Christopher W. Clifton

Christopher W. Clifton

Professor of Computer Science

Joined department: 2001

PhD, Computer Science
Princeton University (1991)
MA, Computer Science
Princeton University (1988)
BS, Computer Science and Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1986)
MS, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1986)

Dr. Clifton works on data privacy, particularly with respect to analysis of private data. This includes privacy-preserving data mining, data de-identification and anonymization, and limits on identifying individuals from data mining models. He also works more broadly in data mining, including data mining of text and data mining techniques applied to interoperation of heterogeneous information sources. Fundamental data mining challenges posed by these applications include extracting knowledge from noisy data, identifying knowledge in highly skewed data (few examples of "interesting" behavior), and limits on learning. He also works on database support for widely distributed and autonomously controlled information, particularly issues related to data privacy.

Prior to joining Purdue, Dr. Clifton was a principal scientist in the Information Technology Division at the MITRE Corporation. Before joining MITRE in 1995, he was an assistant professor of computer science at Northwestern University.

Selected Publications
Jaideep Vaidya, Chris Clifton, and Michael Zhu, "Privacy Preserving Data Mining", Volume 19 in Advances in Information Security, Springer, New York, 2006, (url).
Mummoorthy Murugesan, Wei Jiang, Chris Clifton, Luo Si and Jaideep Vaidya, "Efficient Privacy-Preserving Similar Document Detection", The VLDB Journal, 19(4):457-475, August 2010. (url).
M. Ercan Nergiz and Chris Clifton, "δ-Presence Without Complete World Knowledge", IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 22(6):868-883, IEEE Computer Society, June 2010. (url).
Research Funding
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