News: 2021

Dec '21: Congratulations to Agniva Chowdhuri for successfully defending his thesis. Agniva will join the Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a postdoctoral research associate at ORNL's Computer Science and Mathematics Division and AI Initiative.

Nov '21: Congratulations to Zhiyu Yang for for successfully defending her thesis. Zhiyu will join the Data Science and Genetic Epidimiology Lab at the Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine.

Oct '21: Slides from my two talks at the 2021 Woudschoten Conference on (RandNLA) Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra and on Randomized Linear Algebra for Interior Point Methods.

Sep '21: Our work on biobank-scale multi-omics association studies received a 2021 IBM Academic Award. Click here for the press release.

Sep '21: Slides and video of my talk on "Dimensionality Reduction in the Analysis of Human Genetics Data" at the Eliciting Structure in Genomics Data workshop organized by the Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Innovation (IMSI) at the University of Chicago.

Aug '21: Our work on randomized algorithms for numerical linear algebra is now supported by DOE's Advanced Scientific Computing Research office (press release). This is a joint project with I. Ipsen (NCSU). 

Jan '21: Our work on "Integrating linguistics, social structure, and geography to model genetic diversity within India" has now appeared in Molecular Biology and Evolution. Links: press release, paper, and supplementary material