The Persistent Programming Systems Research Group

Secure Software Systems Laboratory

There are many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work in the PPS group
both for credit via independent study (CS 490/590) and with funding.
Interested students should contact Dr Hosking .

Principal Investigator: Tony Hosking



  • Tom Vandrunen
  • Adam Welc
  • Chapman Flack
  • Marin Markov
  • Graduates:

  • David Whitlock
  • Jiawan Chen
  • Kumar Brahnmath
  • Nate Nystrom
  • Nedim Fresko
  • Interests:

    The Persistent Programming Systems Research Group has interests in the following areas:
  • programming language design and implementation
  • compilation, interpretation, and optimization
  • runtime systems (e.g., garbage collection)
  • object-oriented database systems
  • database and persistent programming languages and systems
  • architectural and operating system support for language runtime systems
  • mobile computing, mobile data and mobile computation
  • experimental performance evaluation of prototype systems
  • Projects:

  • DaCapo
  • Persistent Modula-3
  • Optimizing Orthogonal Persistence for Java
  • Software:

  • BLOAT: Bytecode-Level Optimization and Analysis Tool for Java
  • Persistent Modula-3