News: 2018

Sep '18: Workshop on Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra and Applications (September 24-27, 2018), under the auspices of the Foundations of Data Science program at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing at UC Berkeley

Jul '18: Click here for the slides of my talk at NASCA 2018.

Jun '18: Congratulations to Chander Iyer for successfully defending his thesis. Chander will join Yahoo! Research as a Research Engineer.

May '18: Click here (PDF) and here (PDF) for reviews of the CRC Handbook of Big Data (co-edited with Peter BuhlmannMichael Kane, and Mark J. van der Laan) by Torsten Hothorn and Yichao Wu

Apr '18: Congratulations to Eugenia Kontopoulou for been awarded the John R. Rice Fellowship in Scientific Computing for 2018-2019, as well as a fellowship from the Gerondelis Foundation.

Jan '18: Our Lecture Notes on Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra (joint work with Michael W. Mahoney) are now available; the notes cover randomized matrix multiplication, randomized over-constrained linear regression problems, and a basic randomized algorithm to approximate the top singular vectors of a matrix.