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Fall, 2019, CS 355 class.

Fall, 2019, CS 397 class.

The top schools for information security.

Lecture on the invention of public key cryptography.

Lecture on Mersenne primes.

Lecture on the complexity of factoring and primality testing.

Lecture on the search for Aurifeuillian-like factorizatons

Paper on the period of the Bell numbers.

History of Integer Factoring, Chapter 3, pages 41-77, of the book Computational Cryptography, A Tribute to AKL, edited by Joppe W Bos and Martijn Stam, London Mathematical Society Lecture Notes Series 469, Cambridge University Press, 2021,

Horse Camp North.

Horse Camp South.

Lecture at Colby College

In units of 1G, the next block of 20G in the LPSP project is

Known solutions to (2) in the LPSP project.

Solutions to (1) from 1014 to 73*1013 in the LPSP project.