Automatic Comment Generation Tool --- AutoComment

This research project proposes a new automatic comment generation approach, which mines comments from a large programming Question and Answer (Q&A) site.


- Edmund Wong, Jinqiu Yang, Lin Tan, "AutoComment: Mining Question and Answer Sites for Automatic Comment Generation", International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE) 2013

Data Source

We are thankful to StackOverflow for providing a data dump of their website's public data. Please refer to the StackExchange blog for further details on how to obtain the data.

Code-description Mapping Database

Send us an email (, {e32wong, j223yang} if you wish to obtain a copy of the code-description mapping database.

Generated Comments

The formatting of the generated output can be found here. The output of AutoComment for the 23 evaluated projects are listed below.

Java Projects: Android Projects:


License and Disclaimer