K-12 Outreach Program

Adventures in CS campers hard at workThe K-12 Outreach program for Computer Science is committed to providing Indiana students, educators and communities with access to high quality educational programs designed to increase student exposure to computer science concepts. Computer science has consistently ranked as one of the highest paying and fastest growing occupations in the United States. In spite of this, many K-12 schools in Indiana do not offer computer science courses for students. Purdue's K-12 Outreach program aims to help change those patterns by addressing the needs of K-12 teachers and students.

What we do

K-12 Computer Science Outreach focuses on assisting teachers and students in a variety of ways. For teachers, the aim is to help support classroom instruction and the development of healthy and sustainable computer science programs. This can be done through professional development opportunities, work with the Indiana Hoosier Heartland chapter of the CSTA, and site visits. For students, we focus on engagement on site and in local communities. Many of our activities are designed to help whet the appetite for a deeper involvement with computer science. In working with students, CS Outreach is interested in partnering with any organization that supports K-12 education.

One of the key areas of focus for the outreach program is in encouraging underrepresented minority groups within the field of computer science. For too long, CS has been overwhelmingly homogeneous with regards to its participants. We believe that it is our obligation to reach all students in order to broaden perspectives within computer science.

For information on specific programs, please view our programs pages.

Purdue College of Science K-12 Outreach

The K-12 Computer Science Outreach program is just one part of Purdue University's College of Science Outreach. The College of Science K-12 Outreach Program was initiated in 1989 to collaborate with students and teachers to increase interest and achievement in science and mathematics at the pre-college level. Other areas with dedicated outreach coordinators include the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Atmospheric Science, and Physics. Visit the College of Science K-12 Outreach Program home page for futher information.

For more information on any of our outreach programs, please e-mail Phil Sands (psands@purdue.edu), the K-12 Computer Science Outreach Coordinator.