CS 591C

Research Seminar for Beginning Graduate Students

(Spring 2006)

Objective:  Help graduate students identify research areas they are interested in and faculty members they would like to work with.  Accelerate students' involvement in research.

Format:  There will be 16 lectures, all of which are given before the Spring break.  Each lecture will be given by a faculty member and may include descriptions of the faculty member's research interests, projects, groups, and any advice that would be useful for graduate students.
Course policy: A student may register for this course as a one credit pass/fail course.  Attendance will be taken at each lecture.  In order to pass, students can miss at most 3 lectures.  If you have to miss more than 3 due to extreme situations, you should obtain approval from one of the course coordinators before missing the lecture.

Time & Place:  

Coordinators: Cristina Nita-Rotaru and Ninghui Li


Jan  9   Monday Patrick Eugster : Distributed Programming
Jan 11  Wednesday Cristina Nita-Rotaru :
Jan 16  Monday No lecture.  Martin Luther King day.
Jan 18  Wednesday Bharat Bhargava : Network Security
Jan 23  Monday Ninghui Li:  The TruSe Lab & Graduate Research in General  (Prof. Ahmed Elmagarmid had to cancel for family reasons)
Jan 25  Wednesday Chris Clifton : New Challenges for Data Mining
Jan 30  Monday David Yau :
Feb 1  Wednesday Suresh Jagannathan :
Feb 6  Monday Dongyan Xu :
Feb 8  Wednesday
Voicu Popescu : Beyond the Pinhole: Camera Design for Solving Hard Graphics Problems
Feb 13  Monday Mikhail Atallah :
Feb 15 Wednesday Tony Hosking :
Feb 20 Monday Daniel Aliaga :
Feb 22  Wednesday Gopal Pandurangan : Network Algorithms and Analysis
Feb 27 Monday Aditya Mathur
  • Feedback control of software processes,
  • or, Dynamics of the auditory pathways in children: a computational perspective
Mar 1  Wednesday Walid Aref:  Under-the-Hood Database Engine Research: In Support of Emerging Applications