Information for Students Interested in Pursuing a Master's Thesis with Professor Clifton

If you are not yet a Purdue student, see also my page for students desiring admission to Purdue.

When you get a Master's degree, the outside world expects that you have a high degree of knowledge and ability as a computer scientist. What this translates to in practice is:

  1. You are expected to be able to participate in research and advanced development projects.
  2. You are expected to be prepared to take on a project leadership role.

The coursework you will undertake covers much of the knowledge, however it does not provide direct experience with either of the bullets above. Serving as a Teaching Assistant, under the supervision of a faculty member, provides some experience and expertise that prepares you for item 2. For those who would like experience working in a research project, you may consider a Master's thesis. If you would like to do a Master's thesis with me, please read the following first.

What I Will Provide

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What I Expect of You

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