. Bement Jr. Award

What Employers Really Want from Interns and New Grads in Computer Science

Generation CS: Undergraduate Enrollments Surge Since 2006

Mehnaz and Bertino Win Best Paper Award

Computer Science Women’s Network Hosts Second Annual Puzzle Day

Catching Up With Chris Hoffmann

Bridge Boosts Coding Confidence

Bhargava Wins Focus Award and Helen B. Schleman Gold Medallion

10 Tips for New Computer Scientists

Computational Research Infrastructure for Science Now Open-Source

Why Students Consider Leaving Computing

Three Former CS Students Named to Forbes 30 Under 30

Researchers Receive OOPSLA Distinguished Artifact Award

Software Engineering Senior Projects Serve Purdue Community and Beyond

DaCapo Project Paper Named Most Influential of OOPSLA 2006

Transactional Memory Research Receives OOPSLA Distinguished Paper Award

Doctoral Students Win Awards at FSE 2016

Bertino Part of Collaboration Between U.S., U.K. Governments, Industry and Academia

Cao Receives Chorafas Award

Bertino Elected Fellow of AAAS

CS Students Bring It to BoilerMake Hacking Competition

CS Grad Students and Advisor Earn Best Paper

Prof. Pothen's Research Team to Solve Large-Scale Network Problems

Prof. Walid Aref Wins VLDB 10-year Best Paper Award

New Faculty Member, Ribeiro, Wins ACM SIGMETRICS Best Paper Award

Science Magazine Features Prof. Gleich's Research

Building Projects, Building Teams, Building Character

COS Names Gustavo Rodriguez-Rivera Top Undergraduate Teacher

Distinguished Prof. Atallah Wins Sigma Xi Research Award

Tides Foundation Makes MAGIC Happen for Girls in CS

It’s No Accident - Peng-Siu Mei Named Distinguished Alumnus 2016

CS Researchers Win Best Paper Award at ACM CODASPY 2016

CS Researchers' Paper on APT Defense Won NDSS'16 Distinguished Paper Award

Brendan Saltaformaggio Wins Symantec Graduate Fellowship

New Professional Master’s Degree in Information Security

Prof. Gleich Named Sloan Research Fellow for 2016

Prof. Bareinboim Named IEEE AI's 10 to Watch

CS Professor, Instructors Earn Learning Community Student Support Award

It’s a Code World, After All

CS PhD Students Know What’s Up

Purdue Trustees Name Szpankowski Distinguished Professor

CS Professors Awarded Outstanding Paper at ACSAC

CS Students Demonstrate App-titude in Software Engineering

Bhargava’s Team Earns Best Paper at DNCMS

CS Researchers Awarded Best Paper at IEEE NFV-SDN

Professor Atallah’s Work Stands the Test of Time

CS Alumnus Among Computerworld’s Top 100 Leaders

b01lers CTF Snatches Victory

Students Head South to Compete in ACM Regionals

CS Women Leave Grace Hopper Inspired, Ready to Lead

Purdue Researchers Win Best Paper Award at ACM CCS 2015

About Face! CS Students Report for Duty to Facebook Open Academy

CS Grad Student, Professors Earn Best Paper Award at Prestigious ACM Bioinformatics Conference

CS Prof. Wins Two Awards from NSF’s $74.5 million for Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Research

New art exhibit explores the 'Intersection of Art and Science'

CS Honors Three Outstanding Alumni of 2015

Professor Szpankowski Honored with Purdue's Inaugural 2015 Arden L. Bement Jr. Award

The Intersection of Art and Science

Software Engineering Students, Amazing App Creators

CS Grad Student Selected for NSF Fellowship

Purdue CS Reaches Out to Indiana High School Students

Purdue CS Welcomes Six New Faculty Members

Memorial Service Set for Former CS Professor Alberto Apostolico

CRA Names Susanne Hambrusch Vice Chair

CS Students Seek Adventures in Computer Science

CS Students, Professor Take Top Honors at CERIAS Symposium

CS Student Awarded Faculty for the Future

CS Boilermakers Become Software Creators

Enrollment Explosion Leads to First TA for Senior Projects

Purdue CS Students Head to NYC for Codecon Finals

Opportunity Knocks for CS at Purdue Day of Giving

CS Student Gets in Tune with the Future

Hat’s Off to Lee Congdon—2015 CS Distinguished Alumnus

Computer Science Celebrates a History of Firsts

CS Student Steve Mussman Wins Prestigious G.A. Ross Award

CS Students Take 20 at North American Invitational Contest

CS Students Strive for World Finals at NAIPC

CS Associate Professor Earns COS 2014 Research Award

Tipping the Scales – CS Puts Weight Behind Diversity Efforts

ACM SIGBOTS Host Regional Qualifications

CS Remembers Ethan Colombana

CS Students Become Inventors of Real-World Software Apps

CS PhD Student Takes 3rd Place at Supercomputing Conference

Professor Sonia Fahmy Named University Faculty Scholar

CS Professor Creates Technology to “C” the Future

CS Diamond Shines Bright as IBM Master Inventor 2014

Elisa Bertino Receives the ACM SIGSAC Outstanding Contributions Award

CS Welcomes Tiark Rompf

CS Students Enlist: Facebook Open Academy

CS Welcomes Dan Goldwasser

CS Welcomes Mathias Payer

CS Students Storm Grace Hopper Conference

Hack-a-Thon 2014: CS Students BoilerMake It

Good Things Come in Threes: CS Recognizes Outstanding Alumni

Inspiration the Mother of Invention for CS Students Boilerlabs App

CS Students Win Best Student Paper at USENIX Security Symposium

Purdue Students on the Fast Track to Success

CS Moves Forward, Announces Three New Faculty

National Science Foundation Sponsors Big Data Computing Workshop

CS Dept. Offers First, Free Online Course

Memories and Mastadons

Two CS Faculty Earn Promotions

Classic Cars and Classical Graph Algorithms

Robo Rally Packs a Punch at CS Summer Camp

Outstanding New Learning Community Award Goes to Purdue CS Team

Purdue Computer Science Hosts Midwest Theory Day

Undergraduate Student Board Expands CS Helproom Services

Purdue CS Student Honored for Teaching Excellence

Former CS Student Earns Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award

Back Home Again With Distinction

CS Professor Cristina Nita-Rotaru Earns COS Research Award

It's a 'Toss-Up' for CS Students in VEX Robotics Competition

CS Professor Awarded 2.5 Million From European Research Council

CS Student’s Research Nets Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Reliability Award

2014 CS Track Fair

CS Student’s Research Leads to Technology Adopted by Microsoft

State Farm Gift to CS Benefits K-12 Outreach

Military Kids Explore the World of Computer Science

BoilerMake It or Break It - CS Students Dominate Event

Purdue Teams Place Nationally In Code Wars

It’s a Code, Code World

CS Professors, Engineering Students Sense the Future with New Business

Xiangyu Zhang Named University Faculty Scholar

CS Department's Cristina Nita-Rotaru Wins College of Science Research Award

Computer Science Department Remembers Felix Haas

CS Programming Teams Bring Brains to ACM Contest

Conte Distinguished Lecture Series Begins -- New Mining Techniques Explored and Excavated

Computer Science Professors from Purdue Lead the Organization of the 2013 Splash Conference in Indianapolis

IEEE Computer Society Board Names Elisa Bertino Editor-in-Chief of Top International Journal

Two Computer Science Graduates Recognized "Outstanding Alumni" for Significant Contributions

Young Women Computer Scientists "Think Big"

SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award

Arxan Technologies Developed by Purdue Computer Science Professors Announcement

Purdue Hacker Teams Win Top Prizes at the Worlds Largest Collegiate Hack-A-Thon

Corporate Partners Meetings and Computer Science Career Fair Bring Employers, Students Together

Dr. Sonia Fahmy Joins Cyber Center

Cisco Supports Computer Science Project - A Fog Architecture

CS Faculty, Students, and Alumni Featured in Insights

Fastest Campus Supercomputer Named After Founding CS Department Head

CS Students Compete in International Supercomputing Challenge

Spafford Named to EPIC Advisory Board

Neville Honored with Umass Alumni Award

Meawad Receives CETA Teaching Award

2013 Computer Science Distinguished Alumnus

Kihara and Vitek Named 2013 University Faculty Scholars

CS Student Project Receives Entrepreneurship Prototyping Grant

Hosking Receives Research Awards from Qualcomm, Inc.

Li and Qi Receive IBM Grant

Kihara Receives NSF Grant

Atallah Receives Outstanding Commercialization Award

Eugster Receives Google Research Award

CS Faculty and Staff Honored by College of Science

CS Alumna Denning Named a 2013 Distinguished Woman Scholar

CS Students Compete in Largest Ever Student-Run Hackathon

All-Freshman Team Wins Purdue Code War

Ph.D Student Azad Receives IBM Fellowship

CS Alumnus Kim Publishes IT Novel

Insights Highlights CS Students and 50th Anniversary

Elmagarmid Named Fellow of the ACM

Hosking and Li Named ACM Distinguished Scientists

Yakout Receives Ballou-Pazer IQ Dissertation Award

Pothen, Gleich, and Khan Present Research at SC12

CS Alumnus Receives Distinguished Service Award

In Memoriam: Shreeram Abhyankar

CS Programming Teams Compete in ACM Contest

Lucier Named Fellow of AMS

Neville, Kancharla, and Robles-Granda Receive CSoI Grants

CS Students Compete in Cluster Challenge

CS Students Win HackerGames

Lawson Exhibits New Art Installations

Vanegas Nominated for Distinguished Dissertation Award

Alumnus Gives CERIAS Seminar

CS Students Attend 2012 Grace Hopper Celebration

CS Major Named One of "5 Students Who Are Legacy Makers"

2012 Outstanding Computer Science Alumni Honored

Qi's Research Featured in Drug Development & Discovery

Wagstaff Sets Two World Records in Factorization

Aliaga Project Receives NSF Grant

Cyber Center Names Bertino Director

New Undergraduate Server Installed

Purdue Computer Science Ranked 20th Worldwide

Killian Receives Research Award from HP Labs

Grigorescu and Wu Join CS Faculty

Local News Features The Port

Eugster, Si, and Zhang Promoted

Sameh Elected Fellow of IACM

Prabhakar Named Head of Department of Computer Science

CS Faculty Elected to ACM Leadership Positions

Frederickson Keynote Speaker at 2012 Shape Modeling International Conference

Yadav Receives Computer Science Courtesy Appointment

Incoming Graduate Student Is Finalist for 2012 Google Scholarship

Spafford Honored with Morrill Award

Computer Science Professors Work on Federal "Smart Turbine" Wind Energy Project

CONNECT 2012 Engages High School Students in Computer Science

2012 Computer Science Distinguished Alumnus

Bhargava Selected as Guest of Honor at Chitkara University Convocation

Ph.D. Student Rongjing Xiang Receives IBM Fellowship

Clifton and Seibert Receive CERIAS Awards

Xu Named a 2012 University Faculty Scholar

Purdue Today Highlights Art in Lawson

Gleich, Neville, and Tricoche Receive NSF CAREER Awards

Ph.D. Student Dan Zhang Receives IBM Fellowship

CS Faculty and Staff Honored by College of Science

CS Student Places Third in National Code War

Local News Features Lawson Video Wall Art

French University Offers Summer Program for CS Undergraduates

Purdue and Ativio Partner to Train Students in Working Internationally

Cyber Center Joins $3 Million NSF Research Project

Purdue ACM Holds Fall 2011 Poster Session

Insights Highlights CS Student and Lawson Video Wall

Purdue CS Alumnus Elected AAAS Fellow

CS Students Attend 2011 Grace Hopper Conference

Hoffmann Honored by the Solid Modeling Association

Purdue ACM SIGBOTs Take Second Place at VEX Robotics Competition

Purdue Computer Science Ranked 18th Worldwide

Clifton Receives 2011 IEEE ICDM Outstanding Service Award

CS Students Compete in Cluster Challenge

Purdue Researchers' Paper Recognized by ACM

CS Major Develops New Mobile App

Bhargava Honored at Inventors Reception

Purdue CS Programming Teams Compete in ACM Contest

2011 Outstanding CS Alumni

CS Student Projects Making News

Introducing the Corporate Partners Program Student Ambassadors

Art Comes to Lawson

ACM Callout Announced

Hosking Co-Authors Text on Garbage Collection

Watson Co-Authors Facebook Security Guide

CS Department Welcomes New Librarian

Spafford Receives Outstanding Achievement Award at WORLDCOMP'11

Hambrusch Profiled by The Anita Borg Institute

Fahmy, Vishwanathan, and Vitek Promoted

Insights Features CS Faculty and Students

Clifton Receives Teaching for Tomorrow Award

Purdue CS Announces FIRST Scholarships

Purdue Machine Learning Summer School

CS Alumnus Announces Candidacy for President

Spafford Testifies on “The Threat Of Data Theft To American Consumers”

Hart Reelected to CSTA Board

CS Researchers Awarded Best Paper at ICACC

Angin Receives CETA Teaching Award

Prof. Patrick Eugster Participates in 2011 DARPA Computer Science Study Group

Ashish Kundu Receives CERIAS Diamond Award

Professors Sameh and Skeel Selected as 2011 SIAM Fellows

Four CS Faculty Members Awarded NSF CAREER Award

Professors Jagannathan and Vitek Acquire World's Largest Flat Symmetric Multiprocessor

Capka Named 2011 CS Distinguished Alumnus

Harris Corporation Video Wall Installed in Lawson Computer Science Building Commons

Eugster Awarded 'Alexander von Humboldt' Fellowship

Gupta Receives Best Demo at PerCom 2011

Purdue Hosts 7th Annual Boilermaker Regional of the FIRST Robotics Competition

Purdue University Receives Over $1 million NSF Grant

Vitek Selected as a University Faculty Scholar

Spafford Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Szpankowski Moves Beyond Shannon's Information Theory

CS Researchers Awarded Best Paper

Gleich to Join CS Faculty

CS Students Selected for CRA Honorable Mention

Computer Science Faculty and Alumni Featured in Insights

Best Paper Award Received at 2010 Middleware Conference

Purdue Cluster Challenge Team to Compete at SC10

Grace Hopper Conference Inspires Purdue CS Students

Computer Science Teaching Endorsement

Purdue Researchers Accelerate Virtual Machine Communication in the Cloud

Purdue Added to Yahoo! M45 Academic Research Initiative

Purdue Receives $1.5 million Award from the National Science Foundation

CONNECT Program, Success for Department and Females

WSJ Ranks Purdue CS Eighth in the Nation

CS Student Receives Second Year Google Fellowship

Sameh Conference Brings Together Eclectic Group of Top Researchers

Prabhakar Announced as Computer Science Interim Head

2010 Outstanding Alumni Recognized

Computer Science CONNECT Program Engages High School Females

Computational Cities

Kompella and Lee Present RLI at SIGCOMM 2010

Harris Corporation to Donate Video Wall and Embedded Systems Lab

Budding CS Boilermaker

Purdue Exponent: First Black CS Ph.D. to Graduate Saturday

Spafford Attends White House Cybersecurity Briefing

Aliaga and Vitek Promoted

Get Smart: Targeting Phone Security Flaws

Experts Discuss Transactional Memory at Purdue

CS Group's Award Winning Business Plan

Alumni Win NSF CAREER Awards

Spafford Discusses Gaps in Security Program

Security Firm Says Universities Make Good Targets for Phishing

Adventures in Computer Science Camp Sign Up

Spring Student Employee Recognition Event

Alumna Appointed Science and Tech Advisor

Alum Elected to Academy of Engineering

Purdue Awarded $25 Million for State's First NSF Science and Technology Center

Alumnus Named Decision Sciences Institute Fellow

Fall 2009 EPICS DISC Team Wins EPICS AMD Award

Spafford Quoted in Voting Machine Article

Android Programming Workshop

New Computer Science Curriculum

Elmagarmid Named IEEE Fellow

Vitter Elected AAAS Fellow

Alumni Named ACM Fellows

Amazon Names Ninja Coder Design Contest Winner

Workshops to Spark Girls' Interest in Computer Technology

National Computer Science Education Week

Spafford Named Distinguished Fellow of ISSA

Purdue Usenet Service Being Discontinued

State Farm Supports Purdue Education Initiatives

Szpankowski Earns Humboldt Award

Elmagarmid, ACM Distinguished Scientist

Good Luck, Purdue Programming Teams!

Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science (DBIS) Newscast: Virtual Restoration of Cultural Heritage Artifacts

CS Outstanding Alumni

WBAA Interviews ACM Programmers

GovInfo Security: Spafford Speaks on State of IA Education

Pothen Named Distinguished Alum

Women in CS Career Day

Project CS4EDU: Computer Science for Education

Reaching Out for Computer Science Presentations

Frederickson Wins MAA Pólya Award

UCSD: Kompella Tracks Network Delays

Hart Elected to CSTA Board

CSNET Receives Postel Award

Outreach Summer Activities

Sponsored Program Awards in CoS up 18 Percent

Faculty Earn Promotions

Fox News: Spafford on Cyber Attacks

Killian Serves as Co-Chair of PYFA

CS and Motorola Foundation to Inspire Tomorrow's Innovators

Students Earn Bilsland Fellowships

ITaP Central Services Down June 20-21

Welcome New CoS Dean

CS Student Receives Google Fellowship

Elmagarmid Attends World Economic Forum

Nita-Rotaru Receives Teaching for Tomorrow Award

Alum Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

CS MIRA Finalists

Gunn Receives Honorary PhD

Vitter Highlighted in Videos

IBM Software Development Conference

Spafford Receives CRA Service Award

Sign up for CS Summer Camp Today

CS Students Honored by CETA

Students Win Innovation Award

CS Researchers Changing the Past

Exponent: Students Travel to Sweden for Programming Contest

CS Student Earns Goldwater Scholarship

Zhang Earns CAREER Award

Prabhakar Named University Faculty Scholar

CERIAS Symposium: March 24-25

Smart Building Reduces Energy Consumption

Spafford on C-Span's Washington Jounal

Spafford Selected by Secretary of Defense

CS Student Wins STEM Scholarship

CS Alumni to Perform at Presidential Inauguration

Purdue Cheburashka to Compete in Stockholm

Spafford Receives Abacus Award

CS Students Selected for CRA Honorable Mention

CS Celebrates Women in Computing

Cisco TelePresence Unveiled at Purdue

Purdue Places 3rd in ACM Regional Programming Contest

CS Presence at Supercomputing Conference (SC08)

CS Researchers Earn Best Paper Award

Szpankowski Named Saul Rosen Professor

Purdue CS Ranks High with U.S. News

2008 Outstanding Alumni

Frederickson Inducted into Book of Great Teachers

Spafford: Cybercrime, Effects on Economy

CS Outreach Awarded NCWIT Seed Fund

Meet the New CS Faculty

Gibraltar Presents CS with Award for Lawson Building

2008 CS Summer Camps

Purdue Community Warned of E-Mail Scam

Li Earns Promotion

Si Receives CAREER Award

Hoffman Awarded Halstead Award

CS Students Awarded Intel Fellowships

Neville in AI's 10 to Watch

Inside Indiana Business: Purdue CS in the News

Intel International Science Fair

Elmagarmid Honored by CIC

Teachers Invited to Workshop Linking Mathematics and Computer Science

Purdue Serious Games Team Wins Mira

Register for CS Summer Camp

JNC: Magallanes Addresses Latino Students

CERIAS Tops Nation's InfoSec University Programs

ACM: Spafford's Congressional Testimony

ACM Announces New Officers

CS TAs Receive Nods from CETA

Student Projects Place 1st and 2nd in Entrepreneurial Contest

CS Undergraduate Receives Research Award

Zhang Earns ACM SIGPLAN Dissertation Award

Qi Receives Microsoft Research Award

Hambrusch Elected to CRA Board of Directors

CS Undergrad Appointed Associate Editor

Cast Your Vote for TA & Faculty Awards

Idika Takes Third Place

Faculty and Staff Honored by CoS

Purdue CS at InWic Conference

Spafford Talks Privacy with WISH TV

Tellabs Visits Visualization Lab

CS Undergraduate Earns CRA Honorable Mention

CS Programming Teams "In the Prizes"

CS Participants Celebrate Women in Computing

Atallah Receives Distinguished Alumnus Award

Computer Science Department Hosts NSF Workshop on "Science Education in Computational Thinking"

Intel Funds Multicore Instructional Lab

Harris Corporation Classroom Dedication

Prof. Suresh Jagannathan Named University Faculty Scholar

2007 Outstanding Alumni

Linking CS and Math Teachers' Workshop

Meet the New CS Faculty

CS Camp Brings Students to Purdue

CS Faculty Earn Promotions in 2007

Purdue Computer Science Students Inducted into Honor Society

Scientifically Based Animation of 9/11 Attacks a Challenge for CS Servers

Computing at Purdue Ranked No. 9

Mathur Appointed CS Head

Nita-Rotaru Receives Teaching for Tomorrow Award

TopCoder HS Competition Champs

CS Outreach is Mira Finalist

TopCoder HS Competition at Purdue

Register for CS Camp

Two CS Instructors in the Top Ten

Researchers Collaborate in Lawson

Spafford Receives ACM President's Award

Dr. Nylin Named CS Distinguished Alumnus

15th Annual Awards Banquet

Outstanding CS Alumni Honored

Dr. Genevieve Bell to Speak at Purdue

Prof. Frederickson: Time to Fold

Computer-Science Slide

MC Plus+ Chip Hop

Prof. and Mrs. Gautschi Translate Euler's Biography

Prof. Eugster Receives CAREER Award

ICICS Best Paper Awards

Purdue and IBM Open Collaboration Research

CS Poster Contest Results

The Port Holiday Hours

CS Students Receive CRA Honorable Mention

Atallah Selected as ACM Fellow

53rd Midwest Theory Day

CS PhD Student and Engineering Student to Compete in TopCoder

Purdue Programming Teams Results

Spafford Honored by ACM

Purdue ACM Programmers Compete

Prabhakar Keynote Speaker at CIC

CS Student Earns IEEE Best Paper Award

New "Bio Pages" for Faculty, Staff, and Students

The Port Cafe Holds Grand Opening

Purdue Computer Science Faculty, Students, and Staff Attend Event

Ten of the World's Leading Science Writers Participate in a Town Hall Meeting

Student Wins Best Paper Award

Author Tim Bell Visits Purdue

Preparations Begin for ACM Programming Contest

Landweber Delivers Talk on GENI

Purdue Alumnus Signs New Book

Lawson Delivers Talk at Dedication

Lawson Dedication Proved to be Both High Tech and Highly Touching

Echo Spiral Finds Home in Lawson

Lawson Dedication Day

Corporate Partners to Visit Purdue

WARNING: LCD Projector Theft

CS Employee Earns Masters

Purdue Exponent: Lawson, Welcome to Purdue

Purdue Announces Top Directors for 2 Discovery Park Centers

CS Welcomes Two Babies on Aug. 12

LWSN is on the Internet!

Math and CS K-12 Teacher Workshop

Meet the New CS Faculty Members

Professor Gautschi Honored by International Conference

Lawson Building Update

Upcoming Math and CS K-12 Teacher Workshop

Attention WebCT Vista Users

GSB Summer BBQ

2006 CS Summer Camp

Students Gain computing Skills at Purdue Program

Gorman Honored for 30 Years of Service

Memorial Gymnasium Named for Prof. Haas

TopCoder Competition Comes to Purdue

CS Student Earns Astronaut Scholarship

CS Faculty Earn Promotions in 2006

Comer Recognized as Mira Finalist

Richard Lawson Receives Honorary Doctorate

Privacy Infringments Worry Local Residents

Purdue Investigates Vulnerability of VoIP

Intel Corporation Chairman Visits Purdue

2006 CS Summer Camp Registration Underway

Second Year Excellence in Teaching Nomination for Elmongui

U.S. News Releases 2007 Graduate Rankings

Four CS Faculty Named Top Ten CoS Teachers

Spafford Recognized by IEEE

Peter Denning, Great Principles of Computing

Dorothy Denning, 2006 Computer Science Distinguished Alumna

14th Annual Awards Banquet

Lawson Building Update

Purdue Hosts 2006 Science Olympiad

Bush Appoints Jischke to PCAST

CS Students in Entrepreneurial Competition

Women in Computing Conference

State Farm Gives Grant to CS

Samuel D. Conte Distinguished Lecture: How to Hurt Scientific Productivity

Nita-Rotaru and Xu Receive CAREER Awards

EPICS Team Wins Corcoran Award

Squirrelly ITaP Fibers

Bhargav-Spantzel Featured in LAP Newsletter

Purdue Researchers Participate in Development of ScanEagle UAV

Campus Technology: Feeling Vulnerable?

Congratulations to CS Game Creators

Lucier's Work Increases Accuracy of Mammograms

2006 Launches NWICG

Raytheon and Techpoint Fund CS Outreach

Samuel D. Conte Distinguished Lecture

Bertino Receives Kanai Award

ACM Workout Group Callout

CS at Tapia Conference

Purdue Programming Team in Top Ten

Purdue Programmers Compete

Northwest Indiana Computational Grid

Samuel D. Conte Distinguished Lecture

IBM Workshop Available for Faculty

Microsoft Developer Software Available for CS Faculty, Staff, and Students

Professor Dunsmore Voted Favorite Professor

Next Generation Telecommunications Roundtable Discussion

Intel - CS Partnership

Samuel D. Conte Distinguished Lecture

Purdue: CyberTrust Largest Contributor

Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC)

Building Update

Join the Programming Challenge!

Purdue ACM Callout

Corporate Partners Program & CS Job Fair

Intel Higher Education Lecture Series

Linking CS and Math Teachers' Workshop

Purdue Announces New Cyberinfrastructure Center

Get Involved - Join the CS GSB

Elmongui Nominated for Excellence in Teaching Award

Congratulations PhD Recipients!

Dr. Patrick Eugster Joins Purdue CS

CS Faculty Earn Promotions

Professor Kihara and Lab Compete at International Conference

Lawson Building Progress

Computer Science Summer Camps

Professor Spafford Receives Honorary Doctorate

Five Purdue Students Awarded Intel Fellowships

CS 2005 Teacher's Workshop

CS Director of Development Earns MBA

Purdue Team Wins 2005 MIRA Award

Bue Scores Space Shuttle Scholarship

Alumnae Receive NSF Fellowship

CS Middle School Summer Camp Signup

Professor Zhiyuan Li Named University Faculty Scholar

Curt Worsey, 2005 Computer Science Distinguished Alumnus

CS Students Win 2005 Howard Hughes Award

Merlin's Magical Castle Wins Idea-to-Product Top Prize

Roads Close - CS Building Construction Progresses

13th Annual CS Awards Banquet

Two Top Ten CoS Teachers in CS

Bruce Helfert Award Goes to Michael Armbrust

Vibbert Awarded for Excellence in Customer Service

Hong Chen and Tomasz Czajka in TopCoder Collegiate Challenge

Computer Security Pioneer Honored

Programming Contest Training

Professor Atallah Inducted into Teaching Academy

Professor Li Receives CAREER Award

Building Update

Fahmy Contributes to DETER-EMIST

CS Building Construction News: Lawson Sign Unveiled

Bartolacci Honored for CS Building Campaign

CS Students Honored by Computing Research Association

CS Faculty Receive NSF Cyber Trust and ITR Awards

CS Ph.D. Candidate Wins TopCoder Open

My Doom CyberVirus Tie

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

Building Update

CS Building Named for Richard and Patricia Lawson

CS Ph.D. Student Recognized as "Leading Light"

Congratulations 2004 Ph.D Graduates!

CS Building Construction News

Building Construction Bids

Professor Frederickson Receives Pólya Award from the MAA

Professor Hambrusch in Indiana Business Magazine

CS Building Construction Plans Move Forward

Purdue Delays Bids for Computer Science Building

Professor Robert Skeel Joins Purdue CS

Youth Enjoy 2004 CS Summer Camps

2004 Freshman Day on Campus

Professor Hambrusch Wins MIRA Award at the 2004 MIRA Awards Gala

2003/2004 Undergraduate Research Work

Spring 2004 CS490T Project Demo Day

Purdue's 2004 Computer Science Summer Camp Registration

CS Professor, Aditya Mathur is the New SoS Associate Dean of Graduate Education

Dr. David Schrader, 2004 Computer Science Distinguished Alumnus

Professor Spafford adds prestige to University

Over $245,000 in Awards Were Announced at the 12th Annual CS Awards Banquet

Three Top Ten SoS Teachers in Computer Science

Professor Aref Named University Faculty Scholar

Envision Center Grand Opening: April 14th-April 17th

Academic Integrity and New Account Information on Student Resource Page Now Online

Many Purdue Presentations at the International Conference on Data Engineering

Outstanding CS Student Elian Haliman Wins Bruce Helfert Memorial Award

Professor Spafford Joins the Panel of Experts for the Will Your Vote Count Series

The IEEE Computer Society 2003 Taylor L. Booth Award goes to Professor Spafford

Professors Atallah and Comer Appointed as Distinguished Professors

Professors Spafford and Bertino Celebrate New Positions at CERIAS

Prof. Christoph Hoffmann Named Co-Director of CRI

New Faculty for Spring 2004

Nina Tang and Erika Shehan Honored by Computing Research Association

Professor Wojciech Szpankowski Named a Fellow of the IEEE

Professor Spafford in the News

Professors Christopher Bailey-Kellogg and Sonia Fahmy Win CAREER Awards

Professor Comer Inducted as a Fellow of the Purdue University Teaching Academy

CS Students Honored as "Leading Lights"

Computer Science Celebrates Close of Building Campaign

Mathematica Miniconference

Professors Spafford and Bhargava Added to the Book of Great Teachers

Debian 10 Year Birthday Celebration

Indiana University and Purdue University Win 2003 EDUCAUSE Award

Computer Science Hosts Summer Camp

New Faculty for Fall 2003

Professor Bhargava in the News with Research on Balancing Access and Safety

CERIAS Announces New Information Security Education Program

Webcams in CS Labs!

Purdue CS Startup Honored

School of Science GAANN Fellowships

Reception Honoring John Steele

Congratulations to Professors Bharat Bhargava and Gene Spafford

Purdue's Eugene Spafford Selected to Serve on Prestigious Panel

School of Science Events for May Graduates

11th Annual CS Awards Banquet

IT Distinguished Lecture Features Medical Imaging Expert

Join the Computer Science Undergraduate Student Board

The 2003 Computer Science Distinguished Alumna

Purdue Celebrates Donations for New Computer Science Building

Professor Mikhail Atallah

Lockheed Martin Elevated to Premiere Member

Professor Bharat Bhargava

Boeing, Purdue Partnership Promotes Diversity, Innovation

NSF, Purdue Form New Nanotech Center for Simulations

Celebrating 40 Years of Computer Science at Purdue

Cisco Research Support

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