Welcome Purdue Computer Science Alumni & Friends!

Thank you for visiting us, and keeping us in mind! The support Computer Science receives from its Alumni and Friends is invaluable. Not only do you contribute by funding scholarships, fellowships, student programs, and the Computer Science Department in general, but you often give of your time and talent to help inspire and augment the experiences of our students.

As one of President Mitch Daniels’ “Big Moves”, the Department of Computer Science is poised to be in the limelight on campus and nationally. We will be expanding our student base, our faculty, and our scope of research to include important fields like Cyber-Sustainability. This is a new field that partners us with the College of Agriculture to transform all the data collected by farm equipment into real-world solutions for developing nations.

These are exciting times in the Department of Computer Science and we invite you to be engaged and involved as we launch our next 50 years! How can you help us change the world? I look forward to hearing from you!

Hail Purdue! 

Becky Spears, BS '06, MS '10
Director of Development
Office 765-494-6019
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