Bharat K. Bhargava

Professor of Comp Science

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Purdue University

Department of Computer Sciences

305 N. University Street

West Lafayette, Indiana, 47907-2107

Office Phone: +1 765-494-6013

FAX: 765-494-0739



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In the News

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Latest Biographical Information

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Current and Past Projects

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PATENT: Method and System for Providing Cellular Assisted Secure Communication of a Plurality of Ad hoc Devices (With Motorola), US7817986 B2.

Recent Publications (2012-2016):


Selected Publications (since 2001)


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Selected Posters

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Graduate Students

Visiting Scholars

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Miscellaneous Research Materials:

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Colloquia and conference slides:

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Information for prospective students:

Graduate-students not at Purdue:

Please apply directly to the dept. RA positions are only available to students who have spent one year at CS and passed qualifier exams.

Undergraduate research:

Please put your transcripts and resume in my mail box. Please communicate with students in Raidlab (CS 145) and check our website. Give me an abstract of what independent study project that you plan to do and how you will proceed. After this information, I will communicate with you. You will work with a grad student in Raidlab to complete your project.

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