Technical Reports:

  1. Pattern Matching Image Compression with Prediction Loop: Preliminary Experimental Results (with D. Arnaud) Proc. Data Compression Conference, Snowbird 1997; Purdue University, CSD-TR-96-069, 1996.

  2. MOBILVIDEO: A Framework for Self-Manipulating Video Streams (with A. Grama, and V. Rego).

  3. Model Based Data Reduction for Event Sequence (with E. Stefanov and M. Atallah)

  4. A Limit Theorem for Radix Sort and Tries with Markovian Input (with K. Leckey and R. Neininger).

  5. Distribution of Tail Symbols in DST for Markov Sources} (with P. Jacquet)

  6. Data-derived weak universal consistency: the case of universal compression (with N. Santhanam and V. Anantharam)

  7. Fourier-Based Universal Learning (with M. Heidari and G. Shamir)

  8. Statistical and computational thresholds for the planted k-densest sub-hypergraph problem (with J. Buhmann, L. Corinzia, and P. Penna) [see ArXiv/]

  9. Compression and Symmetry of Small-World Graphs and Structures (with I. Kontoyiannis, Y-H. Lim, K. Papakonstantinopoulou) [see ArXiv ]

  10. Low Complexity Approximate Bayesian Logistic Regression for Sparse Online Learning (with G. Shamir) [see ArXiv/]

  11. On Agnostic PAC Learning using L_2-polynomial Regression and Fourier-based Algorithms (with M. Heidari) [see ArXiv/]

  12. Quantum State Classification via Quantum Fourier (with M. Heidari) [see ArXiv/]

  13. Precise Minimax Regret for Logistic Regression (with P. Jacquet and G. Shamir)

  14. Sufficiently Informative and Relevant Features: An Information-theoretic and Fourier-based Characterization (with M. Heidari, J. Sreedharan and G. Shamir)