Antony Hosking received the Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Adelaide, Australia, in May 1985, and the Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Waikato, New Zealand, in April 1987. He continued his graduate studies at the University of Massachusetts, receiving the Ph.D. in Computer Science in February 1995.
In January 1995 Dr. Hosking was appointed to the faculty of Purdue University, where he now holds the rank of Associate Professor in Computer Science. His work is in the area of programming language design and implementation, with specific interests in database and persistent programming languages, object-oriented database systems, dynamic memory management, compiler optimization, and architectural support for programming languages and applications.
Dr. Hosking is a Member of the ACM and IEEE. Dr. Hosking serves on program and steering committees of several major international conferences, focusing on aspects of programming language design and implementation.
Dr. Hosking received the Teaching for Tomorrow Award in 1998 as one of eight junior faculty at Purdue showing outstanding promise in teaching. In 2003 Dr. Hosking was elected one of the Top 10 Teachers in the College of Science by a poll of undergraduate students in the college.
Antony Hosking
Associate Professor
Computer Science
Room 3154L
Lawson Building
305 N. University St.
Purdue University
West Lafayette
IN 47907-2066
Office telephone: +1 765 494 6001
Mobile telephone: +1 765 427 5484
Fax: +1 765 494 0739
  1. Delivering on Atomic Actions: Unlocking Concurrency for Ordinary Programmers
  2. RuggedJ: Resilient Distributed Java Over Heterogeneous Platforms
  3. Dynamic Cooperative Performance Evaluation for Java
  4. Garbage Collection on Multiprocessors
Conference Committees
  1. TRANSACT’07 Steering Committee
  2. ISMM’07 Program Committee
  3. VEE’07 Program Committee
  4. MSPC’06 General Chair
  5. TRANSACT’06 Steering Committee
  6. ISMM’06 Steering Committee
  7. SCOOL’05 Program Committee
  8. ECOOP’05 Program Committee
  9. eTX’04 Program Committee
  10. MSP’04 Program Committee
  11. ISMM’04 Steering Committee
  12. OOPSLA’02 Program Committee
  13. ISMM’02 Steering Committee
  14. VLDB’01 Program Committee
  15. POS’00 Program Committee
  16. ISMM’00 Program Chair
  17. SOD’00 Program Committee
  18. ISMM’98 Program Committee
  19. OOPSLA’98 Program Committee
  20. PJW’97 Program Committee
  21. POS’96 Program Committee