Photo of Greg N. Frederickson

Greg N. Frederickson

Professor Emeritus of Computer Sciences

My Departmental Biography

Purdue University
Department of Computer Sciences
305 N. University Street
West Lafayette, Indiana, 47907-2107
Office Phone: +1 765-494-6016
FAX:          +1 765-494-0739




Last Lecture in Last Course:

As the students surely remember, we proved the performance bound for a polytime 2-approximate algorithm for the min-weight vertex cover problem!
CS 58000, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, April 27, 2017 (photo courtesy of Roopsha Samanta)

Two photos from my retirement reception in May 2017:

Dan Goldwasser, Rich Schweickert, GNF, Gustavo Rodriguez-Rivera, Thomas Siegmund

Elena Grigorescu, Angela Braga, GNF, Susanne Hambrusch, Debbie Hagen

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