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Computer Science Advising Faculty

These CS faculty are able to serve as advisors.

Daniel AliagaAssociate ProfessorNo PhoneLWSN 3177MailBio
Walid ArefProfessor49-41997HAAS 164CMailBio
Mikhail AtallahDistinguished Professor49-46010LWSN 2116DMailBio
Kamyar AzizzadenesheliAssistant ProfessorLWSN 2142FMailBio
Saugata BasuProfessor49-48798MATH 742MailBio
Bedrich BenesProfessor49-62954LWSN 3154SMailBio
Aniket BeraAssociate Professor (Starting Fall 2022)MailBio
Elisa BertinoSamuel D. Conte Professor of Computer Science49-62399LWSN 2142GMailBio
Bharat BhargavaProfessor49-46013LWSN 2116FMailBio
Antonio BianchiAssistant Professor49-47100LWSN 1167MailBio
Jeremiah BlockiAssistant Professor49-69432LWSN 1165MailBio
Simina BranzeiAssistant Professor49-49025LWSN 1205MailBio
Berkay CelikAssistant Professor49-61761LWSN 1187MailBio
Chris CliftonProfessor49-46005HAAS 222MailBio
Douglas ComerDistinguished Professor49-46009LWSN 1171MailBio
Benjamin DelawareAssistant Professor49-69433LWSN 2116MMailBio
Tamal DeyProfessor49-60913LWSN 3183MailBio
Petros DrineasProfessor and Associate Department Head49-69369LWSN 1203MailBio
Buster DunsmoreAssociate Professor49-41996LWSN 1189MailBio
Sonia FahmyProfessor and Associate Department Head49-46183LWSN 2142HMailBio
Pedro FonsecaAssistant Professor49-66555LWSN 3154NMailBio
Christina GarmanAssistant Professor49-49580LWSN 1185MailBio
David GleichJyoti and Aditya Mathur Associate Professor of Computer Science49-67300LWSN 1207MailBio
Dan GoldwasserAssociate Professor49-60332LWSN 2142AMailBio
Ananth GramaSamuel D. Conte Professor of Computer Science49-46964LWSN 3154FMailBio
Elena GrigorescuAssociate Professor49-61185LWSN 1209MailBio
Susanne HambruschProfessor49-41831LWSN 1179MailBio
Steve HannekeAssistant ProfessorLWSN 2116KMailBio
Jean HonorioAssistant Professor49-66757LWSN 2142JMailBio
Suresh JagannathanSamuel D. Conte Professor of Computer Science49-40971LWSN 3154JMailBio
Changhee JungAssociate Professor49-48508LWSN 3154GMailBio
Aniket KateAssociate Professor49-62763LWSN 1169MailBio
Majid KazemianAssistant Professor49-49350HANS 225AMailBio
Rajiv KhannaAssistant ProfessorLWSN 2142DMailBio
Daisuke KiharaProfessor49-45004LWSN 1208MailBio
Ninghui LiSamuel D. Conte Professor of Computer Science and Associate Department Head49-66756LWSN 2142KMailBio
Pan LiAssistant ProfessorLWSN 3154LMailBio
Zhiyuan LiProfessor49-47822HAAS 104MailBio
Hemanta MajiAssistant Professor49-46184LWSN 1177MailBio
Anuran MakurAssistant Professor of Computer Science and ECELWSN 2116JMailBio
Jennifer NevilleSamuel D. Conte Professor of Computer Science49-69387HAAS 150MailBio
Ryan NewtonAssociate Professor of ECE and Computer ScienceLWSN
Kihong ParkAssociate Professor49-47821HAAS 220MailBio
Chunyi PengAssociate Professor49-45884LWSN 2142EMailBio
Voicu PopescuAssociate ProfessorNo PhoneLWSN 3179MailBio
Alex PothenProfessor49-69376LWSN 2116GMailBio
Sunil PrabhakarDepartment Head and Professor of Computer Science49-46003LWSN 3144FMailBio
Alex PsomasAssistant ProfessorLWSN 2116NMailBio
Kent QuanrudAssistant Professor49-48773LWSN 1211MailBio
Ahmed QureshiAssistant ProfessorHAAS 152MailBio
Vernon RegoProfessor49-47835HAAS 218MailBio
Bruno RibeiroAssistant Professor49-62331LWSN 2142CMailBio
Tiark RompfKevin C. and Susanne L. Kahn New Frontiers Associate Professor49-49027LWSN 2116HMailBio
Elisha SacksProfessor49-49026LWSN 3181MailBio
Roopsha SamantaAssistant Professor49-69434LWSN 2116LMailBio
Muhammad ShahbazKevin C. and Suzanne L. Kahn New Frontiers Assistant Professor49-60728LWSN 1123FMailBio
Eugene SpaffordProfessor49-47825LWSN 1183MailBio
Wojciech SzpankowskiSaul Rosen Distinguished Professor of Computer Science49-46703LWSN 1201MailBio
Lin TanMary J. Elmore New Frontiers Associate Professor of Data Science and Associate Professor of Computer Science49-47190LWSN 3154MMailBio
Dave TianAssistant Professor49-66544LWSN 1175MailBio
Xavier TricocheAssociate Professor49-69416LWSN 3154PMailBio
Paul ValiantAssociate ProfessorLWSN 2116EMailBio
Jianguo WangAssistant Professor49-60726LWSN 1123HMailBio
Dongyan XuSamuel D. Conte Professor of Computer Science49-46182LWSN 1173MailBio
Yexiang XueAssistant Professor49-60456LWSN 2142LMailBio
Ming YinAssistant Professor49-69381LWSN 2142BMailBio
Ruqi ZhangAssistant Professor (Starting Fall 2022)LWSN MailBio
Tianyi ZhangAssistant ProfessorLWSN 3154HMailBio
Xiangyu ZhangSamuel D. Conte Professor of Computer Science49-69415LWSN 3154KMailBio
Yongle ZhangAssistant Professor49-60727LWSN 1123GMailBio
Vassilis ZikasAssociate Professor49-60729LWSN 1123EMailBio

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