Professor and Associate Head, Department of Computer SciencePurdue University


Ph.D/ M.Phil./M.Sc. in Computer Science (May 2003), Computer Science Department, Yale University
BS/ M.Sc. in Computer Engineering (July 1997), Computer Engineering and Informatics Department, University of Patras

Research Interests

Theory: Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra (RandNLA).
Applications: Big Data, with a particular focus on the analysis of human genetics data.

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Aug '21: Our work on randomized algorithms for numerical linear algebra is now supported by DOE's Advanced Scientific Computing Research office (press release). This is a joint project with I. Ipsen (NCSU). 

Jan '21: Our work on "Integrating linguistics, social structure, and geography to model genetic diversity within India" has now appeared in Molecular Biology and Evolution. Links: press release, paper, and supplementary material

Sep '20: Click here for slides and video of my talk on Randomized Linear Algebra Algorithms to approximate the Von Neumann Entropy of large density matrices in IBM's Research Workshop on the Informational Lens

Aug '20: Click here for the slides and video of my talk on Randomized Linear Algebra in the SAMSI Opening Workshop on Numerical Analysis for Data Science. You might also want to take a look at P. G. Martinsson's wonderful talk on Randomized Algorithms for Computing Full and Partial Factorizations of Matrices at the same workshop. 

May '20: Congratulations to Eugenia Kontopoulou for successfully defending her thesis. Eugenia will join the Engineering Development Group at Mathworks as a Senior Engineer.

Apr '20: Our work on the the genetic history of the population of the island of Crete is among the top most downloaded papers across all of Wiley for 2018-2019 (altmetrics).

Sep '19: Workshop on Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Optimization (September 16-18, 2019) at DIMACS. (Co-organizers: Aleksander MadryMichael W. Mahoney, and David Woodruff.)

Aug '19: Click here to read an article about my fomer student Christos Boutsidis (PhD 2011), titled "The exceptional European VP with a special task at Goldman Sachs."

Aug '19: Congratulations to Aritra Bose for successfully defending his thesis. Aritra will join the Computational Genomics Group at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center.

Jun '19: Our work on the genetic history of the population of the island of Crete has now appeared online at the Annals of Human Genetics. 

May '19: Our work on TeraPCA (a scalable, multi-threaded software package to compute the top principal components of terascale matrices) has now appeared in Bioinformatics. Click here for the press release.

Apr '19: Workshop on Algorithmic, Mathematical, and Statistical Foundations of Data Science and Applications (April 12-13, 2019) at Purdue University; co-organized with David Gleich.

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