Elisha Sacks

Professor of Computer Science

Joined department: 1994
BS, Carnegie-Mellon University, Computer Science (1982)
SM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computer Science (1985)
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computer Science (1988)

Dr. Sacks's research area is geometric reasoning in science and engineering. His current projects are robust computational geometry,model acquisition for computer graphics, generalized camera models, and robot path planning. He has also researched mechanical design algorithms using configuration spaces. The research led to practical design software for kinematic analysis, simulation, tolerancing, and parametric design of mechanical systems with higher pairs and changing contact topologies. The software has been used at Ford Motors for transmission design and at Sandia National Laboratory for micro-mechanism design.

Selected Publications
Victor Milenkovic and Elisha Sacks, "An Approximate Arrangement Algorithm for Semi-Algebraic Curves", International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications, 2006, In press.
Min-Ho Kyung and Elisha Sacks, "Robust Parameter Synthesis for Planar Higher Pair Mechanical Systems", Computer-Aided Design 38(5), 2006
Chunhui Mei, Voicu Popescu, and Elisha Sacks, "The Occlusion Camera", Computer Graphics Forum 24(3), 2005