Schedule for CS 590Z
Software Defect Analysis
Fall 2007

(subject to change, please check back regularly.)

Date Topic to be covered Presenter Slides
Aug 20 Introduction Zhang PPT
Aug 22 Program Representations and Slicing Zhang PPT
Aug 27 Input Analysis: Delta Debugging [1] and [2] Zhang PPT
Aug 29 Input Analysis: Protocol Analysis Zhang
Sep 5 Matching Programs: MOSS DECKARD JDIFF SDIFF Zhang PPT PDF
Sep 10 Concurrent Debugging: Eraser Static Race Detection Armand
Sep 12 Concurrent Debugging: Goldilock Armand
Sep 17 Matching Programs:Dynamic Zhang PPT
Sep 19 Execution Alignment: 1 Zhang
Sep 24 Execution Alignment: 3 Bin
Sep 26 Execution Fast Forwarding: Execution Fast Forwarding Zhang
Oct 1 Concurrent Debugging: Muvi Nick
Oct 3 Concurrent Debugging: Intrument Where It Hurts Nick
Oct 10 Cocurrent Debugging: Atomizer Armand
Oct 15 Project Proposal Presentations
Oct 17 Statistical Debugging: SOBER
Oct 22 Statistical Debugging: Failure Indexing[1][2] Zhang PPT
Oct 24 Failure Oblivious:Rx Chris
Oct 29 Failure Oblivious:Data Structure Fixing Chris
Oct 31 Language Support For Debugging: Query Based Debugging
Nov 5 Language Support For Debugging: Partiqle
Nov 7 Static Bug Finding: Saturn
Nov 12 Work On Project
Nov 14 Work On Project
Nov 19 Using Comments: iComment
Nov 21 Model Checking Zhang
Nov 26 Test Generation: EXE Fuzz Testing
Nov 28 Open
Dec 3 Project Presentations
Dec 5 Project Presentations