Alex Pothen

Alex Pothen is a Professor and Associate Head in the department of Computer Science at Purdue. Alex's research interests are in combinatorial scientific computing (CSC), parallel computing, and bioinformatics algorithms. He served as the Director of the CSCAPES Institute, a pioneering research center in CSC during 2006-2012, and as the Director of the Computing Research Institute at Purdue during 2008-2010.

Combinatorial Scientific Computing is an interdisciplinary research area where discrete mathematics and algorithms are applied to combinatorial problems from Computational Science and Engineering. CSC links scientific computing to algorithmic computer science. More information about the CSC research community and the biennial SIAM Workshops on CSC are available here.

Recent news from my research group:
Three PhD students from our group defended their theses this year!
Arif Khan, "Computing b-Matching and b-Edge covers in Parallel via Approximation Algorithms", June. Thesis Abstract (PDF) He is now a staff scientist at Pacific Northwest National Lab. Arif was jointly awarded the John R. Rice Fellowship in 2017.
Mu Wang, "Higher Order Reverse Mode in Algorithmic Differentiation", April. Thesis Abstract (PDF) Mu received the inaugural John R. Rice Fellowship in 2016, and is now at Google in Seattle, WA.
Yu Hong Yeung, "Augmented Matrix Solvers for Dynamic Systems of Equations", December. Thesis Abstract (PDF) Here is a video of his work on surgery simulations from SIGGRAPH 2016 (MP4 format).
Our research is supported by grants from NSF, Department of Energy, and an Intel Parallel Computing Center. More news at the column on the right.