Students (PhD only)

Current PhD Students

  1. Xinyu Luo (PhD, 1st year)
  2. Marios Mertzanidis (PhD, 1st year)
  3. Christos Boutsikas (PhD, 2nd year)
  4. Jawad Raheel (PhD, 3rd year)
  5. Yin Jin (PhD, 3rd year, co-advised with Prof. Peristera Paschou)
  6. Gregory Dexter (PhD, 3rd year)
  7. Pritesh Jain (PhD, 4th year, co-advised with Prof. Peristera Paschou)
  8. Mai Elkady (PhD, 5th year, co-advised with Prof. David I. Inouye)
  9. Myson Burch (PhD, 5th year)

Former PhD Students

  1. Agniva Chowdhuri (PhD, graduated December 2021, joined the Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  2. Zhiyu Yang (PhD, graduated December 2021, joined the Data Science and Genetic Epidimiology Lab at the Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine)
  3. Eugenia Kontopoulou (PhD, graduated August 2020, joined the Engineering Development Group at Mathworks)
  4. Aritra Bose (PhD, graduated August 2019, joined the Computational Genomics Group at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center)
  5. Chander Iyer (PhD, graduated May 2018, joined Yahoo! Research (now called Oath) as a Research Engineer)
  6. Srinivas Nambirajan (PhD, graduated November 2015, joined Neustar MarketShare)
  7. Abhisek Kundu (PhD, graduated May 2015, joined the Speech and Biomedical Analytics Group in Xerox Research Center India as a Research Scientist)
  8. Saurabh Paul (PhD, graduated May 2015, joined the Risk Analytics team in PayPal as a Data Scientist)
  9. Christos Boutsidis (graduated May 2011, joined the Mathematical Sciences Department in IBM T.J. Watson as a Research Staff Member; Christos was awarded the 2011 Robert McNaughton Prize, given to an outstanding student in the computer science department)
  10. Jamey Lewis (PhD, graduated September 2010)
  11. Utku Gunay Acer (PhD, graduated August 2009, joined the Maestro group at Inria Sophia-Antipolis)
  12. Asif Javed (graduated December 2008, joined the Computational Biology group at  the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)