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Christopher W. Clifton

Professor of Computer Science
Professor of Statistics (by courtesy)


Biographical Information


    Purdue University
    Department of Computer Sciences
    305 N. University Street
    West Lafayette, Indiana, 47907-2107
    Office Phone: +1 765 494-6005
    FAX:          +1 765 494-0739
    Office:       HAAS 222

For biographical and historical information see my Curriculum Vitae (also in pdf and postscript).

Notes to students pursuing a Ph.D., Master's, Independent Study, desiring admission to Purdue, or interested in a summer internship.

Office Hours

Due to the number of irregular demands on my time, I find it difficult to keep regular office hours except for those set aside for students in classes I'm teaching (see below.) I am generally in from 8:30-17:00, except during class or departmental seminars. To make an appointment, send email with some good times for you and I'll pick one and reply. You may also drop by my office anytime (no guarantees I'll be in, but often I can take time if I am.)



Spring 2023: Data Mining And Machine Learning (CS37300)
Fall 2022: Artificial Intelligence (CS57100).
Spring 2022: Data Mining (CS57300).
Fall 2021: Introduction To Relational Database Systems (CS44800).
Spring 2021: Introduction To Relational Database Systems (CS44800).
Fall 2020: Web Information Search And Management (CS47300).
Spring 2020: Data Mining And Machine Learning (CS37300).
Fall 2019: Web Information Search And Management (CS47300).
Spring 2019: Computer Security (CS42600).
Fall 2018, 2017: Web Information Search And Management (CS47300).
Spring 2017: Data Mining & Machine Learning (CS39000-DM0).
Fall 2016: Information Systems (CS34800).
Spring 2016: Information Retrieval (CS54701).
Spring 2013, Fall 2009: Advanced Information Assurance (CS62600).
Spring 2012, Fall 2007, Fall 2002: Database Systems (CS541).
Spring 2011, Spring 2010: Programming I (CS18000).
Fall 2010; Fall 2004; Spring, Fall 2003: Information Security (CS 52600).
Spring 2009: Distributed Database Systems (CS54200).
2007-2008: Honors Program (CS197, CS397).
Spring 2007, Fall 2005: Computer Architecture: (CS 250).
Spring 2006, Spring 2005: Data Mining (CS 590D).
Spring 2004: Introduction to Data Mining (CS 490D).
Spring 2002: Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems (CS603).
Fall 2001: Security Issues in Data Mining (CS590M).

(Course evaluations from past semesters)

Warning: The material below is likely to be out of date, see my C.V. for more up-to-date information.

See C.V. for completed students.

Postdoctoral Opportunities

I do not currently have funding to support postdoctoral visitors.

Potential Independent Study Projects

If you would like to pursue a independent study with me, please see the instructions on proposing such study. Occasionally I have specific projects that may be of interest, often involving collaboration with corporate partners.

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