Aniket Kate's Selected Talks and Posters

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  1. Blockchain Privacy: Challenges, Solutions, And Unresolved Issues
    Distinguished Seminar, Carnegie Mellon CyLab, CMU, USA. Oct 2017.
    Invited Speaker, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Workshop, University of Calgary, Canada. August 2017.
    Invited Talk, 2nd Hebrew University Networking Summer, Israel. June 2017.

  2. Blockchains and Crypto-Currencies: From Hype to Reality
    Invited Talk, BoilerMake Hackathon 2017, Purdue University. September 2017.
    Invited Talk, Dawn or Doom 2017, Purdue University. September 2017.
    Invited Talk, Research Seminar Series, School of Industrial Engineering, Purdue University. September 2017.

  3. Distributed IOweYou Credit Networks
    Invited Talk, 2nd Hebrew University Networking Summer, Israel. June 2017.
    Invited Talk, Information Trust Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. March 2017.
    Invited Talk, Computer Sciences (CS), University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. February 2017.
    Keynote Talk, ICDCN 2017, Hyderabad, India. January 2017.
    Invited Talk, Workshop on Distributed Cryptocurrencies and Consensus Ledgers (DCCL 2016), co-located with PODC 2016. July 2016.

  4. Introduction to Credit Networks
    Tutorial, ACM CCS 2016, Vienna, Austria. October 2016.

  5. Enabling trust with privacy in virtual marketplaces using credit networks
    Invited Talk, Computer Science (CS) Colloquium Series, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA. April 2016.

  6. Future Anonymity in Today's Budget
    Conference Presentation, ACNS 2015, New York, USA. June 2015.
    Workshop Talk, NIST Workshop on Cybersecurity in a Post-Quantum World, Gaithersburg, USA. April 2015.

  7. A little trusted hardware can go a long way towards privacy
    Invited Talk, TU Darmstadt, Germany. March 2015.
    Invited Talk, Drexel University, USA. March 2015.
    Invited Talk, Yale University, USA. March 2015.
    Invited Talk, New York University, USA. March 2015.
    Invited Talk, MPI-SWS Kaiserlautern-Saarbruecken, Germany. February 2015.
    Invited Talk, Penn State University, USA. February 2015.
    Invited Talk, University of Pittsburgh, USA. February 2015.
    Invited Talk, Purdue University, USA. February 2015.
    Invited Talk, University of Birmingham, UK. December 2014.

  8. Anonymous Communication Networks: Design, Analysis and Challenges
    Invited Talk, TU Dresden, Germany. September 2014.

  9. Asynchronous MPC with a Strict Honest Majority Using Non-equivocation
    Conference Presentation, ACM PODC 2014, Paris, Amsterdam. July 2014.
    Contributed Talk, Applied Multi-Party Computation Workshop, Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA. February 2014.

  10. Differential Guarantees for Cryptographic Systems
    Invited Talk, Microsoft Research, India. April 2014.
    Invited Talk, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India. April 2014.
    Invited Talk, Joint MPI-INF/MPI-SWS/MMCI Lecture Series, Saarbruecken, Germany. January 2014.

  11. Visigoth Fault Tolerance
    Poster, EuroSys 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. April 2014.

  12. Identity-Based Steganography and Its Applications to Censorship Resistance
    Poster, ACM CCS 2013, Berlin, Germany. November 2013.

  13. Introducing Accountability to Onion Routing
    Workshop Talk, Grande Region Security and Reliability Day (GRSRD 2013), University of Luxembourg. April 2013.

  14. Asynchronous Computational VSS with Reduced Communication Complexity
    Conference Presentation, CT-RSA 2013, San Francisco, USA. February 2013.

  15. Towards Practical and Efficient Distributed Trust
    Invited Talk, Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur (IIT-Kgp), India. September 2012.

  16. An Interplay between Anonymity, Privacy, and Accountability
    The MMCI symposium, Saarland University, Saarbruecken, Germany. June 2012.
    Invited Talk, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata, India. September 2012.

  17. On the (Limited) Power of Non-Equivocation
    Conference Presentation, ACM PODC 2012, Madeira, Portugal. July 2012.

  18. Distributed Cryptography using TrInc
    Brief Announcement, ACM PODC 2012, Madeira, Portugal. July 2012.

  19. ObliviAd: Provably Secure and Practical Online Behavioral Advertising
    Conference Presentation, IEEE S&P (Oakland) 2012, San Francisco, US. May 2012.
    Poster, MPI-SWS Retreat 2012, European Academy, Otzenhausen, Germany. June 2012.
    Workshop Talk, Provable Privacy workshop at PETS 2012, Vigo, Spain. July 2012.

  20. Provably Secure and Practical Onion Routing
    Rump Session Talk, IEEE S&P Oakland 2012, San Francisco, US. May 2012.

  21. Adding Query Privacy to Robust DHTs
    Conference Presentation, ASIACCS 2012, Seoul, Korea. May 2012.

  22. An Interplay between Anonymity and Privacy
    Google Tech talk, Google-Munich, Germany. February 2012.

  23. Recent Improvements to Onion Routing
    Research Seminar, IBM Research - Zurich, Rueschlikon, Switzerland. January 2012.

  24. Improving the Dependability of Data Center-Scale Computations
    Poster, EuroSys 2011, Salzburg, Austria. April 2011.

  25. Constant-Size Commitments to Polynomials and Their Applications
    Conference Presentation, AsiaCrypt 2010, Singapore. December 2010.

  26. Distributed Private-Key Generators for Identity-Based Cryptography
    Conference Presentation, SCN 2010, Amalfi, Italy. September 2010.

  27. Somnolescent Cryptanalysis
    Rump Session Talk, Usenix Security 2010, Washington DC, USA. August 2010.

  28. Distributed Key Generation and its Applications
    Invited Talk, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS), Germany. February 2010.

  29. Recent Improvements in Onion Routing Circuit Construction
    Research Seminar, Laboratory of Algorithmics, Cryptology and Security (LACS), University of Luxembourg. February 2010.

  30. Using Sphinx to Improve Onion Routing Circuit Construction
    Conference Presentation, FC 2010, Canary Islands, Spain. January 2010.

  31. Distributed Key Generation for the Internet
    Conference Presentation, ICDCS 2009, Montreal, Canada. June 2009.

  32. Anonymous Key Agreement in an Identity-based Infrastructure and Applications
    Scientific Sessions Talk, MITACS 2009 Annual Conference, Fredricton, Canada. June 2009.

  33. Distributed Key Generation in the Wild
    Poster, IEEE SS&P 2009, Oakland, CA, USA. May 2009.

  34. Academic Research on Security of the Systems Used in Practice
    Guest Lecture, CS492 - Social Implications of Computing. March 2009.

  35. Anonymity and Security in Delay Tolerant Networks
    Conference Presentation, SecureComm 2007, Nice, France. September 2007.

  36. Pairing-Based Onion Routing
    Conference Presentation, PETS 2007, Ottawa, Canada. June 2007.

  37. Web Based Access to Kerberized Services
    Guest Lecture, IT653 - Network Security, IIT-Bombay. Nov 2005.

  38. Elliptic Curve Cryptography
    Industry talk, Network Security Workshop (SecNet-05), IIT-Bombay. Feb 2005.

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