Purdue Computer Science Competitive Programming Courses (Summer 2020)

Three Competitive Programming (CP) courses will be offered in Summer 2020 (June 15 to August 4) in distant learning format. They are CS190-CP0, CS290-CP1, and CS390-CP2; each course will be 2 credits. All CP courses are taught in a problem driven fashion, where language features and algorithmic techniques are demonstrated using code to solve example problems, and then reinforced by programming assignments. The expected workload in the summer (7-week) format is for each week, 2 hours lecture time (watching videos) plus 6 to 18 additional hours for solving the problem assignments.

These courses will be taught by coaches and members of Purdue ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Competition) teams. Most lectures will be given by the lead TAs. Trung Dang and Riley Borgard are members of Purdue RE team that won Bronze medal at 2020 ICPC North America Championship, and advanced to World Final. Geyan Zheng and Richard Li have also represented Purdue in ICPC East Central North America (ECNA) regional contest.




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