Technical Reports:

  1. Pattern Matching Image Compression with Prediction Loop: Preliminary Experimental Results (with D. Arnaud) Proc. Data Compression Conference, Snowbird 1997; Purdue University, CSD-TR-96-069, 1996.

  2. MOBILVIDEO: A Framework for Self-Manipulating Video Streams (with A. Grama, and V. Rego).

  3. Model Based Data Reduction for Event Sequence (with E. Stefanov and M. Atallah)

  4. A Limit Theorem for Radix Sort and Tries with Markovian Input (with K. Leckey and R. Neininger).

  5. Distribution of Tail Symbols in DST for Markov Sources} (with P. Jacquet)

  6. Fourier-Based Universal Learning (with M. Heidari and G. Shamir)

  7. Low Complexity Approximate Bayesian Logistic Regression for Sparse Online Learning (with G. Shamir) [see ArXiv/]

  8. A General Lower Bound for Regret in Logistic Regression (with G. Shamir)

  9. Expected Worst Case Regret via Stochastic Sequential Covering (with Changlong Wu, Mohsen Heidari, and Ananth Grama)

  10. New Bounds on Quantum Sample Complexity of Measurement Classes (with Mohsen Heidari)

  11. Learning Functional Distributions with private Labels (with Changlong Wu, Yifan Wang, and Ananth Grama)

  12. Towards a Unification of Logic and Information Theory (with Luis Lastras, Barry Trager, Jonathan Lenchner, Chai Wah Wu, Mark Squillante, Alex Gray)