Schedule for CS 590F
Software Reliability
Spring 2007

(subject to change, please check back regularly.)

Date Topic to be covered Presenter Slides
Jan 8 Introduction Zhang Introduction [PDF] [PPT]
Jan 10 Program Representations Zhang [PDF] [PPT]
Jan 15 Holiday
Jan 17 Static Program Analysis Zhang [PDF] [PPT]
[Lackwit: A Program Understanding Tool Based on Type Inference ]
Jan 22 Dynamic Program Analysis Zhang [PDF] [PPT]
Jan 24 Tools and Implementation Zhang [PDF] [PPT]
Jan 29 Testing Zhang [PDF] [PPT]
Jan 31 Program Slicing Zhang [PDF] [PPT]
Feb 5 ``CUTE: A Concolic Unit Testing Engine for C,''
``Compositional Dynamic Test Generation,''
Nick PDF
Feb 7 ``Using Programmer-Written Compiler Extensions to Catch Security Holes,''
Hong [PPT]
Feb 12 ``Language-Based Information-Flow Security,'' Ashish [PDF][PPT]
Feb 14 (postponed)
Feb 19 ``Failure Proximity: A Fault Localization-Based Approach,'' Yu Not Disclosed
Feb 21 ``SOBER: Statistical Model-based Bug Localization,'' Yu Not Disclosed
Feb 26 Project Proposal Presentations
Feb 28 ``A Flight Data Recorder for Enabling Full-System Multiprocessor Deterministic Replay,'' Bin PDF
Mar 5
``LIFT: A Low-Overhead Practical Information Flow Tracking System for Detecting General security Attacks,''
Ziqing PPT
Mar 7
``Secure Execution Via Program Shepherding, ''
Mar 19
``Recording Shared Memory Dependences Using Strata,''

Mar 21
``Eraser: A Dynamic Data Race Detector for Multithreaded Programs ''

``Atomizer: A Dynamic Atomicity Checker for Multithreaded Programs,''

Armand PDF
Mar 26
``Simplifying and Isolating Failure-Inducing Input,''

``HDD: hierarchical delta debugging,''
Vikas PPT
Mar 28
``Non-Control-Data Attacks Are Realistic Threats,''

``Securing software by enforcing data-flow integrity,''
Zhiqiang PPT
Apr 2 Hong
Apr 4 Qihua
Apr 9 Armand
Apr 11 Qihua
Apr 16 Nick
Apr 18 Jayaram
Apr 23 - Apr 27 Project Presentations