Chunyi Peng

I am hiring! I am particularly looking for one or two strongly-motivated students with strong programing/hacking experience (who love to do so) at Purdue (both CS and ECE) for 5G network research. Please read the note to the prospective students and then contact me (

To Ph.D., MS, undergraduate students@Purdue I am looking for one or two students who are interested in a large-scale experimentation, measurement and data analytics in Fall 2017 - Spring 2018, with full financial support. If you are interested and fit,please contact me (

What's New ( Archive of Past News)

  • [06/29/2017] MobileInsight 3.0 has been officially released! All source codes and data we have collected can be found here.
  • [06/2017] I am elevated to IEEE Senior member.
  • [06/2017] DPCM has been accepted by MobiCom'17. We have proposed a brand-new perspective to reduce latency in every cellular network connection establishment and maintenance. Congrats to Yuanjie and Zengwen!
  • [06/2017] Tick has been accepted by MobiCom'17, with 3-year SDR development efforts from the UCLA and PKU team. Congratulations to authors and so many developers in this project!
  • [06/2017] I am invited to serve on the TPC for NDSS'18.
  • [04/2017] MobileInsight Tutorial has been accepted by GLOBECOM'17. I will give a tutorial on in-device mobile network monitoring and diagnosis at Singapore, Dec, 2017.
  • [11/2016] Both NaviLight and TUM have been accepted by INFOCOM'17.
  • [2016-2017] I have been invited to serve on the TPC for MobiCom'17, MobiSys'17, HotMobile'17, WWW'17, INFOCOM'17, SECON'17, NDSS'17, CNS'17, PAC'17, ICCCN'17, WCNC'17. I am unable to serve on other TPCs in 2017.
  • [10/2016] I am on TV! TV interview by Fox 25 regarding overcharging in US carrier networks. Watch Here
  • [10/2016] MobileInsight receives Best Community Paper Award at MobiCom'16! Congrats to Yuanjie, Zengwen, Jiayao and Haotian!

Short Bio ( Curriculum Vitae )

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Purdue University since Fall 2017. I have been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Ohio State University in 2013-2017 after I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of California, Los Angeles in 2013. Prior to UCLA, I had worked as an associate/assistant researcher in the Wireless and Networking Group at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) in 2005-2009 after I spent almost one-year as a 3G chipset firmware developer at T3G, Ltd. I received my B.E. and M.E degrees (both with highest honors) from Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, in 2005 and 2002, respectively.

My research interests are in the broad areas of mobile networking, system and security, with a recent focus on 4G/5G mobile network architecture, protocols, and technologies for emerging/demanding applications, mobile network/system security, network data analytics, and mobile sensing and computing systems.

Ongoing Projects

Here is a short list of ongoing projects. Please refer to a full list here.

Recent Publications (since 2016)

Complete list at Google Scholar or here

  1. Towards Automated Intelligence in 5G Systems
    Haotian Deng, Qianru Li, Yuanjie Li, Songwu Lu, Chunyi Peng, Taqi Raza,Zhaowei Tan, Zengwen Yuan, Zhehui Zhang,
    ( ICCCN'17), Vancouver, Canada, August 2017.

  2. NaviLight: Indoor Localization and Navigation Under Arbitrary Lights
    Zenghua Zhao, Jiankun Wang, Xingya Zhao, Chunyi Peng, Qian Guo, Bin Wu,
    (INFOCOM'17), Atlanta, GA, USA, May 2017.

  3. TUM: Towards Ubiquitous Multi-Device Localization for Cross-Device Interaction
    Han Xu, Zheng Yang, Zimu Zhou, Ke Yi, Chunyi Peng,
    (INFOCOM'17), Atlanta, GA, USA, May 2017.

  4. New Security Threats Caused by IMS-based SMS Service in 4G LTE Networks
    Guan-Hua Tu, Chi-Yu Li, Chunyi Peng, Yuanjie Li and Songwu Lu
    (CCS'16), Vienna, Austria, Oct. 2016,

  5. MobileInsight: Extracting and Analyzing Cellular Network Information on Smartphones
    Yuanjie Li, Chunyi Peng, Zengwen Yuan, Jiayao Li, Haotian Deng and Tao Wang
    (MobiCom'16), New York, USA, Oct. 2016.
    Best Community Paper Award.

  6. ARTcode: Preserve Art and Code In Any Image
    Zhe Yang, Yuting Bao, Chuhao Luo, Xingya Zhao, Siyu Zhu, Chunyi Peng, Yunxin Liu and Xinbing Wang
    (UbiComp'16), Heidelberg, Germany, Sep. 2016,

  7. Instability in Distributed Mobility Management: Revisiting Configuration Management in 3G/4G Mobile Networks
    Yuanjie Li, Haotian Deng, Jiayao Li, Chunyi Peng and Songwu Lu
    (SIGMETRICS'16 ), Antibes Juan-Les-Pins, France, June 2016.

  8. Understanding and Diagnosing Real-World Femtocell Performance Problems
    Chunyi Peng, Yuanjie Li, Zhuoran Li, Jie Zhao, Jiaqi Xu,
    (INFOCOM'16 ), San Francisco, CA, April 2016.

  9. iCellular: Define Your Own Cellular Network Access on Commodity Smartphones
    Yuanjie Li, Haotian Deng, Chunyi Peng, Guan-Hua Tu, Jiayao Li, Zengwen Yuan, Songwu Lu
    (NSDI'16 ), Santa Clara, CA, March 2016.

  10. A First Look at Unstable Mobility Management in Cellular Networks
    Yuanjie Li, Jiaqi Xu, Chunyi Peng, Songwu Lu
    (HotMobile'16 ), Florida, Feb 2016.

  11. VoLTE*: A Lightweight Voice Solution to 4G LTE Networks
    Guan-Hua Tu, Chi-Yu Li, Chunyi Peng, Zenwen Yuan, Yuanjie Li, Xiaohu Zhao, Songwu Lu
    (HotMobile'16 ), Florida, Feb 2016.

Student Advising and Collaboration

Note to prospective students: here
Note to current students: here
I am fortunate to advise the talented students at OSU:
  • Haotian Deng (PhD)
  • Xingya Zhao (PhD)
  • Kun Jin (PhD)
  • Qiang Zhai (PhD, Co-advised by Prof. Dong Xuan)
  • Cheng Zhang(PhD, Co-advised by Prof. Dong Xuan)
  • Junwei Xu (MS, Co-advised by Prof. Wladimiro Villarroe)
  • Si Fang (Undergraduate)
I also had great pleasure to work with good undergraduate students and MS students at OSU: Gan Fang, Ryan Van Soelen, Wensi Ma, et. al and visiting students: Jingyu Zhang (SJTU).

I am very lucky to work with several talented non-OSU students in the past years: Pan Hu (Wuhan Univ, now at Stanford), Anran Wang (BUAA, now at UW), Li Li (Tsinghua), Qingyang Xiao (Tsinghua), Yang Zhe (SJTU), Siyu Zhu (SJTU), Guan-Hua Tu (UCLA, now Assistant Prof at MSU), Yuanjie Li (UCLA) and Zengwen Yuan (UCLA),


  • 2017 Fall: CS590: Embracing 5G and Beyond 5G
  • 2017 Spring: CSE3461/5461: Computer Networking and Internet Technologies, OSU
  • 2015 Fall: CSE3461/5461: Computer Networking and Internet Technologies, OSU
  • 2015 Fall: CSE5469: Advanced Topics on Cellular Networks, OSU
  • 2014 Fall: CSE3461/5461: Computer Networking and Internet Technologies, OSU
  • 2014 Spring: CSE5469: Advanced Topics on Mobile Networking and Systems, OSU
  • 2014 Spring: CSE3461/5461: Computer Networking and Internet Technologies, OSU

Professional Activities

  • TPC Co-Chair:
    • WiNTech'17: ACM Workshop on Wireless Network Testbeds, Experimental evaluation & CHaracterization
    • VLCS'15: ACM Workshop on Visible Light Communication Systems
  • TPC member
    • 2018: NDSS'17
    • 2017: MobiCom'17, MobiSys'17, HotMobile'17, WWW'17, INFOCOM'17, SECON'17, NDSS'17, CNS'17, PAC'17, ICCCN'17, WCNC'17
    • 2016: MobiCom'16, HotMobile'16, ICNP'16, INFOCOM'16, VLCS'16, WiNTech'16
    • 2015: MobiCom'15, MobiSys'15, ICNP'15, SECON'15, VLCS'15, All Things Cellular'15
    • 2014: MobiSys'14, VLCS'14, All Things Cellular'14
    • Misc: MCS workshop (2014), ICC Green Track (2013, 2014), Globecom Green Track (2012, 2013), ACM S3 workshop (2013)
  • Reviewer: TON, TMC, WINET, JSAC, TPDS, etc.
  • N2Women Board: Mentor Co-Chair, 2017 -- present

I gratefully acknowledge ongoing and past research support from NSF, Adobe and OSU.