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Computer Science Ph.Ds by Year


Aala Alsalem
Secure Authentication and Privacy-preserving Techinques In Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Arushi Arora
Privacy and Security Enhancements for Tor
Advisor: Christina Garman

Trevor Bonjour
Towards Novelty-resilient AI: Learning in the Open World
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Gregory Dexter
Matrix Sketching in Optimization
Advisors: Petros Drineas and Rajiv Khanna

Chowdhury Mohammad Rakin Haider
Identifying Induced Bias in Machine Learning
Advisor: Christopher W. Clifton

Seunghoon Lee
Applications of Combinatorial Graph Theory to the Classical and Post-Quantum Security Analysis of Memory-Hard Functions and Proofs of Sequential Work
Advisor: Jeremiah Blocki

Jiacheng Li
Membership Inference Attacks and Defenses in Classificatiion Models
Advisor: Ninghui Li

Peiyuan Liu
New Theoretical Techniques for Analyzing and Mitigating Password Cracking Attacks
Advisor: Jeremiah Blocki

Christopher May
Deep Synthesis of Distortion-freed 3D Omnidirectioal Imagery From 2D Images
Advisor: Daniel Aliaga

Soham Mukherjee
Unveiling Patterns in Data: Harnessing Computational Topology in Machine Learning
Advisor: Tamal K. Dey

Nicholas Recker
Complexity Bounds for Search Problems
Advisor: Simina Branzei

Yichen Sheng
Controllable 3D Effects Synthesis in Image Editing
Advisor: Bedrich Benes

Luopin Wang
Discovery of Novel Disease Biomarkers and Therapeutics Using Machine Learning Models
Advisor: Majid Kazemian

Qianchuan Ye
Language-based Techniques for Policy-agnostic Oblivious Computation
Advisor: Benjamin Delaware


Abdulellah Alsaheel
Trace Data-driven Defense Against Cyber and Cyber-physical Attacks
Advisor: Dongyan Xu

Adithya Bhat
Pipelined Byzantine Fault Tolerance and Applications
Advisor: Aniket Kate

Charles Christoffer
Flexible and Data-driven Modeling of 3D Protein Complex Structures
Advisor: Daisuke Kihara

Arslan Khan
Securing Resource Constrained Platforms with Low-cost Solutions
Advisors: Jing (Dave) Tian and Dongyan Xu

Hyungsub Kim
Defeating Cyber and Physical Attacks in Robotic Vehicles
Advisors: Antonio Bianchi and Dongyan Xu

Jaewoo Shin
Efficient LSM Secondary Indexing for Update-intensive Workloads
Advisor: Walid G. Aref

Supun Abeysinghe
Compilation Techniques, Algorithms, and Data Structures for Efficient and Expressive Data Processing Systems
Advisor: Tiark Rompf

Weicheng Wang
Analyzing and Improving Security-enhanced Communication Protocols
Advisor: Ninghui Li

Xiao Wang
Highly Accurate Macromolecular Structure Complex Detection, Determination, and Evaluation by Deep Learning
Advisor: Daisuke Kihara

Qiuling Xu
On the Neural Representation for Adversarial Attack and Defense
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Wenjie Bai
Mechanism Design in Defense against Offline Password Attacks
Advisor: Jeremiah Blocki

Myson Burch
A Data-driven Approach to Genetics
Advisor: Petros Drineas

Habiba Farrukh
Leveraging Multimodal Sensing for Enhancing the Security and Privacy of Mobile Systems
Advisor: Berkay Celik

Feng Li
Efficient in-situ Workflows for Time-critical Applications on Heterogeneous Ecosystems
Advisors: Fengguang Song and Zhiyuan Li

Jiayi Meng
System Support for Next-Gen Mobile Applications
Advisor: Y. Charlie Hu

Tamalika Mukherjee
Differentially Private Sublinear Algorithms
Advisors: Jeremiah Blocki and Elena Grigorescu

Mijanur R. Palash
A Deep Learning Based Framework for Novelty Aware Explainable Multimodal Emotion Recognition with Situational Knowledge
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Shamik Roy
Weakly Supervised Characterization of Discourses on Social and Political Movements on Online Media
Advisor: Dan Goldwasser

Khaled Serag
Proactive Vulnerability Identification and Defense Construction - The Case for CAN
Advisors: Dongyan Xu and Berkay Celik

KMA Solaiman (Salvi)
Multimodal Data Management in Open-World Environment
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Guannan Wei
Metaprogramming Program Analyzers
Advisor: Tiark Rompf

Jianliang Wu
Securing Bluetooth Protocols through Formal Analysis and Debloating
Advisors: Dongyan Xu and Antonio Bianchi

Cheng Xin
Decomposition and Stability of Multiparameter Persistence Modules
Advisor: Tamal K. Dey

Giselle Zeno
Dynamic Network Modeling from Temporal Motifs and Attributed Node Activity
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

Zhuo Zhang
Revamping Binary Analysis with Sampling and Probabilistic Inference
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Tunde Aderinwale
Machine Learning-based Approaches for Accurate Protein Structure Classification and Assembly
Advisor: Daisuke Kihara

Adarsh Barik
Continuous Relaxation for Combinatorial Problems - A Study of Convex and Invex Programs
Advisor: Jean Honorio

Jianfei Gao
Out-of-Distribution Representation Learning for Network System Forecasting
Advisor: Bruno Ribeiro

Muhammad Ishaq
MPC for the Real World: Improving Performance and Usability via Program Analysis, and Applications to Decentralized Finance
Advisor: Vasileios Zikas

Imtiaz Karim
A Systematic Framework for Analyzing the Security and Privacy of Wireless Communication Protocol Implementations
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Chuyang Ke
Provable Guarantees of Learning with Incomplete and Latent Data
Advisor: Jean Honorio

I Luk Kim
Identification of Web Security Threats to Online Business Models
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Prashast Srivastava
Practical Methods for Fuzzing Real-World Systems
Advisors: Mathias Payer and Antonio Bianchi

Zixun Yu
Reducing Image Artifacts in Motion Blur Prevention
Advisor: Daniel Aliaga

Minshen Zhu
Reconstruction and Local Recovery of Data from Synchronization Errors
Advisor: Elena Grigorescu


Chih-Hao Fang
Clinical Anayltics and Personalized Medicine
Advisor: Ananth Y. Grama

Mathieu Gaillard
3D Reconstruction of Sorghum Plants for High-Throughput Phenotyping
Advisor: Bedrich Benes

Huangyi Ge
Using Randomness to Defend Against Adversarial Examples in Computer Vision
Advisor: Ninghui Li

Amin Jaber
Causal Reasoning in Equivalence Classes
Advisors: Elias Bareinboim and Bruno Ribeiro

Kyungtae Kim
Securing System and Embedded Software via Fuzzing
Advisor: Jing (Dave) Tian

Zitao Li
Differential Privacy in Distributed Settings
Advisor: Ninghui Li

Meng Liu
Nonlinear Diffusions on Graphs for Clustering, Semi-supervised Learning and Analyzing Predictions
Advisor: David Gleich

Yingqi Liu
Trojan Attacks and Defenses on Deep Neural Networks
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Hai H. Nguyen
Feasibility, Efficiency, and Robustness of Secure Computation
Advisor: Hemanta K. Maji

Yubo Shao
Machine Learning-based Mobile Device In-air Signature Authentication
Advisor: Pan Li

Susheel Suresh
Models and Representation Learning Mechanisms for Graph Data
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

Weijian Zheng
Scalable Parallel Machine Learning on High Performance Computing Systems - Clustering and Reinforcement Learning
Advisors: Zhiyuan Li and Fengguang Song

Adil Ahmad
Defeating Critical Threats to Cloud User Data in Trusted Execution Environments
Advisors: Pedro Jose Sousa Da Fonseca and Byoungyoung Lee

Eman Alnabati
Protein Structural Modeling Using Electron Microscopy Maps
Advisor: Daisuke Kihara

Alexander R. Block
Exploring the Composition of Coding Theory and Cryptography through Secure Computation, Succinct Arguments, and Local Codes
Advisor: Jeremiah Blocki

Hongjun Choi
Towards Secure and Reliable Robotic Vehicles with Holistic Modeling and Program Analysis
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Jongouk Choi
High-Performance and Reliable Intermittent Computation
Advisor: Changhee Jung

Leonardo Cotta
Higher-order Reasoning with Graph Data
Advisor: Bruno Ribeiro

Marina W. Haliem
Deep Learning Based Models for Novelty Adaptation in Autonomous Multi-Agent Systems
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Young-San Lin
Online Covering: Efficient and Learning-Augmented Algorithms
Advisors: Elena Grigorescu and Thanh Nguyen

Donghang Lu
Efficient Building Blocks for Secure Multiparty Computation and Their Applications
Advisor: Aniket Kate

Sai Raghavendra Maddhuri Venkata Subraman
Deep Learning Enabled 3D Protein Structure Modeling
Advisor: Daisuke Kihara

Ashraf Mahgoub
Performance and Cost Optimization for Distributed Cloud-native Systems
Advisors: Saurabh Bagchi and Ananth Y. Grama

Easwar Mangipudi
Realizing Information Escrows and Efficient Key-management Using Threshold Cryptography
Advisor: Aniket Kate

Derrick McKee
Novel System Compartmentalization and Reverse Engineering Methods
Advisors: Mathias Payer and Sonia Fahmy

Alina Nesen
Deep Neural networks for Detection of Rare Events, Novelties, and Data Augmentation in Multimodal Data Streams
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Kia Rahmani
Symbolic Analysis of Weak Concurrency Semantics in Modern Database Programs
Advisors: Benjamin Delaware and Suresh Jagannathan

Vikram Ravindra
Computational Methods to Analyze Functional Connectomes
Advisor: Ananth Y. Grama

Tao Hou
Homological Representatives in Topological Persistence
Advisor: Tamal K. Dey

Mayank Kakodkar
Efficient and Scalable Subgraph Statistics using Regenerative Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Advisor: Bruno Ribeiro

Negin Karisani
Applied Topology and Algorithmic Semi-Algebraic Geometry
Advisor: Saugata Basu

Daniel Kumor
Efficient Algorithms for Causal Linear Identification and Sequential Imitation Learning
Advisors: Jennifer L. Neville and Christopher W. Clifton

Danushka Menikkumbura
Software-defined Buffer Management and Robust Congestion Control for Modern Datacenter Networks
Advisors: Sonia Fahmy and Patrick T. Eugster

Maria Leonor Pacheco
Neural-Symbolic Modeling for Natural Language Discourse
Advisor: Dan Goldwasser

Ryan Slechta
Capturing Changes in Combinatorial Dynamical Systems via Presistent Homology
Advisor: Tamal K. Dey

Balasubramaniam Srinivasan
On Higher Order Graph Representation Learning
Advisor: Bruno Ribeiro

Xiaowei Zhang
Using Structural Regularities for a Procedural Reconstruction of Urban Environments from Satellite Imagery
Advisor: Daniel Aliaga


Sarkhan Badirli
Fine-Grained Bayesian Zero-Shot Object Recognition
Advisors: Christopher W. Clifton and Murat Dundar

Edgardo A. Barsallo Yi
Dependable Wearable Systems
Advisor: Saurabh Bagchi

Dana El Rushaidat
Accurate Approximation of Unstructured Grid Into Regular Grid with Complex Boundary Handling
Advisor: Xavier M. Tricoche

Sep Farhand
Bottom-Up, Context-Driven Visual Object Understanding
Advisors: Xavier M. Tricoche and Gavriil Tsechpenakis

S M Ferdous
Algorithms for Degree-Constrained Subgraphs and Applications
Advisor: Alex Pothen

Mengyue Hang
Graph Representation Learning for Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Learning Tasks
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

Shawn Merrill
Privacy in Complex Sample Based Surveys
Advisor: Christopher W. Clifton

Anand A. Mudgerikar
Building the Intelligent IoT-Edge: Balancing Security and Functionality Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Fei (Jacob) Wang
Forensics and Formalized Protocol Customization for Enhancing Networking Security
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Mingyuan Wang
On the Efficiency of Cryptographic Constructions
Advisor: Hemanta K. Maji

Zheyuan Wang
An Effective Framework of Autonomous Driving by Sensing Road/Motion Profiles
Advisor: Jiang Yu Zheng

Kevin Bello
Structured Prediction: Statistical and Computational Guarantees in Learning and Inference
Advisor: Jean Honorio

Javad Darivandpour
Efficient and Secure Equality-based Two-party Computation
Advisor: Mikhail J. Atallah

Debajyoti Das
Fundamental Constraints and Provably Secure Constructions of Anonymous Communication Protocols
Advisor: Aniket Kate

Hasini Gunasinghe
Privacy Enhancing Techniques for Digital Identity Management
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Benjamin Harsha
Modelling Rational Adversaries: Predicting Behavior and Developing Deterrents
Advisor: Jeremiah Blocki

Aashish Jain
Machine Learning Approaches Towards Protein Structure and Function Prediction
Advisor: Daisuke Kihara

Duc Le
Efficient Cryptographic Constructions for Resource-Constrained Blockchain Clients
Advisors: Aniket Kate and Mikhail J. Atallah

Amit Sheoran
Towards a Traffic-aware Cloud-native Cellular Core
Advisor: Sonia Fahmy

Ahmed Abdelhamid
Efficient Distributed Processing over Micro-batched Data Streams
Advisor: Walid G. Aref

Yuankun Fu
Accelerated In-situ Workflow of Memory-aware Lattice Boltzmann Simulation and Analysis
Advisors: Mathias Payer and Fengguang Song

Yi-Yu (Ellen) Lai
Relational Representation Learning Incorporating Textual Communication for Social Networks
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

James Lembke
Practical Cloud Computing Infrastructure
Advisors: Patrick T. Eugster and Kihong Park

Chang Li
Improving Stance and Bias Detection in Text by Modeling Social Context
Advisor: Dan Goldwasser

Tharindu Mathew
Controlling and Enabling Improved Crowd Simulation
Advisor: Daniel Aliaga

Fei Peng
Forced Execution for Security Analysis of Software without Source Code
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Hui Peng
Fuzzing Hard-To-Cover Code
Advisors: Mathias Payer and Jing (Dave) Tian

Tianhao Wang
Analyzing Sensitive Data with Local Differential Privacy
Advisor: Ninghui Li


Priyam Biswas
Usage of Dynamic Analysis to Strengthen Control-Flow
Advisors: Christina Garman and Mathias Payer

Haotian Deng
Enhancing Mobility Support in Cellular Networks With Device-Side Intelligence
Advisor: Chunyi Peng

Mahak Goindani
Social Reinforcement Learning
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

Akshay Jajoo
Exploiting the Spatial Dimension of Big Data Jobs for Efficient Cluster Job Scheduling
Advisor: Y. Charlie Hu

Yuseok Jeon
Practical Type and Memory Safety Violation Detection Mechanisms
Advisors: Changhee Jung and Mathias Payer

I-Ta Lee
Commonsense Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Statistical Script Learning
Advisor: Dan Goldwasser

Mohsen Minaei
Privacy Preserving Systems with Crowd Blending
Advisor: Aniket Kate

Raine Yeh
Efficient Knot Optimization for Accurate B-spline-based Data Approximation
Advisor: Xavier M. Tricoche

Siyuan Cao
Applying Multimodal Sensing to Human Motion Tracking in Mobile Systems
Advisor: He Wang

Evgenia-Maria Kontopoulou
Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra Approaches for Approximating Matrix Functions
Advisor: Petros Drineas

Shagufta Mehnaz
Fine-grained Anomaly Detection for in Depth Data Protection
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Servio Palacios
Auditable Computations on (Un)Encrypted Graph-Structured Data
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Hogun Park
Neural Representation Learning for Semi-Supervised Node Classification and Explainability
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

Bo Sang
Programming Support for Scalable, Serializable and Elastic Cloud Applications
Advisors: Xiangyu Zhang and Patrick T. Eugster

Savvas Savvides
Practical Confidentiality-Preserving Data Analytics in Untrusted Clouds
Advisors: Xiangyu Zhang and Patrick T. Eugster

Miguel Villarreal-Vasquez
Anomaly Detection and Security Deep Learning Methods Under Adversarial Situtation
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Amani Abu Jabal
Digital Provenance Techniques and Applications
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Dan Andersen
Effective User Guidance through Augmented Reality Interfaces: Advances and Applications
Advisor: Voicu Popescu

Andres Bejarano
Generation of Topological Interlocking Configurations from a Geometric Approach
Advisor: Christoph M. Hoffmann

Dohyeong Kim
Dual Execution and its Applications
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Akash Kumar
Spectral Approach to Modern Algorithm Design
Advisor: Saugata Basu

Wen-Chuan Lee
Improving Stability and Parameter Selection of Data Processing Programs
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Chengyuan Lin
Lightweight and Sufficient Two Viewpoint Connections for Augmented Reality
Advisor: Voicu Popescu

Ganapathy Mani
Deep Learning Based Models for Cognitive Autonomy and Cybersecurity Intelligence in Autonomous Systems
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Changping (Jason) Meng
Scalable Representation Learning with Invariances
Advisors: Bruno Ribeiro and Jennifer L. Neville

Abhiram Natarajan
Betti Numbers of Deterministic and Random Sets in Semi-Algebraic and O-Minimal Geometry
Advisors: Saugata Basu and Elena Grigorescu

Xiao (Cosmo) Zhang
Flexible Structured Prediction in Natural Language Processing with Partially Labeled Corpora
Advisor: Dan Goldwasser


Rohit Bhatia
On Cyber-physical Forensics, Attacks, and Defenses
Advisor: Dongyan Xu

Aritra Bose
Computational Methods in Population Genetics
Advisors: Peristera Paschou and Petros Drineas

Gregory M. Essertel
Improving Performance of Data-centric Systems Through Fine-grained Code Generation
Advisor: Tiark Rompf

Andrew Hoblitzell
Deep Learning Based User Models for Interactive Optimization of Watershed Designs
Advisors: Ananth Y. Grama and Snehasis Mukhopadhyay

Adib Rastegarnia
Assessment of Disaggregating the SDN Control Plane
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer

Ziyin Wang
Unsupervised Visual Knowledge Discovery and Accumulation in Dynamic Environment
Advisors: Gavriil Tsechpenakis and Voicu Popescu

Radhika Bhargava
Adversarial Anomaly Detection
Advisors: Christopher W. Clifton and Shimon Nof

Prof. Sze Yiu Chau
Systematic Evaluations of Security Mechanism Deployments
Advisors: Aniket Kate and Ninghui Li

Vachik Dave
Solving Time Prediction Problems in Networks Using Graphlets and Embedding Based Local Features
Advisors: David Gleich and Mohammad Al Hasan

Min Huang
Statistical Steganalysis of Images
Advisor: Vernon J. Rego

Amber Johnson
Generating Evidence for COPD Clinical Guidelines Using EHRS
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Prof. Kristen Johnson
Modeling Language, Social, and Behavioral Abstractions for Microblog Political Discourse Classification
Advisor: Dan Goldwasser

Prof. Gowtham Kaki
Automatic Reasoning Techniques for Non-Serializable Data-Intensive Applications
Advisor: Suresh Jagannathan

Prof. Shiqing Ma
Effective and Efficient Computation System Provenance Tracking
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Huda Nassar
Low Rank Methods for Network Alignment
Advisor: David Gleich

Shin-Yeh Tsai
Building Fast, Scalable, Low-cost, and Safe RDMA Systems in Data Centers
Advisor: Yiying Zhang

Meng-Lin Wu
Occlusion Management in Conventional and Head-Mounted Display Visualization through the Relaxation of the Single Viewpoint/Timepoint Constraint
Advisor: Voicu Popescu

Amr Ebaid
A Systems Approach to Rule-Based Data Cleaning
Advisors: Walid G. Aref and Ahmed K. Elmagarmid

Asish Ghoshal
Efficient Algorithms for Learning Combinatorial Structures from Limited Data
Advisor: Jean Honorio

Kyriakos Ispoglou
Inference of Residual Attack Surface Under Mitigations
Advisor: Mathias Payer

Jihwan Lee
Exploring Node Attributes for Data Mining in Attributed Graphs
Advisor: Sunil K. Prabhakar

Fang-Yu Rao
Privacy-Enhancing Techniques for Data Analytics
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Asmaa Sallam
Anomaly Detection Techniques for the Protection of Database Systems Against Insider Threats
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Ruby Tahboub
Architecting Query Compilers for Diverse Workloads
Advisor: Tiark Rompf

Denis Ulybyshev
Data Protection in Transit and at Rest with Leakage Detection
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Jongho Won
Security Techniques for Drones
Advisor: Elisa Bertino


Nathan Burrow
Taking Back Control: Closing the Gap Between C/C++ and Machine Semantics
Advisor: Mathias Payer

Syed Hussain
A Systematic Framework for Analyzing the Security and Privacy of Cellular Networks
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Xuejiao (Joyce) Kang
Fault Tolerance in Linear Algebraic Methods Using Erasure Coded Computations
Advisor: Ananth Y. Grama

Amgad Madkour
Efficient Query Processing Over Web-Scale RDF Data
Advisor: Walid G. Aref

Yongyang Yu
Efficient Matrix-Aware Relational Query Processing in Big Data Systems
Advisor: Walid G. Aref

Lianjie Cao
Data-Driven Resource Allocation in Virtualized Environments
Advisor: Sonia Fahmy

Mohamed Hassan
Native Graph Support in Relational Data Systems
Advisor: Walid G. Aref

Shuxian Jiang
Quantum Annealing for Solving Optimization Problems
Advisors: Mikhail J. Atallah and Sabre Kais

Rajas Karandikar
Assessment of DCNET: A New Data Center Network Architecture
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer

Yonghwi Kwon
Combatting Advanced Persistent Threat Via Causality Inference and Program Analysis
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Ahmed Mahmood
Efficient Support of Text and Time in Spatial Data Systems
Advisor: Walid G. Aref

Pedro Moreno-Sanchez
Credit Network Payment Systems: Security, Privacy, and Decentralization
Advisor: Aniket Kate

Gen Nishida
Interactive Sketching Framework for Static and Dynamic 3D Content Creation
Advisor: Daniel Aliaga

Romila Pradhan
Guided Data Fusion
Advisor: Sunil K. Prabhakar

El Kindi Rezig
Online Data Cleaning
Advisor: Walid G. Aref

Weihang Wang
Program Transformation for Secure and Sustainable WebApplications
Advisors: Patrick T. Eugster and Xiangyu Zhang

Youhan Fang
Efficient Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods
Advisor: Robert Skeel

Terry Ching-Hsiang Hsu
Memory Subsystems for Security, Consistency, and Scalability
Advisors: Patrick T. Eugster and Mathias Payer

Samuel Jero
Analysis and Automated Discovery of Attacks in Transport Protocols
Advisors: Sonia Fahmy and Cristina Nita-Rotaru

Oyindamola Oluwatimi
Applications of Secure Context-Aware Systems in Enterprise Environments
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Leo Osvald
Lightweight Programming Abstractions for Increased Safety and Performance
Advisor: Tiark Rompf

Xi Tan
Bayesian Nonparametrics to Model Content, User, and Latent Structure in Hawkes Processes
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

Tao Wu
Higher-order Random Walk Methods for Data Analysis
Advisor: David Gleich

Samson Zhou
Approximating Properties of Data Streams
Advisors: Greg N. Frederickson and Elena Grigorescu


Haining Chen
Improving the Policy Specification for Practical Access Control Systems
Advisors: Elisa Bertino and Ninghui Li

Chris Gutierrez
Deceptive Memory Systems
Advisors: Saurabh Bagchi and Eugene H. Spafford

Jianjun Huang
Static Analysis of Android Apps with Text Analysis and Bi-directional Propagation
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Koray Mancuhan
Data Classification for L-Diversity
Advisor: Christopher W. Clifton

Pablo Robles Granda
Generating Attributed Networks: Modeling, Learning, and Sampling
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

Yu-Hong Yeung
Augmented Matrix Solvers for Dynamic System of Equations
Advisor: Alex Pothen

Shandian Zhe
Scalable Bayesian Nonparametrics and Sparse Learning for Hidden Relationship Discovery
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

Jeffrey Avery
The Application of Deception to Software Security Patching
Advisor: Eugene H. Spafford

Wei-Yen Day
Practical Differential Privacy for High=dimensional and Graph Data
Advisor: Ninghui Li

Venkata Gandikota
Local and Global Computation on Algebraic Data
Advisor: Elena Grigorescu

Abhilash Jindal
Towards Automated Energy Debugging on Smartphones
Advisors: Sonia Fahmy and Y. Charlie Hu

Arif Khan
Parallel Graph Algorithms through Approximation
Advisor: Alex Pothen

Chung Kim
Protecting Production Systems from Performance Anomalies
Advisor: Dongyan Xu

Hui Lu
Rethinking Cloud Storage System Software under Multi-Tenancy
Advisor: Dongyan Xu

Nawanol Theera-Ampornpunt
Improving Failure Management through Cooperation between Mobile Devices and Cellular Network
Advisors: Saurabh Bagchi and Yuan (Alan) Qi

Mu Wang
High Order Reverse Mode of Automatic Differentiation
Advisor: Alex Pothen

Zhiwei Zhang
Beyond Simple Relevance: Balancing Heterogeneous Criteria in Information Retrieval Applications
Advisors: Christopher W. Clifton and Luo Si

Balamurugan Anandan
Privacy-Preserving Analysis with Applications to Textual Data
Advisor: Christopher W. Clifton

Nabeel Butt
Free Space Computation for a Polyhedron with Two Translations and One Rotation
Advisor: Elisha P. Sacks

Scott Carr
Compiler-based Mitigations of Vulnerabilities in Systems Software
Advisor: Mathias Payer

Marihedia Cordova Sanchez
Increasing the Effectiveness of Educational Technologies with the Use of Machine Learning Methods
Advisors: Buster Dunsmore and Luo Si

Ilke Demir
A Generalized Proceduralization Framework for Urban Models with Applications in Procedural Modeling, Synthesis, and Reconstruction
Advisor: Daniel Aliaga

Hao Peng
Efficient Bayesian Machine Learning with Gaussian Processes
Advisor: Ninghui Li


Yudong Cao
Combinatorial Algorithms for Perturbation Theory and Application on Quantum Computing
Advisors: Mikhail J. Atallah and Sabre Kais

Keith Chapman
Hybrid STM/HTM for Nested Transactions in Java
Advisor: Antony L. Hosking

Ziang Ding
Lagrangian Analysis of Vector and Tensor Fields: Algorithmic Foundations and Applications in Medical Imaging and Computational Fluid
Advisor: Xavier M. Tricoche

Yangyang Hou
Low Rank Methods for Optimizing Clustering
Advisor: David Gleich

Ahmed Mohamed Abd-Elhaffiez Hussein
Effective Memory Management for Mobile Environments
Advisors: Antony L. Hosking and Mathias Payer

Julian James Stephen
Securing Cloud-Based Data Analytics: A Practical Approach
Advisors: Patrick T. Eugster and Aniket Kate

Karthik Kambatla
Methods to Improve Applicability and Efficiency of Distributed Data-Centric Compute Frameworks
Advisor: Ananth Y. Grama

Ishita Khan
Protein Function, Diversity and Functional Interplay
Advisor: Daisuke Kihara

Daniele Midi
Security Techniques for Sensor Systems and the Internet of Things
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Shahin Mohammadi
Cell Type-specific Analysis of Human Interactome and Transcriptome
Advisors: Ananth Y. Grama and Wojciech Szpankowski

Brendan Saltaformaggio
Automatically Recovering Spatial-Temporal Evidence from Memory Images
Advisor: Dongyan Xu

Dong Su
Differentially Private Data Publishing for Data Analysis
Advisor: Ninghui Li

Mingjie Tang
Efficient Processing of Similarity Queries with Applications
Advisor: Walid G. Aref

Lei Cen
A Study of Security Issues of Mobile Apps in the Android Platform Using Machine Learning Approaches
Advisor: Luo Si

Timothy La Fond
Controlling for Confounding Network Properties in Hypothesis Testing and Anomaly Detection
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

Weining Yang
Improving the Eco-System of Passwords
Advisor: Ninghui Li

He Zhu
Learning Program Specifications from Sample Runs
Advisor: Suresh Jagannathan

Noor Ahmed
Attack-Resilient Framework for Distributed Systems
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Mehdi Azarmi
End-to-End Security in Service-Oriented Architecture
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Jiaqi Ge
Sequential Pattern Mining with Uncertain Data
Advisors: Yuni Xia and Sunil K. Prabhakar

Syed Naqvi
Efficient Sparse Bayesian Learning Using Spike and Slab Priors
Advisor: Yuan (Alan) Qi

Miguel Navarro
Energy Efficiency in Data Collection Wireless Sensor Networks
Advisors: Yao Liang and Zhiyuan Li

Pinar Yanardag
Information Overload in Structured Data
Advisors: Jennifer L. Neville and Vishwanathan Swaminathan


Nesreen Ahmed
Scaling Up Network Analysis and Mining: Statistical Sampling, Estimation, and Pattern Discovery
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

Ahmed M. Aly
Towards Efficient Processing of Big Spatial Data
Advisor: Walid G. Aref

Ignacio Garcia Dorado
Smart Cities: Inverse Procedural, Traffic, and Weather for 3D Urban Models
Advisor: Daniel Aliaga

Endadul Hoque
Ensuring Specification Compliance, Robustness, and Security of Wireless Network Protocols
Advisors: Sonia Fahmy and Cristina Nita-Rotaru

Abram Magner
Profiles of PATRICIA Tries
Advisor: Wojciech Szpankowski

Aaron Wilkin
Efficient Aggregated Deliveries with Strong Guarantees in Event-Based Distributed Systems
Advisor: Patrick T. Eugster

Cong Xu
Scheduling and Functionality Offloading
Advisor: Dongyan Xu

Mohammed Almeshekah
Using Deception to Enhance Security: A Taxonomy, Model and Novel Uses
Advisors: Eugene H. Spafford and Mikhail J. Atallah

Wei-Chiu Chuang
A Programming Framework to Ease Development of Tightly-Coupled Cloud Applications
Advisors: Dongyan Xu and Charles Killian

Zhui Deng
Binary Instrumentation and Transformation for Software Security Applications
Advisor: Dongyan Xu

Zhongshu Gu
Securing Virtualized System via Active Protection
Advisor: Dongyan Xu

Rohit Ranchal
Cross-Domain Data Dissemination and Policy Enforcement
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Ryan A. Rossi
Improving Relational Machine Learning by Modeling Temporal
Advisor: Sunil K. Prabhakar

Yao Zhu
Parallel Hybrid Sparse Linear System Solvers with Applications
Advisors: Ahmed H. Sameh and David Gleich

Jian Cui
Visibility Computation through Image Generalization
Advisor: Voicu Popescu

William Culhane
Optimal "Big Data" Aggregation Systems - From Theory to Practical Application
Advisor: Patrick T. Eugster

Alicia Klinvex
Parallel Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem Solvers
Advisor: Ahmed H. Sameh

Wei Peng
On Several Problems Regarding the Application of Opportunistic Proximate Links in Smartphone Networks
Advisors: Xukai Zou, Feng Li, and Ninghui Li

Joseph Pfeiffer
Overcoming Uncertainty for Within-Network Relational Machine Learning
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

Naresh Rapolu
Dynamic Re-Optimization Techniques for Stream Processing Engines and Object Stores
Advisor: Ananth Y. Grama

Philip Ritchey
Synthetic Steganography: Methods for Generating and Detecting Covert Channels in Generated Media
Advisor: Vernon J. Rego

Christine Task
Privacy-Preserving Social Network Analysis
Advisor: Christopher W. Clifton

Qifan Wang
Learning Compact Hashing Codes with Complex Objectives from Multiple Sources for Large Scale Similarity Search
Advisor: Luo Si


Tao Bao
Reliable Data Processing Enabled by Program Analysis
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Advait Dixit
Techniques for Improving the Scalability of Data Center Networks
Advisor: Ramana Kompella

Aditi Gupta
Secure Platforms for Enforcing Contextual Access Control
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Rohit Jain
Trustworthy Data from Untrusted Databases
Advisor: Sunil K. Prabhakar

KC Sivaramakrishnan
Functional Programming Abstractions for Weakly Consistent Systems
Advisor: Suresh Jagannathan

Hyojeong Lee
Automated Performance Attack Discovery in Distributed System Implementations
Advisors: Charles Killian and Cristina Nita-Rotaru

Bin Shen
Relation Among Images: Modeling, Optimization, and Applications
Advisors: Jan Allebach and Mikhail J. Atallah

Yingchong Situ
Scaling Finite Difference Methods in Large Eddy Simulation of Jet Engine Noise to the Petascale: Numerical Methods and Their Efficient and Automated Implementation
Advisors: Zhiyuan Li and Ahmed H. Sameh

John Ross Wallrabenstein
Rational Multiparty Computation
Advisor: Christopher W. Clifton

Juan Esquivel-Rodriguez
Computational Modeling of Macomolecular Structures
Advisor: Daisuke Kihara

Ruchith Fernando
Privacy in Social Messaging and Identity Management
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Christopher (Chris) Gates
Leveraging Machine Learning to Detect Abnormal Behavior and Communication Risk
Advisor: Ninghui Li

Jaewoo Lee
Achieving Practical Differential Privacy
Advisor: Christopher W. Clifton

Kyu Hyuang Lee

Advisors: Xiangyu Zhang and Dongyan Xu

Sebastian Moreno Araya
Network Hypothesis Testing for Relational Data
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

Andy Newell
Resilient Network Design with Network Coding and Diversity
Advisor: Cristina Nita-Rotaru

Gregor Richards
Gradual Typing of Real-World Languages: Enabling Assurance while Retaining Dynamism
Advisor: Jan Vitek

Shumiao Wang
Secure and Private Outsourcing to Untrusted Cloud Servers
Advisor: Mikhail J. Atallah

Yunhui Zheng
Path Sensitive Static Program Analysis for Web Applications
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Bowen Zhou
Techniques for Detecting Scalability Bugs
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Ariful Azad
An Algorithmic Pipeline for Analyzing Multi-parametric Flow Cytometry Data
Advisor: Alex Pothen

Anmer Daskin
Quantum Circuit Design Methods and Application
Advisor: Ananth Y. Grama

Dung Hong
A Learning Approach for Relevance and Diversity in Federated Search
Advisor: Luo Si

Chamikara Jayalath
Geo-Distributed Big Data Processing
Advisor: Patrick T. Eugster

Rahul Potharaju
Data-Driven Approaches to Improve Dependability of Cloud Services
Advisor: Cristina Nita-Rotaru

Sunghwan Yoo
A Unified Framework for Transparent Concurrency and Fault-Tolerance in Distributed Systems
Advisor: Dongyan Xu


Pelin Angin
Autonomous Agents-Based Mobile-Cloud Computing
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Sahan Bamunavita Gamage
Improving Virtual Machine I/O Performance in Cloud Environments via I/O Functionality Offloading
Advisor: Dongyan Xu

Kevin Hoffman
Ribbons: A Partially Shared Memory Programming Model
Advisor: Patrick T. Eugster

Scott D. Miller
Control-Theoretic Decision Support for Mitigation of Modeled Software Project Cost Overruns
Advisor: Aditya P. Mathur

Karthik Nagaraj
Enabling Richer Insight into Runtime Executions of Systems
Advisor: Charles Killian

Pawan Prakash
Impact of Network Protocols on Data Center Applications
Advisor: Ramana Kompella

Dannie Stanley
Improved Kernel Security through Code Verification, Diversification, and Minimization
Advisor: Eugene H. Spafford

Nick Sumner
Automated Debugging through Comparing Executions
Advisor: Xiangyu Zhang

Man Wang
Dependence-Based Source Level Tracing and Replay for Networked Embedded Systems
Advisor: Zhiyuan Li

Samer Barakat
High Performance Structure Extraction for Visualization
Advisor: Xavier M. Tricoche

Vasil Denchev
Binary Classification with Adiabatic Quantum Optimization
Advisor: S. V. N. Vishwanathan

Sriharsha Gangam
High Accuracy, Lightweight Methods for Network Measurement Services
Advisor: Sonia Fahmy

Wei-Min Yao
Enhancing Scalability in Network Simulation and Testbed Experiments
Advisor: Sonia Fahmy

Meghana Chitale
Functional Profiling of Protein Sequences and Application of Functional Associations for Missing Enzyme Prediction
Advisor: Daisuke Kihara

Nan Ding
Statistical Machine Learning in T-Exponential Family of Distributions
Advisor: S. V. N. Vishwanathan

Despoina (Debbie) Perouli
Methods for Safe, Flexible and Secure Policy Based Routing
Advisor: Sonia Fahmy

Wahbeh Qardaji
Differentially Private Data Publishing: From Histograms to Transaction Sets
Advisor: Ninghui Li

Dasarath Weeratunge
Dynamic Program Analyses for Debugging Concurrency Bugs in Large Multi-threads Programs
Advisors: Xiangyu Zhang and Suresh Jagannathan

Di Xie
Time Varying Network Reservation for Cloud Data Centers
Advisors: Ramana Kompella and Y. Charlie Hu


Suleyman Cetintas
Effective and Efficient User and Content Modeling for Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Advisor: Luo Si

Jayaram Kallapalayam Radha
Engineering Efficient Event-Based Distribution Systems
Advisor: Patrick T. Eugster

Ahmet Nergiz
Private Data Outsourcing Using Anonymization
Advisor: Christopher W. Clifton

Jackie (RJ) Xiang
Statistical Relational Learning for Single Network Domains
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

Feng Yan
Efficient Learning Algorithms for Gaussian Processes
Advisor: Yuan (Alan) Qi

Dan Zhang
Dealing with Ambiguous and Partial Supervision in Complex Information Retrieval Applications
Advisor: Luo Si

Yi Fang
Probabilistic Approaches to Entity Retrieval
Advisor: Luo Si

Mohamed Raouf Fouad
Privacy Risk and Scalability of Differentially-Private Anonymization
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Mohamed Yoosuf Mohamed Nabeel
Privacy Preserving Access Control on Third-Party Data Management Systems
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Mohamed Yakout
Guided Data Cleaning
Advisor: Ahmed K. Elmagarmid

Hoda Eldardiry
Ensemble Classification Techniques for Relational Domains
Advisor: Jennifer L. Neville

Jeffrey Seibert
Security and Economic Implication of Localizing Traffic in Overlay Networks
Advisor: Cristina Nita-Rotaru

Carlos Vanegas
Modeling the Appearance and Behavior of Urban Spaces
Advisor: Daniel Aliaga


Ethan Blanton
Controlling the Cost and Increasing the Utility of Network Mesurement Infrastructures
Advisor: Sonia Fahmy

Sundararaman Jeyaraman
Practical Automatic Determination of Causal Relationships in Software Execution Traces
Advisor: Mikhail J. Atallah

Bin Li
Geometrical Analysis of Interaction Sites of Proteins
Advisor: Daisuke Kihara

Jacques Thomas
Accomodative Mandatory Access Control
Advisors: Jan Vitek and Patrick T. Eugster

Nathan Andrysco
Data Structures for Efficient Analysis of Large-Scale Unstructured Datasets
Advisor: Xavier M. Tricoche

Ardalan Kangarlou-Haghighi
Improving the Reliability and Performance of Virtual Cloud Infrastructures
Advisor: Dongyan Xu

Michael Kirkpatrick
Trusted Enforcement of Contextual Access Control
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Alvin Law
Compensation Compliant Appearance Editing of Physical Objects with Arbitrary Shape and Color
Advisor: Daniel Aliaga

Zhiqiang Lin
Reverse Engineering of Data Structures from Binary
Advisor: Dongyan Xu

Chris Mayfield
Statstical Inference and Data Cleaning in Relational Database Systems
Advisors: Sunil K. Prabhakar and Jennifer L. Neville

Yinian Qi
Efficient Query Processing for Uncertain Data
Advisor: Sunil K. Prabhakar

Junghwan (John) Rhee
Data-Centric Approaches to Kernel Malware Defense
Advisor: Dongyan Xu

Armand Navabi
The Semantics and Analysis of Safe Futures
Advisor: Suresh Jagannathan

Lukasz Ziarek
Abstractions for Robust Higher-Order Message-Based Communication
Advisor: Suresh Jagannathan


Hazem Elmeleegy
Leveraging External User-Generated Information for Large-Scale Data Integration
Advisor: Ahmed K. Elmagarmid

Ashish Kundu
Data in the Cloud: Authentication without Leaking
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Lixia Liu
Effective Performance Analysis and Optimizations for Memory Intensive Programs on Multicore
Advisor: Zhiyuan Li

Yu Tak (Chris) Ma
Mobility in Mobile Sensor Networks - A Study of Sensing Performance and Privacy
Advisor: David K. Y. Yau

Hasan Metin Aktulga
Algorithmic and Numerical Techniques for Atomistic Modeling
Advisors: Ahmed H. Sameh and Ananth Y. Grama

Jren-Chit Chin
Efficient and Robust Solutions for Sensor Network Detection and Localization
Advisor: David K. Y. Yau

Nwokedi Idika
Characterizing and Aggregating Attach Graph-based Security Metrics
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Sael Lee
High Throughput Screening of Global and Local Protein Surfaces
Advisor: Daisuke Kihara

Tiancheng Li
Privacy Preservation in Data Publishing and Sharing
Advisor: Ninghui Li

Ian Molloy
Automatic Inference of Access Control Policies and Migration to Role Based Access Control
Advisor: Ninghui Li

Mummoorthy Murugesan
Privacy through Deniable Search
Advisor: Christopher W. Clifton

Prathima Rao
EXAM: An Environment for XACML Policy Analysis and Management
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Paul Rosen
Improved 3-D Scene Sampling by Camera Model Design
Advisor: Christoph M. Hoffmann

Yasin Silva
Similarity-aware Query Processing and Optimization
Advisor: Walid G. Aref

Yongwook Choi
Structural Information in Strings and Graphs
Advisor: Wojciech Szpankowski

Mohamed Eltabakh
Database Server for Next-Generation Scientific Data Management
Advisors: Walid G. Aref and Ahmed K. Elmagarmid

Philip McGachey
Transparent Distribution for Java Applications
Advisor: Antony L. Hosking

Qun Ni
Privacy-aware Role Based Access Control
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Yi Xu
Capturing Real-World Dynamic Objects Using Temporally-Coded Photography
Advisor: Daniel Aliaga

Hao Yuan
Security and Privacy Techniques for Outsourced and Distributed Databases
Advisor: Mikhail J. Atallah

David Zage
A Platform for Creating Efficient, Robust, and Resilient Peer-to-Peer Systems
Advisor: Cristina Nita-Rotaru


Hong Chen
Analysis of Access Control Policies in Operating Systems
Advisor: Ninghui Li

Jing Dong
Secure and Robust Communication in Wireless Mesh Networks
Advisor: Cristina Nita-Rotaru

Hicham Elmongui
Rank Aggregation Techniques for Context-Aware Database Management Systems
Advisor: Walid G. Aref

Ziqing Mao
Improving Real-World Access Control Systems by Indentifying the True Origins of a Request
Advisor: Ninghui Li

Maxim Naumov
Parallel Algorithms for Large Sparse Linear Systems

Yu Zhang
Analysis of Port Scanning Attacks
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Rimma Nehme
Efficient Query Processing for Rich and Diverse Real-Time Data
Advisors: Elisa Bertino and Elke A. Rundensteiner

Ryan Riley
Architectural Approaches for Code Injection Defense at the User and Kernal Levels
Advisors: Dongyan Xu and Xuxian Jiang

Murat Manguoglu
Parallel Hybrid Sparse System Solvers
Advisors: Ahmed H. Sameh and Ananth Y. Grama

Sarvjeet Singh
Database Support for Uncertain Data
Advisor: Sunil K. Prabhakar

Qihua Wang
Access Control Policy Management
Advisor: Ninghui Li


HyoJeong Kim
Memory Balancing for Large-scale Network Simulation in Power-law Networks
Advisor: Kihong Park

Mehmet Ercan Nergiz
Anonymization-based Privacy Protection
Advisor: Christopher W. Clifton

Barry Wittman
Approximation Algorithms for Time-Constrained Vehicle Routing Problems
Advisor: Greg N. Frederickson

Yu Yang
Probabilistic Path Planning with Extended Local Planners
Advisor: Elisha P. Sacks

Wei Jiang
Incentive-Driven and Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Computing
Advisor: Christopher W. Clifton

Asad K. Awan
Macroprogramming Scalable Sensor Networks
Advisor: Ananth Y. Grama

Roman Chertov
A Device Independent Router Model: From Measurements to Simulations
Advisor: Sonia Fahmy

Mihai Mudure
Efficient and Versitile 3D Scene Modeling by Sparse-Depth Dense-Viewpoint Acquisition
Advisor: Voicu Popescu

Murali Krishna Ramanathan
Path-Aware Analysis of Program Invariants
Advisors: Suresh Jagannathan and Ananth Y. Grama

Amit Jayant Shirsat
Self-Configuration Algorithms for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Changjiu (Joe) Xian
Collaborative Power Management between Operating Systems and Applications
Advisors: Yung-Hsiang Lu and Zhiyuan Li

Mingwu Zhang
Supporting Fine-Grained Database Lineage Tracking
Advisors: Sunil K. Prabhakar and Xiangyu Zhang


Abhilasha Bhargav-Spantzel
Protocols and Systems for Privacy Preserving Protection of Digital Identity
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Thanaa M. Ghanem
Supporting Views in Data Stream Management Systems
Advisors: Ahmed K. Elmagarmid and Walid G. Aref

Md-Abdul M. Khan
Distributed Approximation Algorithms for Minimum Spanning Trees and Other Related Problems with Applications to Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Advisor: Gopal Pandurangan

Maxim S. Martynov
Design and Implementation of Hybrid Packet Scheduling Algorithms for High Speed Networks
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer

Qiqi Wang
Interactive Visualization of Three-Dimensional Confocal Microscopy Data
Advisor: Yinlong Sun

Marina V. Blanton
Key Management in Hierarchical Access Control Systems
Advisor: Mikhail J. Atallah

Deepak R. Bobbarjung
Improving the Performance of Highly Reliable Storage Systems
Advisor: Suresh Jagannathan

Ahmet B. Can
Trust and Anonymity in Peer-to-peer Systems
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Paul Ruth
Adaptive Virtual Distributed Environments for Shared Cyber Infrastructures
Advisor: Dongyan Xu

Mercan K. Topkara
Natural Language Watermarking
Advisors: Mikhail J. Atallah and Cristina Nita-Rotaru

Umut Topkara
Information Security Applications of Natural Language Processing Techniques
Advisor: Mikhail J. Atallah

Yi-Cheng Tu
Quality-Aware Adaptation in Database Systems
Advisor: Sunil K. Prabhakar

Yan Wu
Energy Management in Sensor Networks for Continuous Monitoring Applications
Advisors: Sonia Fahmy and Ness Shroff

Mohamed H. Ali
Phenomenon-aware Data Stream Management Systems
Advisor: Walid G. Aref

Ji-Won Byun
Toward Privacy-Preserving Database Management Systems -- Access Control and Data Anonymization
Advisors: Ninghui Li and Elisa Bertino

Jorge R. Ramos
Dynamic Covert Channels in Finance
Advisor: Vernon J. Rego

William R. Speirs
Dynamic Cryptographic Hash Functions
Advisor: Samuel Wagstaff

Nikolai A. Svakhin
Development and Application of Volume Illustration Techniques for Medical Illustration and Flow Visualization
Advisor: David Ebert

Fijoy G. Vadakkumpadan
Computational Methods for Mapping the Human Cerebral Cortex
Advisor: Yinlong Sun

Xiaopeng Xiong
Scalability in Spatio-temporal Data Management Systems
Advisor: Walid G. Aref

Huiying Xu
Modeling of Light Reflection, Transmission, and Subsurface Scattering for Realistic Image Synthesis
Advisor: Yinlong Sun


Gleb Bahmutov
Efficient Large Scale Acquistion of Building Interiors
Advisor: Voicu Popescu

Yu (Jerry) Dong
Energy Efficiency and Surveillance in Mobile Sensor Networks
Advisor: David K. Y. Yau

Ronaldo Ferreira
Distributed Algorithms for Peer-to-Peer Systems
Advisors: Ananth Y. Grama and Suresh Jagannathan

Yunhua Koglin
Security Mechanisms for Content Distribution Networks
Advisor: Elisa Bertino

Mehmet Koyuturk
Comparative Analysis of Biological Networks
Advisor: Ananth Y. Grama

Xuxian Jiang
Enabling Internet Worms and Malware Investigation and Defense Using Virtualization
Advisor: Dongyan Xu

Tiberiu Stef-Praun
Ownership and Decentralization in Distributed Systems Allocation Mechanisms
Advisor: Vernon J. Rego

Brian David Carrier
A Hypothesis-based Approach to Digital Forensic Investigations
Advisor: Eugene H. Spafford

Rajeev Gopalakrishna
Improving Software Assurance Using Lightweight Static Analysis
Advisors: Eugene H. Spafford and Jan Vitek

Jiangtao Li
Privacy Enhanced Automated Trust Negotiation
Advisors: Mikhail J. Atallah and Ninghui Li

Ga Hyun Park
Profile of Tries
Advisor: Wojciech Szpankowski

Adam Welc
Concurrenty Abstractions for Programming Languages Using Optimistic Protocols
Advisors: Antony L. Hosking and Suresh Jagannathan


Robert Gwadera
Reliable Identification of Significant Sets of Episodes in Event Sequences
Advisors: Wojciech Szpankowski and Mikhail J. Atallah

Mahesh V. Tripunitara
A Theory Based on Security Analysis for Comparing the Expressive Power of Access Control Models
Advisor: Ninghui Li

Florian Buchholz
Pervasive Binding of Labels to System Processes
Advisor: Eugene H. Spafford

James P. Early
Behavioral Feature Extraction for Network Anomaly Detection
Advisors: Carla E. Brodley and Eugene H. Spafford

Keith B. Frikken
Secure and Private Online Collaboration
Advisor: Mikhail J. Atallah

Murat Kantarcioglu
Privacy-Preserving Distributed Data Mining and Processing on Horizontally Partitioned Data
Advisor: Christopher W. Clifton

Mohamed Fathalla Mokbel
Scalable Continuous Query Processing in Location-Aware Database Servers
Advisor: Walid G. Aref

Weichao Wang
Securing Wireless Network Topology and Routing
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Paul D. Williams
CuPIDS: Increasing Information System Security through the Use of Dedicated Co-processing
Advisor: Eugene H. Spafford

Yuni Xia
Efficient Indexing Techniques for the Update-Intensive Environment
Advisor: Sunil K. Prabhakar

Rong Xu
Improving Cache Performance by Smart Page Mapping in Application Programs
Advisor: Zhiyuan Li

Ossama M. Younis
An Energy-Efficient Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks
Advisor: Sonia Fahmy

Bogdan Carbunar
Coverage Problems in Wireless Sensor and RFID Systems
Advisors: Jan Vitek, Ananth Y. Grama, and Cristina Nita-Rotaru

Reynold Cheng
Managing Uncertainty in Constantly-Evolving environments
Advisor: Sunil K. Prabhakar

Mohamed Galal Elfeky
Online Periodicy Mining
Advisors: Ahmed K. Elmagarmid and Walid G. Aref

Ioannis Ioannidis
Algorthims and Data Structures for IP Lookup
Advisor: Ananth Y. Grama

Yuhui Zhong
Formalization of Dynamic Trust and Uncertain Evidence for User Authorization
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava


Yonghua Ding
Compiler-Based Computation Reuse Schemes for Handheld Devices
Advisor: Zhiyuan Li

Krzysztof Palacz
Crusoe -- Towards a Multicomputer Execution Environment for Java
Advisor: Jan Vitek

Moustafa Mohamed Hammad
Query Processing in Stream Database Systems
Advisors: Ahmed K. Elmagarmid and Walid G. Aref

Mohamed Mosaad Salah Hefeeda
A Framework for Cost-Effective Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Ihab F. Ilyas
Rank-aware Query Processing and Optimization
Advisors: Ahmed K. Elmagarmid and Walid G. Aref

Benjamin Asher Kuperman
A Categorization of Computer Security Monitoring Systems and the Impact on the Design of Audit Sources
Advisor: Eugene H. Spafford

Minseok Kwon
Designing and Characterizing Overlay Networks
Advisor: Sonia Fahmy

Yi Lu
Adaptive and Heterogeneous Mobile Wireless Networks
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Di Ma
Bounding the Stack Size of Interrupt-driven Programs
Advisor: Jens Palsberg

Radu Sion
Rights Assessment for Discrete Digital Data
Advisors: Mikhail J. Atallah and Sunil K. Prabhakar

Jaideep Shrikant Vaidya
Privacy Preserving Data Mining over Vertically Partitioned Data
Advisor: Christopher W. Clifton

Thomas John Vandrunen
Partial Redundancy Elimination for Global Value Numbering
Advisor: Antony L. Hosking

Cheng Wang
Program Analysis and Scheduling for Distributed Computing on Handheld Devices
Advisor: Zhiyuan Li


Dennis William Brylow
Static Checking of Interrupt-Driven Software
Advisor: Jens Palsberg

Hoi Chang
Building Self-Protecting Software with Active and Passive Defenses
Advisor: Mikhail J. Atallah

Md Ahsan Habib
Monitoring and Controlling QoS Network Domains: An Edge-to-Edge Approach
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Baskar Sridharan
Enforcing Safety in Pervasive Computing Environments
Advisor: Aditya P. Mathur

Dmitri V. Kalashnikov
Efficient Querying of Constantly Evolving Data
Advisor: Sunil K. Prabhakar

Christopher Adam Telfer
Abstractions and Efficient Implementation of Automatically Reconfigurable Network Testbeds
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer


Thomas Earl Daniels
Reference Models for the Concealment and Observation of Origin Identity in Store-and-Forward Networks
Advisor: Eugene H. Spafford

Huan Ren
Aggregate-Flow Scheduling: Theory and Practice
Advisor: Kihong Park

Joao Wagner Lima Cangussu
A Mathematical Foundation for Software Process Control
Advisor: Aditya P. Mathur

Chuan-Ming Liu
Broadcasting and Blocking Large Data Sets with an Index Tree
Advisor: Susanne E. Hambrusch

Tian Zhao
Type Matching and Type Inference for Object-Oriented Systems
Advisor: Jens Palsberg


Susan B. Iacobacci
Interactive Surface Modeling and Analysis
Advisor: Chandrajit Bajaj

Wenliang (Kevin) Du
A Study of Several Specific Secure Two-Party Computation Problems
Advisors: Mikhail J. Atallah and Eugene H. Spafford

Min-Ho Kyung
Computer-Aided Kinematic Synthesis of Mechanical Systems Using Configuration Space
Advisor: Elisha P. Sacks

Stefano Lonardi
Global Detectors of Unusual Words: Design, Implementation, and Applications to Pattern Discovery in Biosequences
Advisor: Alberto Apostolico

Diego M. Zamboni
Using Internal Sensors for Computer Intrusion Detection
Advisor: Eugene H. Spafford

Kyung Koo Jun
Monitoring and Control of Networked Systems with Mobile Agents: Algorithms and Applications
Advisor: Dan C. Marinescu


Shalab Goel
Access and Method Execution on Distributed Complex Objects
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Matthew G. Knepley
Parallel Simulation of Particulate Flow
Advisor: Ahmed H. Sameh

Yonghong Song
Compiler Algorithms for Efficient Use of Memory Systems
Advisor: Zhiyuan Li

Gongyuan Zhuang
Convergence Analysis of a Domain Decomposition Method for Separable PDEs
Advisor: John R. Rice

Yung-Pin Cheng
Refactoring Design Models for Compositional Verification, Conformance Testing, and Inductive Verification
Advisor: Michal Young

Steven Matthew Cutchin
Flexible User Interface Coupling with Operation Transformation
Advisor: Chandrajit Bajaj

Sudipto Ghosh
Testing Component-Based Distributed Applications
Advisor: Aditya P. Mathur

Young Jun Kim
Visualization and Animation for Situation Awareness in the Battlefield
Advisor: Christoph M. Hoffmann

Ladislau-Lekel Boloni
Contributions to Distributed Object and Agent Systems
Advisor: Dan C. Marinescu

David C. Lutterkort
Envelopes of Nonlinear Geometry
Advisor: Jorg Peters

Valerio Pascucci
Multidimensional And Multiresolution Geometric Data Structures For Scientific Visualization
Advisor: Chandrajit Bajaj

Sheng-Yih Wang
Approaches to Multimedia Traffic Management and Control
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava


Neelam Gupta
Automated Test Data Generation Using Iterative Relaxation Methods
Advisor: Aditya P. Mathur

Shahani A. Weerawarana
Software Reuse Methodologies for Parallel and Netcentric Scientific Computing
Advisor: Elias N. Houstis

Reuben D. Pasquini
Algorithms for Improving the Performance of Optimistic Parallel Simulation
Advisor: Vernon J. Rego

Zhanye Tong
Parallel Algorithms for Large Sparse Generalized Eigenproblems
Advisor: Ahmed H. Sameh

Vassilios Verykios
Knowledge Discovery in Scientific Databases
Advisor: Elias N. Houstis

Carlos Gonzalez-Ochoa
Interactive Modeling Using Surface Splines
Advisor: Jorg Peters

Guozhong Zhuang
Compression and Progressive Transmission of Three-dimensional Models
Advisor: Chandrajit Bajaj


Cassiano R. Durand
Symbolic and Numerical Techniques for Constraint Solving
Advisor: Christoph M. Hoffmann

Haitao Jiang
Semantic Content-based Access to Hypervideo Databases
Advisor: Ahmed K. Elmagarmid

Gustavo Rodriguez-Rivera
Cyclic Distributed Garbage Collection Without Global Synchronization
Advisor: Vincent F. Russo

Juan C. Gomez
A Software Architecture for Multithreaded and Multiprotocol Distributed Applications
Advisor: Vernon J. Rego

Ivan V. Krsul
Computer Vulnerability Analysis
Advisor: Eugene H. Spafford

Konstantinos N. Pantazopoulos
Numerical Methods and Software for Pricing American Financial Derivatives
Advisor: Elias N. Houstis


Melliyal Annamalai
Designing an Efficient Distributed Digital Library Database for Image Data
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Shunge Li
Quality of Service Control for Distributed Multimedia Systems
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Christoph Schuba
On the Modeling, Design, and Implementation of Firewall Technology
Advisor: Eugene H. Spafford

Narendran Ramakrishnan
Recommender Systems for Problem Solving Environments
Advisor: Elias N. Houstis

Daniel R. Schikore
Interactive Visualization of Multidimensional Scientific Data
Advisor: Chandrajit Bajaj

Mihai G. Sirbu
The Design of a Metacomputing Environment
Advisor: Dan C. Marinescu

Roberto Solis-Oba
Robustness and Approximation in Combinatorial Optimization
Advisor: Greg N. Frederickson


Fausto Bernardini
Automatic Reconstruction of CAD Models and Properties from Digital Scans
Advisor: Chandrajit Bajaj

Tzvetan T. Drashansky
An Agent-Based Approach to Building Multidisciplinary Problem Solving Environments
Advisor: John R. Rice

Muhammad F. Khan
Techniques for Synchronous Retrieval of Concurrent Multimedia I/O Streams
Advisors: Arif Ghafoor and Ahmed K. Elmagarmid

Chueng-Hsien Lin
An Architecture for a Campus-sized Wireless Mobile Network
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer

Peinan Zhang
Brokered Collaborative Systems for CSCW
Advisor: Chandrajit Bajaj

Gerald Baumgartner
Modularization Constructs for Object-Oriented and Functional Languages
Advisor: Vincent F. Russo

Felipe Knop
Software Architectures for Fault-Tolerant Replications and Multithreaded Decompositions: Experiments with Practical Parallel Simulation
Advisor: Vernon J. Rego

Ioana Boier-Martin
Scientific Data Visualization and Image Processing Data with Applications to Structural Biology
Advisor: Dan C. Marinescu

Edward W. Mascarenhas
A System for Multithreaded Parallel Simulation and Computation with Migrant Threads and Objects
Advisor: Vernon J. Rego

Kuei Y. Wang-Knop
Hiding the Latency of Paging and Input/Output Operations on Massively Parallel Systems
Advisor: Dan C. Marinescu

Jindong Chen
Interactive Modeling with A-patches
Advisor: Chandrajit Bajaj

Jin Jing
Data Management in Wireless Client-Server Information Systems
Advisor: Ahmed K. Elmagarmid

P. Andrew Muckelbauer
Structural Subtyping in a Distributed Object System
Advisor: Vincent F. Russo


Tsanchi Li
Adequacy Assessment of Tests for Fault-tolerance
Advisor: Aditya P. Mathur

Xiangning Liu
Data Replication and Communication for Topologically Scaled Distributed Systems
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Lu Xu
Two Dimensional Concurrent Program Debugging
Advisor: Michal Young

Xiangping (Jimmy) Chen
Representation, Evaluation and Editing of Feature-Based and Constraint-Based Design
Advisor: Christoph M. Hoffmann

Ioannis P. Fudos
Constraint Solving for Computer Aided Design
Advisor: Christoph M. Hoffmann

Sandeep Kumar
Classification and Detection of Computer Intrusions
Advisor: Eugene H. Spafford

Evaggelia Pitoura
Transaction Management for Mobile Heterogeneous Computing
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Po-Ting Wu
Parallel Electronic Prototyping of Physical Objects
Advisor: Elias N. Houstis


Yongguang Zhang
Communication Experiments for Distributed Transaction Processing -- From Lan to Wan
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Vinod Anupam
Collaborative Multimedia Environments for Problem Solving
Advisor: Chandrajit Bajaj

Mei-Hwa Chen
Tools and Techniques for Testing Based Software Reliability Estimation
Advisors: Vernon J. Rego and Aditya P. Mathur

Yin-He Jiang
Enhancing Functionality of Relational Database Systems
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Victor T. Norman
Management of an Internet of Routers
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer

Janche Sang
Multi-Threading in Distributed-Memory Systems and Simulation: Design, Implementation, and Experiments
Advisor: Vernon J. Rego

Honghai Shen
Access Control for Collaborative Environments
Advisor: Prasun Dewan

Sanjiva Weerawarana
Problem Solving Environments for Partial Differential Equations
Advisor: Elias N. Houstis

Aidong Zhang
Advanced Transaction Management for Supporting Interoperability in Multidatabase Systems
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Hyeran Byun
Neurocomputing on Distributed Memory Machines
Advisor: Elias N. Houstis

Marius A. Cornea-Hasegan
Determination of Biological Macromolecular Structures Using Distributed Memory MIMD Systems
Advisor: Dan C. Marinescu

Shawn D. Ostermann
Reliable Message Transport For Network Communication
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer

Lih-Chyun Shu
Concurrency Control and Scheduling for Hard Real-Time Systems
Advisor: Michal Young

Pamela J. Vermeer
The Medial Axis Transform to Boundary Representation Conversion
Advisor: Christoph M. Hoffmann

Chonchanok Viravan
Enhancing Debugging Technology
Advisor: Eugene H. Spafford


Stephen J. Chapin
Scheduling Support Mechanisms for Autonomous, Heterogeneous, Distributed Systems
Advisor: Eugene H. Spafford

Ling-Yu Chuang
Concurrency Enhancement through Program Unification: Design, Techniques, and Experiments
Advisor: Vernon J. Rego

James G. Mullen
Atomic Commitment in Multidatabase Systems
Advisor: Ahmed K. Elmagarmid

Weichen E. Wong
On Mutation and Data Flow
Advisor: Aditya P. Mathur

Wei J. Yeh
Controlling State Explosion in Reachability Analysis
Advisor: Michal Young

Jiansan Chen
A Systematic Approach for the Specification and the Execution of Global Transactions in Multidatabase Systems
Advisor: Ahmed K. Elmagarmid

Ke-Hsiung Chung
Concurrent Composite Computational Model for Stochastic Simulation
Advisor: Vernon J. Rego

Anupam Joshi
On Connectionism and the Problem of Correspondence
Advisors: Chia-Hoang Lee and Vernon J. Rego

Hsin Pan
Software Debugging with Dynamic Instrumentation and Test-Based Knowledge
Advisors: Richard A. DeMillo and Eugene H. Spafford

Hung-Yi T. Tu
New Approaches for VLSI Layout Compaction
Advisor: Susanne E. Hambrusch

Malcolm C. Fields
Computational Problems in Feature Research
Advisor: David C. Anderson


Andrew V. Royappa
Symbolic Methods in Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling
Advisor: Chandrajit Bajaj

Zi-Yi Danny Chen
Parallel Techniques for Paths, Visibility, and Related Problems
Advisor: Mikhail J. Atallah

Ching-Shoei Chiang
The Euclidian Distance Transform
Advisor: Christoph M. Hoffmann

Nicolaos P. Chrisochoides
On the Mapping of Partial Differential Equation Computations onto Distributed Memory MIMD Parallel Machines
Advisor: Elias N. Houstis

Herbert S. McFaddin
An Object-based Problem Solving Environment for Collaborating PDE Solvers and Editors
Advisor: John R. Rice

Jagannathan Srinivasan
Replication and Fragmentation of Composite Objects in Distributed Database Systems
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Bonita (Bonnie) (Rais) McVey
Analysis of Some Trie Parameters Under Probabilistic Models
Advisor: Wojciech Szpankowski

Brian L. Stuart
An Alternative Computational Model for Artificial Intelligence
Advisor: Chia-Hoang Lee


Edward W. Krauser
Compiler-Integrated Software Testing
Advisor: Richard A. DeMillo

Jiaxun Yu
Exact Arithmetic Solid Modeling
Advisor: Christoph M. Hoffmann

Jianhua Zhou
Visualization of Four Dimensional Space and Its Applications
Advisor: Christoph M. Hoffmann

Hiralal Agrawal
Towards Automatic Debugging of Computer Programs
Advisors: Richard A. DeMillo and Eugene H. Spafford

Paul Edward Buis
Distributed Scientific Software Systems
Advisor: Wayne R. Dyksen

Tamal K. Dey
Decompositions of Polyhedra in Three Dimensions
Advisor: Chandrajit Bajaj

James Nelson Griffioen
Remote Memory Backing Storage for Distributed Virtual Memory Operating Systems
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer

Insung Ihm
On Surface Design with Implicit Algebraic Surfaces
Advisor: Chandrajit Bajaj

Yungho Leu
Flexible Transaction Management in the InterBase Project
Advisor: Ahmed K. Elmagarmid

Lynn E. TeWinkel
Mesh Algorithms for Problems in Image Processing
Advisor: Susanne E. Hambrusch

Weimin Du
Maintaining Multidatabase Consistency: The Quasi Serializability Approach
Advisor: Ahmed K. Elmagarmid

Abdelsalam A. Helal
Adaptability to Failures in Distributed Systems
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Kenneth R. Rodemann
Route Adaptation and Persistence in Networks
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer

Ko-Yang Wang
Intelligent Program Optimization and Parallelization for Parallel Computers
Advisor: Piyush Mehrotra


Guillermina (Cabral) Sudarsky
Design Format Transformations
Advisor: Buster Dunsmore

Byoungju Choi
Software Testing Using High Performance Computers
Advisor: Aditya P. Mathur

Charles H. Koelbel
Compiling Programs for Distributed Memory Machines
Advisor: Piyush Mehrotra

Shy-Renn Lian
On Increasing Reliability and Availability in Distributed Database Systems
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

L. Enrique Mafla-Gallegos
Experimental Studies in Distributed Transaction Processing Systems
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Joseph B. Manning
Geometric Symmetry in Graphs
Advisor: Mikhail J. Atallah

Daniel W. Wetklow
Type Reconstruction Algorithms for Object-Oriented Languages
Advisor: Ryan D. Stansifer

Jung-Hong Chuang
Surface Approximations in Geometric Modeling
Advisor: Christoph M. Hoffmann

Jyh-Jong Tsay
Techniques for Solving Geometric Problems on Mesh-Connected Computers
Advisor: Mikhail J. Atallah

Shirley (Browne) Moore
Quorum-based Recovery in Replicated Database Systems
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

John Thomas Riedl
Adaptable Distributed Transaction Systems
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava


Susan H. Rodger
Parallel Job Scheduling Algorithms
Advisor: Greg N. Frederickson

John Paul Bonomo
Parallel Iterative Techniques for the Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
Advisor: Wayne R. Dyksen

Dah-Jyh Guan
Vehicle Routing in Simple Graphs
Advisor: Greg N. Frederickson

Ajay K. Gupta
On the Relationship Between Parallel Computation and Graph Embeddings
Advisor: Susanne E. Hambrusch

Rajendra S. Yavatkar
An Architecture for High-Speed Packet Switched Networks
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer


Myung Soo Kim
Motion Planning with Geometric Models
Advisor: Chandrajit Bajaj

Eric Leu
Consistent State Detection and Recovery for Concurrent Processing
Advisor: Bharat Bhargava

Thomas Narten
Best Effort Delivery in Connectionless Networks
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer

Parthasarathy Bhasker
Semlog: Multiparadigm Programming Language for Knowledge Engineering
Advisor: Andrew B. Whinston

Christina C. Christara
Parallel Algorithms and Architectures for the Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
Advisor: Elias N. Houstis

Mahesh K. Rathi
An Objective Methodology for Early Software Size Estimation
Advisor: Samuel D. Conte

Gregory E. Shannon
Designing Efficient Parallel Algorithms: Techniques and Applications
Advisor: Greg N. Frederickson

Robert L. Brown
A Distributed Program Composition System
Advisors: Douglas E. Comer and Peter J. Denning

Craig E. Wills
Service Execution in a Distributed Environment
Advisor: J. Timothy Korb


Balachander Krishnamurthy
A Uniform Model of Interaction in Interactive Systems
Advisor: J. Timothy Korb

Michael T. Goodrich
Efficient Parallel Techniques for Computational Geometry
Advisor: Mikhail J. Atallah

Ravi Janardan
Space-efficient Schemes for Message Routing in Distributed Networks
Advisor: Greg N. Frederickson

Cristina Ruggieri
Dynamic Memory Allocation Techniques based on the Lifetime of Objects
Advisor: Thomas P. Murtagh


Ralph Edward Droms
Naming of Files in Distributed Systems
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer

Christopher (Kent) Kantarjiev
Cache Coherence in Distributed Systems
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer

Calvin J. Ribbens
Domain Mappings: A Tool for the Development of Vector Algorithms for Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
Advisor: John R. Rice

Zuwang Ruan
File Replication in Distributed Systems
Advisor: Walter F. Tichy

Atte J. Kortekangas
Recognition of 3-Dimensional Objects by Rendering Function Matching
Advisor: Andrew B. Whinston

Shuh-Shen James Pan
An Equational Approach to Decision Support Systems
Advisor: Andrew B. Whinston


Alejandro A. Kapauan
Pringle: A Test Bed for Parallel Computer and Parallel I/O Architectures
Advisor: Dennis B. Gannon

Jairo Panetta
Primitive Parallel Operations for Computational Linear Algebra
Advisor: Dennis B. Gannon

Tze-Jie Yu
The Static and Dynamic Models of Software Defects and Reliability
Advisor: Buster Dunsmore

Stephan V. Bechtolsheim
Graph Based Data Flow Programming of Parallel Machines
Advisor: Dennis B. Gannon

Yeou-Huei Hwang
Parallel Processing Image Synthesis
Advisor: Dennis B. Gannon

Teemu Tapani Kerola
Approximate and Exact Solutions for Multiple Class Queueing Network Models
Advisor: Herbert D. Schwetman

Larry Lee Peterson
Defining and Naming the Fundamental Objects in a Distributed Message System
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer


Kuo-Cheng Li
Vector C - A Programming Language for Vector Processing
Advisor: Herbert D. Schwetman

Andrew S. Wang
The Estimation of Software Size and Effort: An Approach Based on the Evaluation of Software Metrics
Advisor: Buster Dunsmore

Matthew A. Bishop
Practical Take-Grant Systems: Do They Exist?
Advisor: Dorothy E. Denning

Andre B. Bondi
Incorporating Open Queueing Models into Closed Queueing Network Algorithms
Advisor: Peter J. Denning


David Capka
The Nondeterministic Computation of Functions
Advisor: Paul R. Young

Subhash C. Agrawal
Metamodeling: A Study of Approximations in Queueing Models
Advisor: Peter J. Denning

James D. Arthur
OMNI: An Interactive Environment for Tool Selection, Specification, and Composition
Advisor: Douglas E. Comer

Ivan P. Huerta
Optimal Difference Formulas
Advisor: John R. Rice

David Mark Mount
Graph Spectra and Isomorphism Testing
Advisor: Christoph M. Hoffmann

Daniel Allen Reed
Performance Based Design and Analysis of Multimicrocomputer Networks
Advisor: Herbert D. Schwetman

David K. Schrader
Concurrency Control in Distributed Ring Computer Systems
Advisor: Peter J. Denning

Stephen M. Thebaut
The Saturation Effect in Large-Scale Software Development: Its Impact and Control
Advisor: Vincent Y. Shen


Jeffrey A. Brumfield
Operational Analysis of Queueing Phenomena
Advisor: Peter J. Denning

Eric Richard Dittert
On the Complexity of Retrieving Information Associated with Data Keys
Advisor: Michael J. O'Donnell

Wayne R. Dyksen
Tensor Product Generalized Alternating Direction Implicit Methods for Solving Separable Second Order Linear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
Advisor: John R. Rice

Kye S. Hedlund
Wafer Scale Integration of Configurable, Highly Parallel Processors
Advisor: Lawrence Snyder

Ching-Chih Hsiao
Highly Parallel Processing of Relational Databases
Advisor: Lawrence Snyder

Vance E. Waddle
A Methodology and System for Logical Data Base Design
Advisor: Andrew B. Whinston

William A. Ward Jr.
Finite Difference Methods for Nearly Singular Problems
Advisor: John R. Rice


L. Paul Chew
Normal Forms in Term Rewriting Systems
Advisor: Michael J. O'Donnell

Deborah A. Joseph
On the Power of Formal Systems for Analyzing Linear and Polynomial Time Program Behavior
Advisor: Paul R. Young

Stephen J. Tolopka
On Modeling Local Paging Algorithms for Virtual Memory Systems
Advisor: Herbert D. Schwetman


Scott N. Woodfield
Enhanced Effort Estimation by Extending Basic Programming Models to Include Modularity Factors
Advisor: Vincent Y. Shen

Joseph Henry Fasel III
Programming Languages as Abstract Data Types -- Definition and Implementation
Advisor: Peter J. Denning

T. Donald Dennis
A Capability Based Machine
Advisor: Peter J. Denning


Gianfranco Balbo
Approximate Methods in Computer Performance Evaluation
Advisor: Peter J. Denning

Alan R. Hevner
The Optimization of Query Processing on Distributed Database Systems
Advisor: S. Bing Yao

James Ross Miller
Computer Graphics in Macromolecular Crystallography
Advisor: David C. Anderson

Ronald F. Boisvert
High Order Finite Difference Techniques for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems
Advisor: John R. Rice

Edward F. Gehringer
Functionality and Performance in Capability-Based Operating Systems
Advisor: Herbert D. Schwetman

Richard T. Simon
Modeling of Virtual Memory Systems
Advisor: Peter J. Denning


Steven C. Bruell
On Single and Multiple Job Class Queueing Network Models of Computer Systems
Advisor: Herbert D. Schwetman

Robert L. Mead Jr.
On the Modeling of Resource Demands in a Multiprogrammed Computer System
Advisor: Herbert D. Schwetman

Timothy J. Long
Some Polynomial Time Reducibilities
Advisor: Paul R. Young

Karl Joseph Ottenstein
Data-Flow Graphs as an Intermediate Program Form
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

Linda Marie Ott
Predicting Parameters of the Software Validation Effort
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

David Adam Poplawski
Error Recovery for Extended LL-Regular Parsers
Advisor: Christoph M. Hoffmann


Ronald D. Gordon
A Measure of Mental Effort Related to Program Clarity
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

Mayer Dlugach Schwartz
Inference From Statistical Data Bases
Advisor: Peter J. Denning

Karl A. Winklmann
A Theoretical Study of Some Aspects of Parameter Passing in ALGOL 60 and in Similar Programming Languages
Advisor: Paul R. Young


G. Scott Graham
A Study of Program and Memory Policy Behaviour
Advisor: Peter J. Denning

Benn R. Konsynski
Computer Aided Logical Applications Software Design
Advisor: Jay F. Nunamaker

Robert H. Bonczek
Theoretical Description of an Access Language for a General Decision Support System
Advisor: Andrew B. Whinston

Sharon K. Fletcher
A Quasi-Interactive Approach to Computer Assisted Instruction
Advisor: Herbert D. Schwetman

Kevin C. Kahn
Program Behavior and Load Dependent System Performance
Advisor: Peter J. Denning

Patrick A. Blosser
An Automatic System for Application Software Generation and Portability
Advisor: Jay F. Nunamaker

James M. Lemme
Speedup in Parallel Algorithms for Adaptive Quadrature
Advisor: John R. Rice

Richard F. Puk
The Optimal Distribution of Device-Dependent Graphics Functions
Advisor: Richard E. Garrett

Bradford W. Wade
A Micro-program Mini-computer for the Efficient Execution of High-level Language Program
Advisor: Victor B. Schneider


George Wayne Cox
Portability and Adaptability in Operating System Design
Advisor: Victor B. Schneider

Atilla Elci
Factors Affecting the Program Size of Control Functions of Operating Systems
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

Bruce J. MacLennan
Semantic and Syntactic Specification and Extension of Languages
Advisor: Victor B. Schneider

Dorothy E. Denning
Secure Information Flow in Computer Systems
Advisor: Herbert D. Schwetman


David I. Heimann
Computational Aspects of the Busy Period for the Single-Server Queue in Discrete Time
Advisor: Marcel F. Neuts

John A. Heminger
Collocation Solutions of Systems of Boundary Value Problems
Advisor: John R. Rice

Thomas I.M. Ho
A Non-Procedural High-Level Language for Automated Design of Application Systems
Advisor: Jay F. Nunamaker

Dennis G. Kafura
Analysis of Scheduling Algorithms for a Model of a Multiprocessor Computer System
Advisor: Vincent Y. Shen

William G. Verbrugge
Planning and Management Systems for Small Colleges
Advisor: Jay F. Nunamaker

Larry A. Anderson
Optimal Chebyshev-Type Quadrature Formulas for Various Weight Functions
Advisor: Walter Gautschi

William J. Dahl
An Interactive Information Systems Optimization and Design Algorithm
Advisor: Jay F. Nunamaker

Frank L. Friedman
Decompilation and the Transfer of Mini Computer Operating Systems
Advisor: Victor B. Schneider

Paul M. Zislis
Semantic Decomposition of Computer Programs: A Program Test Aid
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

William J. Collins
Provably Recursive Analysis
Advisor: Paul R. Young

Elias N. Houstis
Finite Element Methods for Solving Initial Boundary Value Problems
Advisor: John R. Rice

Lawrence Joseph Schutte
The Value of Dynamic Algebra Operators for Sequential Computers
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

Stuart H. Zweben
The Internal Structure of Algorithms
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead


Richard E. Buten
A Scheduling Model for Computer Systems with Two Classes of Processors
Advisor: Vincent Y. Shen

Kenneth L. Krause
Analysis of Computer Scheduling with Memory Constraints
Advisor: Vincent Y. Shen

Donald E. Swenson
Performance Measures for a Data Base Management System
Advisor: Andrew B. Whinston

Necdet Bulut
Invariant Properties of Algorithms
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

Barron C. Housel III
A Study of Decompiling Machine Languages into High-Level Machine Independent Languages
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

J. A. Iverson Jr.
Magnetic Tape Portability
Advisor: Jay F. Nunamaker

Rodney R. Oldehoeft
Design Considerations for Interactive, Application Oriented, Transportable Subsystems
Advisor: John R. Rice

Thomas J. Aird
Computational Solution of Global Nonlinear Least Squares Problems
Advisor: John R. Rice

James R. Arsenault
GPLAN-WPC: A Generalized Data Base Planning System for Water Pollution Control
Advisor: Jay F. Nunamaker

Dennis Michael Conti
A Formal Model of Interacting Learning Machines
Advisor: Terry J. Frederick

Jean-Louis Lassez
On the Relationship Between Prefix Codes, Trees, and Automata
Advisor: J. Richard Buchi

M. Dennis Mickunas
Techniques for Compressing Bounded Context Acceptors
Advisor: Victor B. Schneider

Roger Vance Roman
The Structure of an Environment for an Experimental, Interactive, Mathematical Problem Solving System
Advisor: Samuel D. Conte


Ronald L. Lancaster
Semantic Primitives for Quick Implementation of a Family of Procedural Languages
Advisor: Victor B. Schneider

Edward G. Pekarek Jr.
Some Galerkin Methods for a Semilinear Hyperbolic Mixed Boundary Value Problem
Advisor: Robert E. Lynch

Toby S. Berk
The Design and Implementation of TUNA, A High Level Graphical Programming Language
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

David S. Dodson
Optimal Order Approximation by Polynomial Spline Functions
Advisor: Carl deBoor

Raymond F. Boyce
Topological Reorganization as an Aid to Program Simplification
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

Thomas G. DeLutis
A Methodology for the Analysis of Auxiliary Storage Systems
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

Guy T. Hochgesang
An Algorithm for Grammatical Inference of Programming Languages
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

William C. Nylin Jr.
Structural Reorganization of Multipass Computer Programs
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

Michael D. Shapiro
A SNOBOL Machine: Functional Architectural Concepts of a String Processor
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead


James C. Blair
An Extendible Interactive Debugging System
Advisor: Saul Rosen

Robert E. Noonan
Computer Programming with a Dynamic Algebra
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

Dennis J. Frailey
A Study of Code Optimization Using a General Purpose Optimizer
Advisor: Maurice H. Halstead

Peng-Siu Mei
Linear Closure Spaces and Matroids, Convex Closure Spaces and Paramatroids
Advisor: J. Richard Buchi


Leonard J. Bass
Hierarchies Based on Computational Complexity and Irregularities of Class Determining Measured Sets
Advisor: Paul R. Young

Stefan M. Silverston
Aspen -- An Automatic Partial Differential Equation Solver
Advisor: Samuel D. Conte

Arthur E. Oldehoeft
A Computer System to Teach Computational Mathematics
Advisor: Samuel D. Conte

Steven A. Pruess
Estimating the Eigenvalues of Sturm-Liouville Problems by Approximating the Differential Equation
Advisor: Carl deBoor


Herbert L. Dershem
Approximation of Bessel's Differential Operator of Fractional Order by Finite-Difference Operators
Advisor: Robert E. Lynch

James L. Phillips
Collocation as a Projection Method for Solving Integral and Other Operator Equations
Advisor: Walter Gautschi

Douglas K. Smith
A Dynamic Component Suppression Algorithm for the Acceleration of Vector Sequences
Advisor: L. Duane Pyle

Larry E. Axsom
A System for the Construction of Variable Model Compilers and Schedulers
Advisor: Saul Rosen

Edward J. Desautels
The PUFFT Time Sharing System -- Design, Implementation and Performance
Advisor: Saul Rosen

Norman E. Gibbs
The Bandwidth of Graphs
Advisor: Robert R. Korfhage

Lawrence R. Symes
A Mathematical Problem Solving Language and Its Interpreter
Advisor: John R. Rice


Hermann G. Burchard
Interpolation and Approximation by Generalized Convex Functions
Advisor: John R. Rice

John C. Hoff
Approximation with Kernels of Finite Oscillations
Advisor: John R. Rice

William H. Hosken
Certain Extended Post Canonical Systems Related to Context-Sensitive Languages
Advisor: J. Richard Buchi

Ramsay V. Zahar
Computational Algorithms for Linear Difference Equations
Advisor: Walter Gautschi


Bernard B. Evans
Explicit Asymmetric Difference Algorithms for the Approximate Solution of Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
Advisor: Samuel D. Conte

Douglas S. Kerr
On Some Iterative Methods for Solving a Class of Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems
Advisor: Samuel D. Conte

Lawrence H. Landweber
A Design Algorithm for Sequential Machines and Definability in Monadic Second-Order Arithmetic
Advisor: J. Richard Buchi

Roland A. Sweet
Properties of a Semi-Discrete Approximation to the Beam Equation
Advisor: John S. Maybee

Walter S. Brainerd
Tree Generating Systems and Tree Automata
Advisor: J. Richard Buchi

James E. Kalan
Some Results on Amplitude Damped Vibrations
Advisor: John S. Maybee


Kenneth M. Brown
A Quadratically Convergent Method for Solving Simultaneous Non-linear Equations
Advisor: Samuel D. Conte

Karl H. Usow
Computational Aspects of Approximation in the L\d1\u Metric
Advisor: John R. Rice

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