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Cambridge University Press
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Algorithms Resources

The LEDA Library
CMU's 15-853: Algorithms in the Real World

Sources for History of Mathematics

convergence: where mathematics, history and teaching intersect
Archive: Historia-Matematica
Post to Historia-Matematica and other Math Forum groups
Duke University library math resources
The Americas Section of History and Pedagogy of Mathematics
History of Mathematics (Thomas L. Bartlow)


Electronic Access to SIAM Journals
electronic access to Mathematics Magazine
MathSciNet Search
The University of Michigan Historical Mathematics Collection
Alex Kasman's mathematical fiction website
The Mathematical Association of America
Integrating Mathematical Reasoning into Computer Science Curricula
Math Forum Home Page
History of Mathematics
Euclid's Elements, Introduction
Contents of Martin Gardner's books
The Jahrbuch project
Math Jokes
Resources for math teachers

Scholarly Societies

Mathematical Societies and Associations
Member and Associate Member Societies of the EMS
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Mathematics
London Mathematical Society Home Page
Overview of the Scholarly Societies Project
New York Academy of Sciences Home Page
UK Mathematical Associations and Institutes


Geometry Forum
Georg Glaeser
The Geometry Junkyard
Pavilion of Polyhedreality
David Gunderson's "Mathematical Models"
Tilings of Squares and Rectangles
Hans Schepker's Glass Geometry
Zome System
Polymorf geometry manipulative and its use in regular and semiregular solids
Erich's Packing Center
Bibliography on polyhedra
George Hart's geometrical sculptures
Steven Edward's Tiling Plane & Fancy

Art and mathematics

Ken Knowlton Mosaics
Dick Termes's "Termespheres"


Scott Kim, Puzzle Master
James Dalgety Puzzle Museum
Project Gutenberg Dudeney's Amusements in Mathematics
Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games
Lee Sallows' Geomagic Squares
Rodolfo Kurchan's magazine Puzzle Fun
Lilly Library's Slocum Puzzle Collection
Peter Grabarchuk: Puzzle Designer Puzzles
Don Knuth's listing of Dudeney's puzzles in the Strand Magazine
Don Knuth's listing of Dudeney's puzzles in The Weekly Dispatch
Don Knuth's listing of puzzles in Hoffmann's Puzzles Old and New by Angelo John Lewis, in Hordern's centenary edition.
Don Knuth's listing of puzzles in Sam Loyd's Cyclopedia of Puzzles
Bill Ritchie's ThinkFun
Lee Krasnow's Pacific Puzzleworks
Odette DeMeulemeester's Pentomino site
Albert Gübeli's shop in Holland
Bart Buie's Bartart Designs
Ishino Keiichiro's Puzzle will be played...
Serhiy Grabarchuk's
Serhiy Grabarchuk's Age of Puzzles
Serhiy Grabarchuk's Puzzle Classics at G4G7
Trevor Wood T. W. Puzzles
Tessellations puzzles
John Rausch's PuzzleWorld
Puzzles of Leonid Mochalev
Nick Baxter's Sliding Block Puzzles
The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections
Ed Pegg Jr.'s Math Puzzles
Puzzling video
Martin Brockmann's puzzle site including Bernard Schweitzer's puzzle offerings
Puzzletts: Puzzles and Brainteasers
Kumiki puzzles at Cleverwood
The burr puzzles site
Jan de Koning's Y-MATH
Heart Breaking Puzzle
William Waite's Puzzle Mist
Livewire Puzzles
ROMBIX game challenge geometric dissection puzzle
Michael Sommer's Sommer Cube
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Nick's Mathematical Puzzles
The Geometry Junkyard: Toys
Soma Applet
Adrian Fisher Maze Design
Mr Puzzle Australia
Puzzle design by Vin & Co.
Private collections
Matti Linkola's Puzzle Exhibition
Alain Zalmanski's Puzzles
Leonid Mochalov's Puzzles
Index to Games and Puzzles Magazine (Series 1 1972-1981)
Dudeney's broken chessboard puzzle, recreated by Mitch Gallant.

Puzzles for K-12

Rod Pierce's Mathsisfun Maths Puzzles

How-to for Web Pages, Java, CGI scripts, etc.

UTF-8 Unicode Character Set
Character codes in HTML 4
Intro to HTMX
CGI Scripts and HTML Forms
Entity Table - Based on ISO 8859-1 plus all other numbers to 255
Using CGI Scripts at the Purdue CS Dept.
Java Tutorial
MetaCrawler search engine

Other Resources

DBLP Author Search
DBLP computer science bibliography
US Postal Service
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
IBM Intellectual Property Network
Encyclopedia Britannica
Welcome to Travelocity
The Onion
US Telephone Switchboard
European Railways
US Telephone, Fax, Business Directories
Telephone Directories on the Web
Search the Social Security Death Index
Public Record Office of England and Wales
ONS Databank Service
Infoseek Guide: History
History of Mathematics: India
BookWeb: Bookstore Directories
ARTFL Project
Ed-U-Link's Newspaper Links
Karte deutscher WWW-Server
Sources of Biographical information in the Sciences at Columbia Libraries (though I'm a bit skeptical about its use)

Manchester, UK

Manchester, UK, streets
Manchester Archives and Local Studies
Manchester City Archives

Advanced English Training in Austria

Expert English - Elisabeth Hambrusch

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