Financial Support: Fellowships

University and Departmental Fellowships

There are a number of Departmental and University fellowships for which graduate students will be automatically considered. Several of these fellowships are intended for outstanding entering doctoral students and some are awarded on the basis of need to United States citizens and permanent residents.

Tuition for Purdue fellows is remitted. Fees for incoming fellows in fall 2016 are about $303 per semester plus a differential fee of $562 per semester. International students pay an additional $80 per semester.

The University provides a grant that Purdue fellows may use toward the purchase of a medical insurance plan of their choice. The grant is equal to the subsidy provided for students with graduate staff appointments. Fellows can choose the Purdue plan.

All University fees and tuition are subject to change without notice.


Outside Fellowships and Scholarships

Not requiring departmental nomination:

For citizens, nationals, or permanent resident aliens of the United States:

For citizens of the United States:


Requiring departmental nomination: