Chunyi Peng

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Purdue University since Fall 2017, following my appointment of an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Ohio State University in 2013-2017. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of California, Los Angeles in 2013.

My research interests are in the broad areas of mobile networking, system and security, with a recent focus on 4G/5G mobile network architecture, protocols, and technologies for emerging apps, mobile network data analytics, mobile security, and mobile sensing and computing systems.

Curriculum Vitae

What's New ( Archive of Past News)

  • [03/2018] Received NSF CAREER Award. The CAREER project aims to amplify intelligence in cellular networks.
  • [01/2018] Open to postdoc and professional staff. I am looking for one postdoc for 5G network research (requirement: networking basic, fault tolerance, formal verification methods, good theoretic foundation).I am also looking for one professional staff to develop and manage a data-driven mobile networking testbed (requirement: web service, database, cloud service, mobile networking protocols, big data mining and machine learning).
  • [12/2017] I am hiring!. Please read the note to the prospective students before you contact me. I am particularly looking for two strongly-motivated students with strong programing/hacking experience (who love to do so) for 5G network research (system track) and the MobileInsight follow-up projects (data+ML track). For the second track, you can refer to my recent talk on mobile network intelligence. Slide: pdf pps .
  • [12/8/2017] I will give a tutorial (Tutorial 21) to verify mobile network operations on your phones via MobileInsight on 14:00-17:30PM, Friday, Dec 8, 2017 at GlobeCom'17. Welcome to bring your own (rooted) phone and attend it. I will bring some phones and development environments for your on-hand experience and step-by-step study. Slide: pdf, ppsx.
  • [10/2017] Tick receives Best Community Paper Award at MobiCom'17! Congrats to the Tick team. Your three-year efforts paid off! I am so fortunate to get involved.
  • [08/28/2017] I moved to CS@Purdue.
  • [07/13/2017] My first Ph.D student, Qiang Zhai (co-advised by Prof. Xuan), has successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Zhai!
  • [06/29/2017] MobileInsight 3.0 has been officially released! All source codes and data we have collected can be found here.
  • [06/2017] I am elevated to IEEE Senior member.
  • [06/2017] DPCM has been accepted by MobiCom'17. We have proposed a brand-new perspective to reduce latency in every cellular network connection establishment and maintenance. Congrats to Yuanjie and Zengwen!
  • [06/2017] Tick has been accepted by MobiCom'17, with 3-year SDR development efforts from the UCLA and PKU team. Congratulations to authors and so many developers in this project!
  • [06/2017] I am invited to serve on the TPC for NDSS'18.
  • [04/2017] MobileInsight Tutorial has been accepted by GLOBECOM'17. I will give a tutorial on in-device mobile network monitoring and diagnosis at Singapore, Dec, 2017.
  • [11/2016] Both NaviLight and TUM have been accepted by INFOCOM'17.
  • [2016-2017] I have been invited to serve on the TPC for MobiCom'17, MobiSys'17, HotMobile'17, WWW'17, INFOCOM'17, SECON'17, NDSS'17, CNS'17, PAC'17, ICCCN'17, WCNC'17. I am unable to serve on other TPCs in 2017.
  • [10/2016] I am on TV! TV interview by Fox 25 regarding overcharging in US carrier networks. Watch Here
  • [10/2016] MobileInsight receives Best Community Paper Award at MobiCom'16! Congrats to Yuanjie, Zengwen, Jiayao and Haotian!

Ongoing Projects

Here is a short list of ongoing projects. Please refer to a full list here.

Selected Publications

A full list at Google Scholar or here

  1. [MobiCom'17] A Control-Plane Perspective on Reducing Data Access Latency in LTE Networks
  2. [MobiCom'17] The Tick Programmable Low-Latency SDR System, Best Community Paper Award.
  3. [CNS'17] ViViSnoop: Someone is Snooping Your Typing Without Seeing It!
  4. [INFOCOM'17] NaviLight: Indoor Localization and Navigation Under Arbitrary Lights
  5. [MobiCom'16] MobileInsight: Extracting and Analyzing Cellular Network Information on Smartphones, Best Community Paper Award.
  6. [ SIGMETRICS'16] Instability in Distributed Mobility Management: Revisiting Configuration Management in 3G/4G Mobile Networks
  7. [ NSDI'16] iCellular: Define Your Own Cellular Network Access on Commodity Smartphones
  8. [INFOCOM'16] Understanding and Diagnosing Real-World Femtocell Performance Problems
  9. [Ubicomp'16] ARTcode: Preserve Art and Code In Any Image
  10. [ CCS'16] New Security Threats Caused by IMS-based SMS Service in 4G LTE Networks
  11. [ CCS'15] Insecurity of Voice Solution VoLTE in LTE Mobile Networks
  12. [ MobiSys'15] InFrame++: Achieve Simultaneous Screen-Human Viewing and Hidden Screen-Camera Communication
  13. [ INFOCOM'15] A Measurement Study on TCP Behaviors in HSPA+ Networks on High-speed Rails
  14. [ CCS'14 ] Real Threats to Your Data Bills: Security Loopholes and Defense in Mobile Data Charging
  15. [SIGCOMM'14] Control-Plane Protocol Interactions in Cellular Networks
  16. [MobiCom'14] Enhancing Reliability to Boost the Throughput over Screen-Camera Links
  17. [MobiSys'14] Ubiquitous Keyboard for Small Mobile Devices: Harnessing Multipath Fading for Fine-Grained Keystroke Localization
  18. [NSDI'14] Epsilon: A Visible Light Based Positioning System
  19. [MobiCom'13] How Voice Calls Affect Data in Operational LTE Networks
  20. [MobiSys'13] Accounting for Roaming Users on Mobile Data Access: Issues and Root Causes
  21. [CCS'12] Mobile Data Charging: New Attacks and Countermeasures
  22. [MobiCom'12] Can We Pay for What We Get in 3G Data Access?
  23. [MobiCom'12] Energy-based Rate Adaptation for 802.11n
  24. [INFOCOM'12] VDN: Virtual Machine Image Distribution Network for Cloud Data Centers
  25. [MobiCom'11] Traffic-Driven Power Saving in Operational 3G Networks
  26. [MobiSys'09] Point&Connect: Intention-based Device Pairing for Mobile Phone Users
  27. [Sensys'07] BeepBeep: A High Accuracy Acoustic Ranging System using COTS Mobile Devices
  28. [MONET'06] Utilization and Fairness in Spectrum Assignment for Opportunistic Spectrum Access, (conference version, ICC'05)


  • 2018 Fall: CS536: Data Communication And Computer Networks
  • 2018 Spring: CS536: Data Communication And Computer Networks
  • 2017 Fall: CS590: Embracing 5G and Beyond 5G
  • 2017 Spring: CSE3461/5461: Computer Networking and Internet Technologies, OSU
  • 2015 Fall: CSE3461/5461: Computer Networking and Internet Technologies, OSU
  • 2015 Fall: CSE5469: Advanced Topics on Cellular Networks, OSU
  • 2014 Fall: CSE3461/5461: Computer Networking and Internet Technologies, OSU
  • 2014 Spring: CSE5469: Advanced Topics on Mobile Networking and Systems, OSU
  • 2014 Spring: CSE3461/5461: Computer Networking and Internet Technologies, OSU

Student Advising

Note to prospective students: here
Note to current students: here

Professional Activities

I gratefully acknowledge ongoing and past research support from NSF and Adobe.