V2V and V2I - Bhargava Research

Prof. Bharat Bhargava

Purdue University

    Related Papers

    1.     D. Ulybyshev, S. Palacios, G. Mani, B. Bhargava, A. Alsalem, P. Goyal "On-the-fly Analytics over Encrypted Records in Untrusted V2X Environments", 4-th ICACEEE, May 2018 (Accepted, in-press). [PDF] [Slides]

    2.     D. Ulybyshev, A. Alsalem, B. Bhargava, S. Savvides, G. Mani, L. Ben-Othmane "Secure Data Communication in Autonomous V2X Systems", IEEE ICIOT, June 2018 (Accepted, in-press). [PDF]

    3.     M. Villarreal-Vasquez, B. Bhargava, P. Angin. "Adaptable Safety and Security in V2X Systems", IEEE ICIOT, June 2017. [PDF] [Slides]

    4.     Bharat K. Bhargava, Amber M. Johnson, Gisele Izera Munyengabe, Pelin Angin "A Systematic Approach for Attack Analysis and Mitigation in V2V Networks", JoWUA 7(1): 79-96 (2016)

    5.     C. Qu, D. Ulybyshev, B. Bhargava, R. Rohit, and L. Lilien. "Secure Dissemination of Video Data in Vehicle-to-vehicle Systems", 6th Intl. Workshop on Dependable Network Computing and Mobile Systems (DNCMS 2015) in conjunction with SRDS'15. Slides (pdf) , Slides (PowerPoint)

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