Computer Science Videos

Never Ending Learning

Prof. Tom Mitchell
Samuel D. Conte Distinguished Lecture Series in Computer Science
Date: Nov 28, 2012

Solving Large Sparse Linear Systems: The Exascale Challenge

Iain Duff
STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Date: Nov 1, 2012

Computer Science at Purdue: The Good Ol' Days

Douglas Comer
Purdue University
Date: Oct 5, 2012

Going Non-Linear from Point A to Point B

Michael Stoppelman
Date: Oct 5, 2012

Exponential Change: Challenges and Opportunities

Daniel Reed
Microsoft Research
Date: Oct 5, 2012

Analysis of Algorithms: When Will I Ever Use This?

Kevin Grazier
Date: Oct 5, 2012

Adventures in Computer Science

David Schrader
Date: Oct 5, 2012

New Directions in Computer Science

John Hopcroft
Cornell University
Date: Sep 21, 2012

Implications of Storage Class Memories on Software and Hardware

C. Mohan
IBM Research - Almaden
Date: Aug 31, 2012

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