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Computer Science Staff

Kelly AndronicosDirector of Diversity, Center for Science of Information, STC49-66683LWSN 202AMailBio
Michael AtwellMultimedia Specialist, Center for Science of Information, STC49-41879HAAS 207MailBio
Brian BoardFacilities Hardware and Network Engineer49-47842LWSN 2133AMailBio
Robert BrownManaging Director, Science of Information STC49-42914HAAS 202EMailBio
Ron CastongiaFacilities Manager49-43384LWSN 2116JMailBio
Melissa CoghillResearch Account Specialist49-40182LWSN 3130MailBio
Kelly CunninghamBusiness Manager49-47831LWSN 3130AMailBio
Jennifer DenoBusiness Office Account Clerk IV49-66758LWSN 3130MailBio
Susan DenoBusiness Office Account Clerk V49-47827LWSN 3130MailBio
Cathy DyerSecretary to the Undergraduate Office49-46010LWSN 1123MailBio
Sandra FreemanSecretary to the Graduate Office49-46004LWSN 1137MailBio
Charles FultzFacilities Macintosh Systems Administration49-66699LWSN 2116LMailBio
Vicki GilbertAcademic Advisor49-46010LWSN 1123HMailBio
Faith GiordanoAcademic Advisor49-46010LWSN 1123GMailBio
William J. GormanAssistant to the Department Head49-46004LWSN 1137CMailBio
Pam GrafBuilding Administrator49-46380LWSN 1158MailBio
Christina HarrisonDirector of Development49-46019MATH 904MailBio
Eric HassenplugCoS Web & Database Administration Manager49-61945LWSN 2116KMailBio
Nick HirschbergFacilities Webmaster and Oracle Administration49-40893LWSN 2116PMailBio
Jesica HollingerCommunications Director49-40669LWSN 3144CMailBio
Kathy HusemanDepartment Head Receptionist49-49431LWSN 3144MailBio
Michelle JenkinsBusiness Office Account Clerk V49-66943LWSN 3130MailBio
Tim KorbAssistant Department Head49-46184LWSN 3144GMailBio
Brent LaddDirector of Education, Center for Science of Information, STC49-61693HAAS 202FMailBio
Sally LuzaderManager of Corporate Relations49-46180LWSN 3144BMailBio
Roger MahrlingWindows Systems Administrator49-61945LWSN 2116KMailBio
Renate Mallus-MedotGraduate Office Coordinator49-47809LWSN 1137BMailBio
Patricia MorganDevelopment Secretary49-45322LWSN 3144AMailBio
Mike MotuliakFacilities Hardware and Network Engineer49-40835LWSN 2133AMailBio
Tammy MuthigBusiness Assistant49-47830LWSN 3130MailBio
Nicole PiegzaAdministrative Assistant to the Department Head49-46003LWSN 3144HMailBio
Steve PliteFacilities Unix Systems Administration49-47832LWSN 2116MMailBio
Tomas RatkusCoS Desktop Support Specialist49-46597LWSN 2116QMail
Phil SandsOutreach Coordinator49-47802LWSN 2116HMailBio
Kiya SmithAdministrative Assistant, Science of Information STC49-42908HAAS 202DMailBio
Dan TrinkleFacilities and Network Administration49-47844LWSN 2116NMailBio
Brian Board
Ron Castongia
Melissa Coghill
Kelly Cunningham
Jennifer Deno
Susan Deno
Cathy Dyer
Charles Fultz
Faith Giordano
William J. Gorman
Pam Graf
Christina Harrison
Nick Hirschberg
Jesica Hollinger
Michelle Jenkins
Tim Korb
Brent Ladd
Sally Luzader
Renate Mallus-Medot
Patricia Morgan
Mike Motuliak
Tammy Muthig
Nicole Piegza
Steve Plite
Dan Trinkle