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Concurrency abstractions for programming languages using optimistic protocols

An improved generational copying garbage collector

Safe Futures for Java

Nested transactional memory: Model and preliminary architecture sketches

Revocation techniques for Java concurrency

A transactional object calculus

Anticipation-Based Partial Redundancy Elimination for Static Single Assignment Form

Penumbra: Simplifying Eclipse Barriers: Friend or Foe? Software Prefetching for Mark-Sweep Garbage Collection: Hardware Analysis and Software Redesign Preemption-Based Avoidance of Priority Inversion for Java Transactional Monitors for Concurrent Objects Partial Redundancy Elimination for Global Value Numbering A Semantic Framework for Designer Transactions Value-Based Partial Redundancy Elimination Penumbra: Enhancing Eclipse for Introductory Programming Corner Cases in Value-Based Partial Redundancy Elimination Penumbra: An Eclipse plugin for introductory programming On the Usefulness of Liveness for Garbage Collection and Leak Detection Partial redundancy elimination for access path expressions A Framework for Persistence-Enabled Optimization of Java Object Stores Persistence-enabled optimization of Java programs Mostly-copying reachability-based orthogonal persistence PM3: An Orthogonally Persistent Systems Programming Language - Design, Implementation, Performance Swizzle barrier optimizations for orthogonal persistence in Java Optimizing the read and write barrier for orthogonal persistence Reconciling buffer management with persistence optimisations Bytecode Level Analysis and Optimization of Java Classes Optimizing Orthogonal Persistence for Java Reachability-Based Orthogonal Persistence for C, C++ and Other Intransigents Analysing, Profiling and Optimising Orthogonal Persistence for Java Approaches to Adding Persistence to Java Residency Check Elimination for Object-Oriented Persistent Languages Lightweight Write Detection and Checkpointing for Fine-Grained Persistence Benchmarking Persistent Programming Languages: Quantifying the Language/Database Interface Lightweight Support for Fine-Grained Persistence on Stock Hardware Expressing Object Residency Optimizations Using Pointer Type Annotations Remembered Sets Can Also Play Cards Protection Traps and Alternatives for Memory Management of an Object-Oriented Language Object Fault Handling for Persistent Programming Languages: A Performance Evaluation Update Logging for Persistent Programming Languages: A Comparative Performance Evaluation A Comparative Performance Evaluation of Write Barrier Implementations Main Memory Management for Persistence Compiler Support for Persistent Programming Towards Compile-Time Optimisations for Persistence Design of an Object Faulting Persistent Smalltalk