Denis Ulybyshev

Graduate Student

Joined department: Fall 2012
M.Sc., Bauman Moscow State Technical Univ., Automatic Control Systems (2004) (honorary)
Supplementary, Moscow State University, Computer Science (2012)

1. C. Qu, D. Ulybyshev, B. Bhargava, R. Rohit, and L. Lilien. "Secure Dissemination of Video Data inVehicle-to-Vehicle Systems.??? 6th Intl. Workshop on Dependable Network Computing and Mobile Systems (DNCMS2015). To Appear.

2. R. Ranchal, D. Ulybyshev, P. Angin and B. Bhargava. ??? PD3: Policy - based Distributed Data Dissemination???. 16-th CERIAS Symp., Mar. 2015. * 1-st prize poster award (out of 43 posters)

3. Myrent, N., Adams, D.E., Rodriguez-Rivera, G., Ulybyshev, D., Vitek, J., Blanton, E., and Kalibera, T., "A Robust Algorithm to Detecting Wind Turbine Blade Health Using Vibro-Acoustic Modulation and Sideband Spectral Analysis," (2014) , 33rd ASME Wind Energy Symposium