Kihong Park

  Associate Professor    |    Department of Computer Science    |    Purdue University

Research Interest

My research concerns the theory and practice of computer networks and communication, network security, and fault-tolerant distributed computing. Specific subareas include:

    • Scalable QoS provisioning in IP networks
    • Multiple time scale traffic control and Internet traffic
    • Proactive protection against DDoS and worm attacks in power-law networks
    • Noncooperative network games with externalities
    • Stochastic cellular automata
    • Physical layer properties, performance, and dynamics of wireless LANs

Research Contributions | Research Collaborators | Recent Publications


I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in networking and distributed systems. They include:

    • CS 690N Multimedia and High-Speed Networks
    • CS 603 Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems
    • CS 590 Next Generation Wireless Networks
    • CS 536 Data Communication and Computer Networks
    • CS 503 Operating Systems
    • CS 422 Computer Networks
    • CS 354 Operating Systems (Fall 2020)
    • CS 240 Programming in C


I run the Network Systems Lab, and am affiliated with CERIAS and the Santa Fe Institute. I organize meetings from time to time including the SFI/NSF Workshop The Internet as a Large-Scale Complex System (program) in 2001. I served on the editorial boards of Computer Networks and IEEE Communications Letters.