News: 2022

Sep '22: Slides from my talk at the mini-symposium on Randomized Methods in Large-Scale Inference and Data Problems (co-organized with R. Renaut and M. Chung) and held under the auspices of the 2022 SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Data Science (MDS22).

Jun '22: Slides from my plenary talk on "Sketching-based Algorithms for Ridge Regression" at the XXI Householder Symposium on Numerical Linear Algebra.

Jun '22: Sides from my talk on "Dimensionality Reduction in the Analysis of Human Genetics Data" at the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department at the University of Patras.

May '22: Slides from my talk on Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra for Interior Point Methods at the Algorithms and Foundations of Data Science workshop (co-organized by Y. Li and D. Woodruff).

May '22: Our work (joint with Gregory Dexter, Agniva Chowdhury, and Haim Avron) "On the Convergence of Inexact Predictor-Corrector Methods for Linear Programming" was selected for long presentation (2% acceptance rate) at the 2022 International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML).

Apr '22: Slides from my talk on "Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra: From Least Squares to Interior Point Methods" at the Third Workshop on Matrix Computations, dedicated to Gene H. Golub.

Apr '22: Congratulations to Myson Burch for been awarded the John R. Rice Fellowship in Scientific Computing for 2022-2023.