Net-Centric Software and Systems Center

Net-centric computing is based on the principle of a distributed environment where applications and data are downloaded from servers and exchanged with peers across a network on an as-needed basis. Instead of viewing applications as having a fixed set of capabilities one can think of a set of highly reliable services that are dynamically created from acquired services, then verified and validated in the field in real-time. Since these applications will be made available over network communication, the development of net-centric software demands high-levels of security, dependability, and real-time response. There is an urgent need in industry for research and development to restructure software design and execution and system implementations for networked and cloud computing environments.

The Net-Centric Software and Systems Center at Purdue University will pursue fundamental engineering and scientific research with high relevance to net-centric systems in industry. The research performed at the center will focus on the design, implementation and deployment of highly reliable and secure software and systems in net-centric and cloud environments. The key merits of the research to result from this establishment will be:



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