MatlabBGL is a Matlab package for working with graphs.  It uses the Boost Graph Library to efficiently implement the graph algorithms.  MatlabBGL is designed to work with large sparse graphs with hundreds of thousands of nodes.

Written by David Gleich.


2008-10-21: Version 4.0 finished. Major updates.
MatlabBGL Changelog. Download MatlabBGL 4.0!

2007-07-22: Version 3.0-beta released. Major updates.
MatlabBGL Changelog.
Download MatlabBGL 3.0! (The final version will be released on the Mathworks File Exchange.)

2007-04-11: Version 2.1 released. Minor updates.
MatlabBGL Changelog.

2006-07-25: Version 2.0 released. Significant updates.
MatlabBGL Changelog.

2006-05-09: Version 1.01 released. Fixes minor bugs.
MatlabBGL Changelog.

Getting MatlabBGL (Latest Version: 4.0)

The files for MatlabBGL reside on the Mathworks Matlab Central File Exchange.  The lastest version is always there.

Go to the MatlabBGL page at the Matlab File Exchange. 

To install MatlabBGL,

  1. Download the latest link from the File Exchange and unzip it to a directory of your choosing.
  2. Open Matlab and change directory until you get to the directory where you unzipped it.
  3. Change into the matlab_bgl subdirectory.
  4. Try typing clustering_coefficients(sparse(ones(5))) into Matlab.  You should see the following output.
    ans =

If the above steps do not work, please send me an email with any error messages you get and your system configuration.


The documentation file is out of date. I apologize. The help commands are up to date. Also, the examples are up to date.

Shortcut: MatlabBGL 2.1 Documentation

In the future, we hope to have online documentation.  Right now, the documentation associated with MatlabBGL is a pdf file distributed with the library and linked above. 


Right now, the library only works with Matlab 7.0 and above. 

Testing matrix

I have tested MatlabBGL 4.0 with every system in green. Entries in blue have been tested but require recompiling libmbgl.

Win32 Win64 Linux32 Linux64 MacPPC Maci386
Matlab 7.0
Matlab 7.1 SP3
Matlab R2006a
Matlab R2006b
Matlab R2007a
Matlab R2007b
Matlab R2008a
Matlab R2008b

Have Questions?

See the MatlabBGL FAQ, it may have answers! 

Alternatively, you should contribute a matlab-bgl question on Launchpad.



Do you have a problem with MatlabBGL?  Are you getting an error?  Please send me a .mat file with your example graph and a list of commands to reproduce the error. 

Send both of these to the address


Checkout the matlab-bgl Launchpad page to get all the code!


Thanks to the Boost Graph Library team for a useful and helpful product.  Also, the ICME Students who helped me test the software and Amin Saberi for giving me a little while to work on it. Many thanks to all the folks who sent in bugs with the library.