Pedro Fonseca
Assistant Professor
Reliable and Secure Systems Lab
Department of Computer Science
Purdue University


I lead the Reliable and Secure Systems Lab. My group's research focuses on building systems that are both reliable and secure. In particular, during the last years, we have developed techniques and methodologies that are particularly suited to address this problem in the context of core software systems – the building blocks in modern computing that other software layers critically rely upon, such as operating systems, hypervisors and distributed systems.

Before joining Purdue, I was postdoc at the University of Washington where I worked with Arvind Krishnamurthy, Hank Levy, and Xi Wang. Before that, I graduated from MPI-SWS and the University of Saarland where I worked with Rodrigo Rodrigues. Not long ago, I also had/have the chance to closely collaborate with Andrew Baumann, Pramod Bhatotia, Björn Brandenburg, Joao Carreira, Cheng Li, and Kaiyuan Zhang.

Fall 2021 I am looking for talented, highly motivated PhD students to join my lab next Fall! Prospective students should email me and explain their research interests and how they relate to my work.


Selected Service

ATC'21 (PC), EuroSys'21 (PC), ATC'20 (PC), HotCloud'20 (PC), SoCC'20 (PC), HotCloud'19 (PC), ICDCS'19 (PC), OPODIS'18 (PC), ICDCS'18 (PC)



Purdue University
Department of Computer Science
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