Chunyi Peng

Note to Prospective Students

If you are SERIOUS about your application to my group, please read the below note and send me more information about you, what you think of my research, how you like/fit with this research in the email. SIMPLY attaching a CV or sending an email even without a CV will be treated as a SPAM. Please DO NOT FEEL OFFENDED if I might not reply to you.

NOTE to students@Purdue: The best way is to take my course and have a feeling about my recent/future research topics, which can be also learned from my homepage and recent research projects, and THEN talk to me if you are still interested in working with me. You're warmly welcome to talk to me (appointment is preferred).

  • Q: Is there any opening for Ph.D. students in your lab? There are always openings for strongly self-motivated students who aim at academic excellence in mobile networking and systems in my lab. Students who are interested in mobile networking and systems, especially on 4G5G mobile networks and beyond, software defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV) and software defined radio(SDR), mobile security and mobile sensing (wearable and visible light communication). Solid networking background andor network programing is strongly expected.

  • Q: What are you looking for from us? Candidates are expected to have a solid background in networking (or one relevant area like system, software, data analytics, etc) and a strong motivation towards academic excellence.

Experience and knowledge in one or multiple following categories is a big plus:

    • Deep understanding of cellular networks architecture (5G, SDN/NFV, 4G LTE, 3G UMTS), including radio access technology and core

    • procedures in 3GPP standards.

    • Design/implementation of mobile (android) applications, sensing, soft defined radio and wireless network analysis.

    • A real hacker (Python, Java, C…)

    • Network simulator (ns3, matlab sim*, many open-source choices)

      • Knowledge on PHY/MAC techniques in LTE, WiFi, WiMax, etc.

      • Knowledge on security (system and crypto) and privacy in practice (social networking, mobile systems).

      • Anything else that you believe is beneficial to your coming PhD/MS work.

Q: What is the admission process? All applications to a graduate program are evaluated by an admissions committee, instead of the individual faculty member(s) you have expressed an interest in working with. Admission in our department is competitive, based on the rank of all global applications; No individual faculty member can decide, promise or guarantee admission or financial aid. More information about the admission process is available on our department's website.

Q: How about financial aid? Your first-year financial aid will be clearly presented in your offer letter, once you are admitted. Your financial aid in the following years depends on your performance, while you work with me.

Q: How to choose me as an advisor? Incoming PhD students usually spend their first semester largely doing course work, and are strongly encouraged to select an advisor within the first year, based on a match of mutual interests.

Q: How to contact me? Contact me directly, if you are interested in working with me. Please email me your resume. It is also helpful to highlight your major experience, as well as keywords of toolssoftwareOS systems you are familiar with, such as Linux, python, java, tcpdump (wireshark), ns3, GNURadio, Linux wireless driver, and so on. But due to a large volume of inquiries, please DO NOT FEEL OFFENDED if I might not reply to you in time.