• Mu Wang

      PhD May 2017

      Google Corporation

      Email: wangmu0701 at gmail dot com

    • Arif Khan

      PhD July 2017

      Pacific Northwest National Lab

      Staff Scientist, Data Sciences Group

    • Assefaw Gebremedhin

      Research Assistant Professor (2009-2014) and Postdoctoral Fellow 2003-2009.

      PhD University of Bergen, Norway

      Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Washington State University.

    • Ariful Azad

      PhD May 2014

      Thesis: An algorithmic pipeline for analyzing multi-parametric flow cytometry data.

      Staff Scientist, Future Technologies Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, CA.

    • Mahantesh Halappanavar

      PhD 2009

      Thesis: Algorithms for vertex-weighted matchings in graphs.

      Scientist, Team Lead, Data Sciences, at Pacific Northwest National Lab

    • Emad Ramadan

      PhD Dec 2008

      Thesis: Discovering overlapping functional modules in proteomics networks.

      Formerly Post-doctoral Associate at the Pathology Bioinformatics department at Yale University.

    • David A. Hysom

      PhD Dec 2001

      Thesis: New sequential and parallel algorithms for incomplete factor preconditioners.

      Currently Staff Scientist at the Center for Advanced Scientific Computing at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Livermore CA.

    • Florin Dobrian

      PhD Dec 2001

      Thesis: External memory algorithms for factoring sparse matrices.

      First position as Post-docotoral Associate at Columbia University on a DOE SCIDAC project, Terascale Optimal PDE Solvers (TOPS). Currently at Conviva Corporation.

    • Gary Kumfert

      PhD May 2000

      Thesis: An object-oriented algorithmic laboratory for ordering sparse matrices.

      First position as Computer Scientist at the Center for Advanced Scientific Computing at Lawrence Livermore National Labs. Member of the Common Components Architecture (CCA) Consortium, and winner of the R&D 100 award. Was Chief Software Architect at Conviva Corporation.

    • Steve Guattery

      Staff Scientist at ICASE, NASA Langley Research Center, 1996--1998.

      PhD, Carnegie Mellon.

      Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA.

    • Yogin Campbell

      Postdoctoral Research Associate 1995-6.

      PhD University of Florida.

      First position at AT&T Research Laboratories.

    • Lie Wang

      PhD 1994

      Thesis: Spectral nested dissection.

      Oracle Corporation; formerly IBM Toronto Labs

    • Padma Raghavan

      PhD 1992

      Thesis: Sparse orthogonal factorization

      Vice Provost for Research, Vanderbilt University

    • Chunguang Sun

      PhD 1992

      Thesis: Compact clique trees in sparse Cholesky factorization

      University of Waterloo.

      Formerly Research Associate at Cornell University, Advanced Computer Research Institute.