In CS 497, the Honors Research Project, either alone or with other students, students work on a research project supervised by a CS faculty member during a semester (or all year). In addition, students have to submit technical reports and give talks about their research.

Course projects generally do not qualify as research projects for CS 497.

All students who intend to satisfy the CS 497 requirement must register for the course and fulfill all course requirements.

The following sections provide a brief overview of the typical course structure. The complete syllabus for each semester can be found on the respective course page in Brightspace.

Research project and adviser selection

Students are responsible for finding a CS professor willing to supervise them on a research project. Students are encouraged to prioritize professors working in their areas of interest. Students can reach out to the course instructor for assistance in finding a research adviser. There are generally many professors in the department willing to advise undergraduate students on research projects, so finding an adviser is almost never a problem when students are diligent and start early during the semester.

Since it can take time for the student and the professor to settle on a project proposal, students should start immediately at the beginning of the semester or optionally before the semester starts.

Students should agree with the professor that advises them, in writing, on the expectations for the project.

Project proposal

After deciding on the scope of a project with a CS professor, students have to report to the course instructor the professor's name, the project title, and the project description. The project needs to be approved by the course instructor. Detailed instructions with the proposal submission link will be sent during the semester.

Students typically have until the end of the second week of classes to submit the research project proposal.

Reports and talks

Students typically must submit one or more technical reports and give one or more talks on the project. Instructions about the exact format and requirements will be provided during the semester.


The course grade will depend on the assessment made by the research adviser on the scope and quality of the research project and the fulfillment of course expectations.

Contact and resources

Other resources

Academic honesty and deadlines

For academic honesty, refer to the Purdue integrity/code of conduct and the course syllabus. Except as by prior arrangement or notification by the professor of an extension before the deadline, missing or late work will be counted as a zero/fail.