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Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Faculty Member, CERIAS
Purdue University

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News! We are looking for one or more post-doctoral fellows interested in MPC, secure distributed systems, and blockchain security and privacy. More details below.

Brief Bio

Prof. Aniket Kate is an assistant Professor in the computer science department at Purdue university. He is an applied cryptographer and a privacy researcher. His research builds on and expands applied cryptography, distributed computing, and data-driven analysis to solve security/privacy problems in decentralized environments. His current projects focuses on communication freedom and distributed ledgers (or blockchains). He is a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award for 2019.

Before joining Purdue in 2015, he was a junior faculty member at Saarland University, Germany. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS), Germany. He has received his PhD from the University of Waterloo, Canada, and his masters from IIT-Bombay, India.

Research Thrusts

  • Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains [FC '20] [PETS '20 '17 '16] [NDSS '19 '18 '17 '15] [WWW '18] [CCS '17 '15] [ESORICS '14]
    • analyzing and improving privacy and security of cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin), layer-2 solutions, IOU credit networks (e.g., Ripple), and consortium/permissioned blockchain solutions (e.g., Hyperledger)
    • developing innovative cryptography-aided (smart) contracts for non-traditional real-world applications
    • designing novel distributed ledger (or blockchain) architectures for (physical/digital) supply-chains and CPS

  • Communication Privacy [Oakland '18] [NDSS '17] [ACNS '17 '15 '14] [ESORICS '16] [CCS '14] [CSF '13 '12] [WPES '12] [TISSec '10] [FC '10] [PETS '07]
    • understanding the fundamental communication lower bounds for anonymous communications
    • developing cryptographic primitives to enhance privacy, scalability, efficiency, and accountability of anonymous communication and anonymous storage protocols
    • building a framework (AnoA) for defining, analyzing, and quantifying anonymity properties for ACNs
    • developing a light-weight monitor (MATor) to assess the anonymity of Tor and other ACNs in real time

  • Multi-party Cryptography and Consensus [NDSS '20] [CCS'19] [PODC '14 '12] [ACSAC '14] [CT-RSA '13] [ASIACRYPT '11 '10] [SCN '10] [ICDCS '09]
    • designing protocols for verifiable secret sharing, distributed key generation, and consensus in the synchronous as well as asynchronous communication settings
    • improving the robustness and efficiency of asynchronous multi-party computation (MPC)
    • developing distributed cryptographic solutions for identity-based cryptography

  • Right to Delete/Conceal/Forget [PETS' 19] [IC '17] [SOUPS' 16]
    • analyzing users' deletion habits on the online platform, right to be forgotten, and the associated Streisand effect
    • proposing effective counter-measures to protect those deletions from the Cyberstalkers

Other Projects

  • Privacy-Preserving Web Analytics [ACSAC '14] [Oakland '12]
  • Accountability and Transparency [TDSC '16] [COSN '15]
  • P2P/DHT Systems Privacy and Security [ToN '13] [ASIACCS '12] [ICDCS '10]
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Selected Recent Publications

For the complete publication list, local copies, and preprints: [Publication Page] [Google Scholar]

[CCS'19] HoneyBadgerMPC and AsynchroMix: Practical Asynchronous MPC and its Application to Anonymous Communication
D. Lu, T. Yurek, S. Kulshreshtha, R. Govind, A. Kate, and A. Miller

[NDSS'19] Anonymous Multi-Hop Locks for Blockchain Scalability and Interoperability
G. Malavolta, P. Moreno-Sanchez, C. Schneidewind, A. Kate and M. Maffei

[IEEE S&P '18] Anonymity Trilemma: Strong Anonymity, Low Bandwidth, Low Latency---Choose Two
D. Das, S. Meiser, E. Mohammadi, and A. Kate

[WWW'18] Mind Your Credit: Assessing the Health of the Ripple Credit Network
P. Moreno-Sanchez, N. Modi, R. Songhela, A. Kate, and S. Fahmy

[NDSS'18] Settling Payments Fast and Private: Efficient Decentralized Routing for Path-Based Transactions
S. Roos, P. Moreno-Sanchez, A. Kate, I. Goldberg

[CCS'17] Concurrency and Privacy with Payment-Channel Networks
G. Malavolta, P. Moreno-Sanchez, A. Kate, M. Maffei, and S. Ravi

[IEEE S&P '17] SymCerts: Practical Symbolic Execution For Exposing Noncompliance in X.509 Certificate Validation Implementations
S. Y. Chau, O. Chowdhury, E. Hoque, H. Ge, A. Kate, C. Nita-Rotaru, and N. Li

[NDSS'17] P2P Mixing and Unlinkable Bitcoin Transactions
T. Ruffing, P. Moreno-Sanchez, and A. Kate

[NDSS'17] SilentWhispers: Enforcing Security and Privacy in Decentralized Credit Networks
G. Malavolta*, P. Moreno-Sanchez*, A. Kate, and M. Maffei

[JPC'16] AnoA: A Framework for Analyzing Anonymous Communication Protocols
M. Backes, A. Kate P. Manoharan, S. Meiser and E. Mohammad

[COSN'15] Strength in Numbers: Robust Tamper Detection in Crowd Computations ***Best Paper Award***
B. Viswanath, M. A. Bashir, M. B. Zafar, S. Bouget, S. Guha, K. P. Gummadi, A. Kate, and A. Mislove

[CCS'15] Liar, Liar, Coins on Fire! -- Penalizing Equivocation By Loss of Bitcoins
T. Ruffing, A. Kate, and D. Schroeder

[NDSS'15] Privacy Preserving Payments in Credit Networks
P. Moreno-Sanchez, A. Kate, M. Maffei, and K. Pecina

[CCS'14] (Nothing else) MATor(s): Monitoring the Anonymity of Tor's Path Selection
M. Backes, A. Kate, S. Meiser, and E. Mohammadi

[PODC'14] Asynchronous MPC with a Strict Honest Majority Using Non-equivocation
M. Backes, F. Bendun, A. Choudhury, and A. Kate

Opening for Post-Doctoral Researcher

I am looking for an outstanding post-doctoral researcher (or an extended visitor) working on topics related to applied cryptography and secure distributed systems.

Our research addresses all aspects of security and privacy of distributed systems, especially distributed cryptographic protocols, concurrency, and consensus. We are particularly interested in their applications to distributed ledgers (or blockchains) and cryptocurrencies.

The application must include a curriculum vitae, a short research statement, and names of 2 contacts that can provide reference about the applicant and her/his work. The candidate shall be able to demonstrate solid expertise in cryptography/distributed systems illustrated in form of publications at top crypto/security/systems venues such as CRYPTO, EUROCRYPT, ASIACRYPT, ACM CCS, IEEE S&P, USENIX Security, NDSS, SOSP/OSDI, NSDI, EuroSys etc.


  • Selected Recent Program Committee
    2020[IEEE S&P], [Usenix Security], [FC]
    2019[IEEE S&P], [CCS], [NDSS], [WWW], [FC]
    2018[CCS], [Usenix Security], [NDSS], [ICDCS], [ACNS], [Bitcoin]
    2017[CCS], [CSF], [ACNS], [WPES], [Bitcoin], [ICDCS]
    2016 [Eurocrypt], [ACNS], [FC], [Bitcoin], [ICDCS]
    2015 [CCSW], [WPES], [CloudCom], [ICDCS] [ProvSec]

  • Editorial Board
    2018-19Privacy Enhancing Technologies

  • Organization
    [CSF 2019] Session/Track Chair on Blockchain
    [CNS 2019] Technical Program Area Chair
    [CCS 2018] Proceedings Chair
    [CCS 2016] Poster/Demo Chair

  • Grant Program Committee Member for the Bitcoin Foundation, 2014.
  • NWG-Representative at the MMCI Clusterboard, Saarland University, 2013-15.
  • Overall Coordinator at SecNet 2006, Annual Network Security Workshop, IIT-Bombay, India, 2006.


(CS 590: Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies) [Spring'20] [Spring'19]
(CS 426: Computer Security) [Fall'19] [Fall'17] [Fall'16]
(CS 528: Network Security) [Spring'19] [Spring'18] [Spring'17] [Spring'16]
(CS 690: Privacy Enhancing Technologies) [Fall'15]

@Saarland University

(Advanced Course) Privacy Enhancing Technologies [Summer'13] [Spring'14] [Spring'15]
(Advanced Course) Applied Cryptography [Winter'14/'15]
(Seminar Course) Practical Cryptographic Systems [Spring'14] [Winter'12/'13]


Contact Information

305 N. University Street
(Department of Computer Science)
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2107

Phone: +1-765-496-2763 (Email is preferred in general.)
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