Prof. Bharat Bhargava

Purdue University

  1. Title and Table of Contents
  2. Introduction to Security
  3. Introduction to Privacy in Computing
  4. Introduction to Trust in Computing
  5. Privacy Enhancing Technologies
  6. Security Paradigms and Pervasive Trust
  7. Trust Negotiations and Trading Privacy for Trust
  8. Using Trust for Role-Based Access Control
  9. Trust in P2P Systems
  10. Role-Based Access Control(RBAC)
  11. P2D2: A Mechanism for Privacy Preserving Data Dissemination
  12. Private and Trusted Interactions
  13. Detecting Service Violations in Internet & Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  14. Vulnerabilities and Threats in Distributed Systems
  15. Secure Communication in Cellular and Ad Hoc Environments
  16. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cloud computing
  17. Cloud computing at Yahoo
  18. Privacy and identity management in cloud
  19. Secure data warehouse
  20. Multi-tenancy issues
  21. Ensuring Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing
  22. Cloud Computing Webinar
  23. Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing
  24. Microsoft Azure Overview
  25. An Overview of Cloud Security and Privacy
  26. Tutorial on Cloud Computing (Complete Tutorial)
  27. Introduction to Cloud Computing
  28. Privacy and Identity Management in Cloud Computing
  29. Security Issues in Cloud Computing
  30. Cloud Computing for Blind (More Slides)
  31. Measurements on Amazon Cloud
  32. Cloud Computing for Mobile Users: Saving Energy by offloading computation
  33. Cloud and Mobile Computing: Protect Privacy in Offloading
  34. Collaborative Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  35. A Kolmogorov Complexity Approach for Measuring Attack Path Complexity
  36. Mobile Cloud Computing
  37. End to End Security and Privacy in Distributed Systems and Cloud