TA Employment Flyer : PDF

RA Employment Flyer : PDF

Form 33A: request absence from campus duty. PDF

Consulting: Initiating a Consulting Agreement | Statement of Work Template

Payee Certification (Substitute W-9): Word 

Request for Electronic Funds Transfer (Wire) (Out of Country Payments): PDF 

Request for Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH) ( Inside US Payments): PDF 

Reportable Outside Activity (ROA) 

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement (COIDS): PDF 

Significant Financial Interests (SFI): Use the My Disclosures Tab (up top)

Fly American Act: PDF

Prior Approval: request approval based on prior approval authorities. Excel | PDF 

Purchasing Sole Source: request waiver of competitive bidding. Word | PDF  

Request for Leave Form: sabbatical, research, outside activity leave or change in duty station Excel

Purchasing Card Checkout Form. Word

Other Purdue Business Forms: Purdue Business Services form site