Technical Reports:

  1. Pattern Matching Image Compression with Prediction Loop: Preliminary Experimental Results (with D. Arnaud) Proc. Data Compression Conference, Snowbird 1997; Purdue University, CSD-TR-96-069, 1996.

  2. MOBILVIDEO: A Framework for Self-Manipulating Video Streams (with A. Grama, and V. Rego).

  3. Model Based Data Reduction for Event Sequence (with E. Stefanov and M. Atallah)

  4. A Limit Theorem for Radix Sort and Tries with Markovian Input (with K. Leckey and R. Neininger).

  5. Asymmetry and Structural Informtion in Preferential Attachment Graphs (with T. Luczak and A. Magner).

  6. The Trade-off between Privacy and Fidelity via Ehrhart Theory (with A. Padakandla and P. R. Kumar) (see also arXiv )

  7. Structural Information in Graphs: Symmetries and Admissible Relabelings (with T. Luczak and A. Magner).

  8. Joint String Complexity for Markov Sources: Small Data Matters} (with P. Jacquet and D. Milioris) [see also].

  9. Randomized Linear Algebra Approaches to Estimate the Von Neumann Entropy of Density Matrices (with Eugenia-Maria Kontopoulou, Ananth Grama, and Petros Drineas)