Alex Pothen

Alex Pothen is a Professor in the department of Computer Science at Purdue. Alex's research interests are in combinatorial scientific computing (CSC), parallel computing, and bioinformatics algorithms. He is a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. He was the Director of the CSCAPES Institute, a pioneering research center in CSC (2006-2012), and was Associate Head of the computer science department (2015-2018).

Combinatorial Scientific Computing is an interdisciplinary research area where discrete mathematics and algorithms are applied to combinatorial problems from Computational Science and Engineering. More information about the CSC research community and the biennial SIAM Workshops on CSC are available here.

Recent news from my research group:
I gave a keynote talk, Approximation: A paradigm for designing parallel algorithms, at the SIAM Workshop on Combinatorial Scientific Computing at Bergen, Norway on June 6, 2018.
We presented a paper Parallel algorithms through approximation: b-Edge cover at IPDPS, Vancouver, Canada on May 22, 2018.
We will be presenting a paper on parallel algorithms for adaptive anonymity at Supercomputing, Dallas TX, in November 2018.
Ariful Azad joined Indiana University, Bloomington as an Asst. Prof. in the Intelligent Systems Engineering department.
Here is a video of Yu-Hong Yeung's work on surgery simulations from SIGGRAPH 2016 (MP4 format).
Our research is supported by grants from NSF, Department of Energy, The Exascale Computing Project, and an Intel Parallel Computing Center. More news at the column on the right.