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Aniket Kate

Associate Professor (on leave)

Department of Computer Science
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN, USA

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Brief Bio

Prof. Aniket Kate is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Purdue University. He is an applied cryptographer and a privacy researcher. His research builds on and expands applied cryptography, distributed computing, and data-driven analysis to solve security/privacy problems in decentralized environments. His current projects focus on communication privacy and distributed ledgers (or blockchains). He is a recipient of the 2019 NSF CAREER Award.

Before joining Purdue in 2015, he was a junior faculty member at Saarland University, Germany. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS), Germany. He has received his PhD from the University of Waterloo, Canada, and his masters from IIT-Bombay, India.

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Research Thrusts

  • Cryptocurrencies & Blockchains [NDSS '23 '19-'17 '15][FC '22-'20] [Usenix Sec '21] [PETS '20 '17 '16] [WWW '18] [CCS '17 '15] [ESORICS '14]
    • analyzing and improving privacy and security of cryptocurrencies, layer-2 solutions, IOU credit networks (e.g., Ripple), and consortium blockchain solutions (e.g., Hyperledger)
    • developing cryptography-aided (smart) contracts for breaking theoretical barriers
    • designing novel distributed ledger (or blockchain) architectures for supply-chains and CPS

  • Multi-party Computation & Threshold Crypto [NDSS '23 '22 '20] [EuroS&P'23] [AFT '22] [PETS '22] [GPCE'21] [CCS '20 '19] [PODC '14 '12] [ACSAC '14] [CT-RSA '13] [ASIACRYPT '11 '10] [SCN '10] [ICDCS '09]
    • improving the robustness and efficiency of multi-party computation (MPC)
    • developing MPC-based solutions for blockchains, differential privacy, #metoo, & machine learning
    • designing synchronous/asynchronous protocols for verifiable secret sharing and distributed key generation

  • Consensus, SMR & DHTs [FC '23] [Middleware '23] [CCS '21][EuroSys '14] [ToN '13] [PODC '12] [ASIACCS '12] [ICDCS '10]
    • designing synchronous/asynchronous protocols for state machine replication and reliable broadcast/ data dissemination
    • building tailored consensus protocols for data-centers, dynamic cyber physical systems, and random beacons
    • designing scalable, robust, and private protocols for secure DHT lookups

  • Anonymous Communication Networks [PETS '23 '22 '20 '07] [S&P '18] [NDSS '17] [ACNS '17 '15 '14] [ESORICS '16] [CCS '14] [CSF '13 '12] [WPES '12] [TISSec '10] [FC '10]
    • understanding the fundamental communication lower bounds for anonymous communications
    • developing cryptographic primitives to enhance privacy, scalability, efficiency, and accountability of anonymous communication and anonymous storage protocols
    • building a framework (AnoA) for defining, analyzing, and quantifying anonymity properties for ACNs

  • Right to be Forgotten/Update/Repair [Usenix Sec '22][NDSS' 21][ FC'21][PETS' 19] [IC '17] [SOUPS' 16]
    • analyzing users' deletion habits on the online platform, right to be forgotten, and the associated Streisand effect
    • proposing effective counter-measures to protect those deletions from the Cyberstalkers
    • making blockchain compliant to regulations such as GDPR and CCPA

Dormant Projects

  • Privacy-Preserving Web Analytics [ACSAC '14] [S&P '12]
  • Accountability and Transparency [TDSC '16] [COSN '15]

Selected Recent Publications

For the complete publication list, local copies, and preprints: [Publication Page] [Google Scholar]

[NDSS'23] OptRand: Optimistically Responsive Reconfigurable Distributed Randomness
Adithya Bhat, Nibesh Shrestha, Aniket Kate, and Kartik Nayak

[Usenix SEC'22] Empirical Understanding of Deletion Privacy: Experiences, Expectations, and Measures
Mohsen Minaei, Mainack Mondal, and Aniket Kate

[CCS'21] RandPiper - Reconfiguration-Friendly Random Beacons with Quadratic Communication
Adithya Bhat, Nibesh Shrestha, Zhongtang Luo, Aniket Kate, and Kartik Nayak

[Usenix SEC'21] Blitz: Secure Multi-Hop Payments Without Two-Phase Commits
Lukas Aumayr, Pedro Moreno-Sanchez, Aniket Kate, and Matteo Maffei

[CCS'20] Verifiable Timed Signatures Made Practical
Aravinda K. T., A. Bhat, G. Malavolta, N. Doettling, A. Kate, D. Schroeder

[NDSS'20] Finding Safety in Numbers with Secure Allegation Escrows
Venkat A., A. Kate, D. Garg, P. Druschel, and B. Bhattacharjee

[CCS'19] HoneyBadgerMPC and AsynchroMix: Practical Asynchronous MPC and its Application to Anonymous Communication
D. Lu, T. Yurek, S. Kulshreshtha, R. Govind, A. Kate, and A. Miller

[NDSS'19] Anonymous Multi-Hop Locks for Blockchain Scalability and Interoperability
G. Malavolta, P. Moreno-Sanchez, C. Schneidewind, A. Kate and M. Maffei

[IEEE S&P '18] Anonymity Trilemma: Strong Anonymity, Low Bandwidth, Low Latency---Choose Two
D. Das, S. Meiser, E. Mohammadi, and A. Kate

[WWW'18] Mind Your Credit: Assessing the Health of the Ripple Credit Network
P. Moreno-Sanchez, N. Modi, R. Songhela, A. Kate, and S. Fahmy

[NDSS'18] Settling Payments Fast and Private: Efficient Decentralized Routing for Path-Based Transactions
S. Roos, P. Moreno-Sanchez, A. Kate, I. Goldberg

[CCS'17] Concurrency and Privacy with Payment-Channel Networks
G. Malavolta, P. Moreno-Sanchez, A. Kate, M. Maffei, and S. Ravi

[IEEE S&P '17] SymCerts: Practical Symbolic Execution For Exposing Noncompliance in X.509 Certificate Validation Implementations
S. Y. Chau, O. Chowdhury, E. Hoque, H. Ge, A. Kate, C. Nita-Rotaru, and N. Li

[NDSS'17] P2P Mixing and Unlinkable Bitcoin Transactions
T. Ruffing, P. Moreno-Sanchez, and A. Kate

[NDSS'17] SilentWhispers: Enforcing Security and Privacy in Decentralized Credit Networks
G. Malavolta*, P. Moreno-Sanchez*, A. Kate, and M. Maffei

[JPC'16] AnoA: A Framework for Analyzing Anonymous Communication Protocols
M. Backes, A. Kate P. Manoharan, S. Meiser and E. Mohammad

[COSN'15] Strength in Numbers: Robust Tamper Detection in Crowd Computations ***Best Paper Award***
B. Viswanath, M. A. Bashir, M. B. Zafar, S. Bouget, S. Guha, K. P. Gummadi, A. Kate, and A. Mislove

[CCS'15] Liar, Liar, Coins on Fire! -- Penalizing Equivocation By Loss of Bitcoins
T. Ruffing, A. Kate, and D. Schroeder


  • Organization
    [CSF 2022] Track Chair on Blockchain
    [RWdC 2021] Organizer for the Real-World Decentralized Cryptography Workshop
    [CSF 2019] Track Chair on Blockchain
    [CNS 2019] Technical Program Area Chair
    [CCS 2018] Proceedings Chair
    [CCS 2016] Poster/Demo Chair

  • Selected Program Committee
    2023[IEEE S&P], [FC]
    2022[CCS], [ICDCS], [AFT], [FC]
    2021[CCS], [Usenix Security], [IEEE S&P], [WWW], [FC], [AFT], [ASIACCS]
    2020[IEEE S&P], [Usenix Security], [FC], [WPES]
    2019[IEEE S&P], [CCS], [NDSS], [WWW], [FC]
    2018[CCS], [Usenix Security], [NDSS], [ICDCS], [ACNS], [Bitcoin]
    2017[CCS], [CSF], [ACNS], [WPES], [Bitcoin], [ICDCS]
    2016 [Eurocrypt], [ACNS], [FC], [Bitcoin], [ICDCS]
    2015 [CCSW], [WPES], [ICDCS], [ProvSec]

  • Editorial Board
    2021-IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security
    2018-19Privacy Enhancing Technologies

  • Overall Coordinator at SecNet 2006, Annual Network Security Workshop, IIT-Bombay, India, 2006.


(CS 528: Network Security) [Spring'22] [Spring'21] [Spring'19] [Spring'18] [Spring'17] [Spring'16]
(CS 426: Computer Security) [Fal'20] [Fall'19] [Fall'17] [Fall'16]
(CS 590: Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies) [Spring'20] [Spring'19]
(CS 690: Privacy Enhancing Technologies) [Fall'15]

@Saarland University

(Advanced Course) Privacy Enhancing Technologies [Summer'13] [Spring'14] [Spring'15]
(Advanced Course) Applied Cryptography [Winter'14/'15]
(Seminar Course) Practical Cryptographic Systems [Spring'14] [Winter'12/'13]


Contact Information

305 N. University Street
(Department of Computer Science)
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2107

Phone: +1-765-496-2763 (Email is preferred in general.)
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