CS 536  Data Communication and Computer Networks

  Department of Computer Sciences  
  Purdue University
Fall 2004

Current Events

Every Friday at the start of class, a group of 3 students will make a powerpoint (or pdf) presentation of networking related current events centered on a published article in non-scholastic outlets (e.g., news clips, magazines). The article should be current (at most one month old). Another group of 3 students is responsible for leading the questioning. This second group will then be responsible for presenting the following week. The presentation and discussion are time-limited to (at most) 15 minutes.

  • The presentation should not take more than 5 minutes; this implies that there are at most 4-5 slides. The presentation should be practiced and timed to achieve this constraint in the absence of questions.
  • The presentation should first summarize the gist of the article. At most 4 bullets should suffice. Following Einstein's recommendation, make it as simple as possible but not simpler. Important terms should be defined, verbally or in the slide.
  • Indicate why the article is interesting and/or relevant, i.e., why you have chosen the article.
  • Indicate if the article is accurate, its strong points and weak points.
  • Inject your own viewpoints. If they differ from the article specify why. Be logical/factual.