CS580 Algorithm Design, Analysis, And Implementation


3 PM - 4:15 PM, Tue/Thu, FNY B124


Jeremiah Blocki, [jblocki AT purdue]

Office Hours: W/F 11AM to noon


Akash Kumar: [akash DOT mnnit AT gmail]

Office Hours: Mondays from 10 AM to 12 noon @ LWSN 3133

Hamidreza Amini Khorasgani: [haminikh AT purdue]

Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday from 1-2PM @ HAAS G50


Welcome to CS 580!

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  • Required: Algorithm Design

    J. Kleinberg, E. Tardos. Pearson Education.

    Book slides by Kevin Wayne

  • Recommended: Introduction to Algorithms

    T. Cormen, C.Leiserson, R. Rivest, C. Stein. MIT

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Course description
A tentative list of topics includes scheduling problems, minimum spanning tree problems, data compression, network flow, NP and computational intractability, approximation algorithms, randomized algorithms, sublinear algorithms.

Prerequisites: Mathematical maturity. Undergraduate algorithms (CS 381).

  • 20% for homework
  • 20% for the midterm 1
  • 20% for the midterm 2
  • 35% for the final
  • 5% for class participation.
Schedule (subject to change)
* Important: The final exam is scheduled by the university and the time/date may still be subject to change (within the range April 29 and May 4). See here for the current schedule. If the final exam time conflicts with another course you are taking please let the instructor know as soon as possible so that we can work out an alternative arrangement.
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