CS 422  Computer Networks

  Department of Computer Science  
  Purdue University
Fall 2011

CS 422 Homepage

Faculty & TAs
  • Instructor: Kihong Park
    Tel.: 494-7821
    E-mail: park@cs.purdue.edu
    Office: LWSN 1211 (MW 11:30-12:30pm, and by appointment)

  • TA: Venkatesan Padmanabhan
    Tel.: 496-9435
    E-mail: vpadmana@purdue.edu
    Office: LWSN B116J (by appointment)

Classroom & Time
  • Classroom: PSYC 3102
    Time: MWF 10:30-11:20am

  • PSO: LWSN B148 (W 1:30-3:20pm), LWSN B158 (W 3:30-5:20pm, R 1:30-3:20pm)
    Note room and time changes; PSOs also serve as TA office hours

CS 422 is the undergraduate course in Computer Networks at the Dept. of Computer Science at Purdue University. If you are taking the course, please consult the course policy.