CS 590Z
Software Defect Analysis

Instructors: Xiangyu Zhang

Office: LWSN 3154K
Tele: 49-69415
Email: xyzhang@cs.purdue.edu
Meeting Place: SC G064
Meeting Times: MW 2:30-3:45pam
Office Hours: When the door is open
Class Homepage: http://www.cs.purdue.edu/homes/xyzhang/fall07/

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Among all the engineering disciplines, computer software is probably today's least reliable artifact that prevails in our life. Software defects could be fatal, causing human injury or death. The persistence of software defects inspires wave after wave of attacks. Every year major corporations and government invest tremendous amount of money to fix software bugs, but the prospect of building reliable software remains grim. Therefore, analyzing and fixing software defects is one of the most active research areas today. In this course students will have the opportunity of getting acquainted with the state of the art of software defect analysis and designing their own analysis. The experience in this course can easily benefit research in many other fields that require analyzing programs. More specifically, this course covers (draft):

Relevant Conferences and Journals in
Software Engineering, Programming Languages and Compilers
& Operating Systems.

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