Denis Ulybyshev

PhD Student in Computer Science, Research / Teaching Assistant, Purdue University. Software Engineer (part-time) at Coze Health LLC .
E-mail: dulybysh AT purdue DOT edu

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Previous assistantships at Purdue University, CS department


I am a 7-th year PhD student at Computer Science, Purdue University. I joined CS department at Purdue in Fall, 2012. I received my Master's degree in Automatic Control Systems from Bauman Moscow State Technical University (top-10 universities in Russia) in 2004. After that I worked as a Software Development Engineer and Technical Marketing Engineer in Schneider Electric company. My major responsibility was to design and develop software for Energy Management Control Systems used in high-voltage transformer substations and compressor power plants.
In 2007 I joined Samsung Electronics company , Printing Division as a Software Development Engineer. I was a member of Mass-Storage team until 2009 and was responsible for developing firmware features related to mass-storage devices of printers and multifunction peripherals (MFPs). After spending 8 years in industry I decided to gain my Computer Science knowledge and in 2012 I joined PhD program in Computer Science department at Purdue University . My Academic Adviser is Prof. Bharat Bhargava . My Academic Adviser until Dec.2014 was Prof. Suresh Jagannathan

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